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Picture of Unseen London

Unseen London

Words by Rachel Segal Hamilton

Binding: Hardcover
ISBN: 9781910566244
Price: £26.00
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Publisher's Description

London is one of the world’s most photographed cities, so you might think there’s nothing left to see. But you’d be wrong. Through the eyes of 25 contemporary photographers you can venture along hidden canals, around notorious housing estates, through surreal street scenes and deep underground. This is London as it is today, and as you’ve never seen it before.

This illuminating book compiles the work of 25 world-class photographers:

Thom and Beth Atkinson, James O Jenkins, Rut Blees Luxemburg, David Vintiner, Matt Stuart, Janie Airey, Vicky Grout, Ben West, Effie Paleologou, Stephen Leslie, Dougie Wallace, Anton Rodriguez, Simon Norfolk, Mark Sanders, George Georgiou, Andy Sewell, Lorenzo Vitturi, Carl Bigmore, Giacomo Brunelli, Cian Oba-Smith, Johanna Neurath, Lewis Bush, Shahed Saleem and Nick Turpin.

Words by Rachel Segal Hamilton. Rachel is a London-based freelance journalist who has written extensively on photography for The British Journal of Photography, VICE, The Telegraph, The Royal Photographic Society Journal, Professional Photography and others.

Publisher: Hoxton Mini Press

Size: 242 x 186mm

288 pages