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Picture of An Occupation of Loss

An Occupation of Loss

Taryn Simon

Binding: Softcover
ISBN: 9783775743198
Price: £45.00
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Publisher's Description

In her monograph, An Occupation of Loss, artist Taryn Simon creates a detailed record of her years researching professional mourning, which culminated in a seminal performance at the Park Avenue Armory in 2016. During the installation, professional mourners from around the world simultaneously broadcast their lamentations within a monumental sculptural setting, enacting rituals of grief. The installation combined performance, sound, and architecture to consider the anatomy of grief and the intricate systems we use to manage fate and uncertainty.
The book leads the reader through the complicated visa application process for the mourners invited to enter the United States, revealing the underlying structures governing global exchange, the movement of bodies, and the hierarchies of art and culture.

Publisher: Hatje Cantz

Size: 150 x 270 mm

240 pages, 175 illustrations