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Picture of Elemental


Melanie Collie

Binding: Hardcover
ISBN: 9780993258985


Publisher's Description

Elemental tells a pictorial story of the sea, and its power. In its first part how it effects the man made objects placed within it, and secondly how it shapes our very planet at a natural erosion and shaping perspective. The images within this book are an effort to capture the essence of change, of making and remaking, of time and tide and the stories they leave behind. Each year the harbour residents watch the boats being winched out of the harbour to sit by the edge of the ocean during the wild winter months. I see the stories of time spent in the water. Each boat, so different in colour and size, left with a different pattern, telling a different tale of the ocean. The landscape changes with each tide of the ocean. North Cornwall’s coastline can be harsh and rugged, with ever changing patterns, colours, shapes and pathways. Each walk uncovers new treasure created by Mother Nature. Erosion peels back layers of Mother Natures story. The rocks, as they move with the ocean, share the ancient stories of their landscape, created over time

Publisher: Triplekite

Size: 240mm x 240mm

64 pages, 52 illustrations

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