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Picture of Fleeting Reflections

Fleeting Reflections

Mike Curry

Binding: Hardback
ISBN: 9780993258978


Photographer's Description

The sense of energy at Canary Wharf is palpable; it’s not a place that is often associated with quiet contemplation. Yet pausing for a moment reveals real beauty and softness alongside the corporate architecture; the patterns and colours can be mesmerizing like a kaleidoscope as they change with the light and weather.With so much activity all around, capturing these colourful images requires a focus that isn’t immediately obvious to passers by; I can spend hours at a time examining one body of water, waiting for something out of the ordinary. I sometimes think I might be the only person who is still among the crowd. The more I stand and watch the more I see, yet the more I look the more I notice that ‘looking’ is futile, it’s more about feeling and anticipating.

The images in this book are inspired by my childhood fascinations with kaleidoscopes and Spirograph and being captivated by the endless variation of colours and shapes you could create. The photos may seem like they have been manipulated or created in Photoshop but they appear in this book as they did for me while capturing them, as beautiful fleeting reflections.

  • Format: Hardback
  • Pages: 48 pages, 39 photographs
  • Publisher: Triplekite Publishing
  • Publication Date:
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