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Picture of Young Love

Young Love

Ewen Spencer

Binding: Hardcover
ISBN: 9780995555556

Price: £35.00
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Publisher's Description

In the year 2000, Spencer was commissioned by Graham Rounthwaite at British music, fashion and culture magazine The Face to create a series focusing on youth clubs across the United Kingdom. From Cornwall to Lancashire, Spencer photographed teens goers as they drank, danced and fell in and out of love and lust.

“Today we stay younger longer and become grown up sooner. The successes of making any sort of story around youth is to recognise that we’ve all been there at sometime in our lives. Being a Teenager is life a concentrated moment of the human condition - all of the successes and pitfalls all being played out in one messy drama.” - Ewen Spence

Publisher: Stanley/Barker

214 × 330 mm

30 Colour Photographs