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Picture of Self/Portrait Artists’ book (Signed and numbered

Self/Portrait Artists’ book (Signed and numbered

Teresa Eng

Binding: Housed in a dichroic slipcase
 with print
ISBN: 9780957404113


Publisher's Description

Teresa Eng spent time as an artist in resident in China in 2012 and 2015, observing the rapid development the cities and its surroundings.
In “Self/Portrait”, Teresa presents portraits of Chinese millenials that she approached in a shopping centre alongside one of their selfie from their mobile phone. The portraits, introspective by nature, are lit by the bright LED advertisements. In contrast, each subject’s selfie reveals details of their lives and interests as well as how they want to be seen. “Self/Portrait” speaks of individualisation in a transitioning capitalist society as well as the need to belong.
Signed and numbered

Size: 215mm x 265mm

36 pages plus 15 throwouts
, 69 colour images

Housed in a dichroic slipcase

Each with a 8 x 10″ lambda print (signed & numbered), certificate of authenticity and envelope