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Picture of The First March of Gentlemen (Signed)

The First March of Gentlemen (Signed)

Rafał Milach

ISBN: 9788392422099


First printing sold out. Taking advance orders for second printing, due December 2017.

Publisher's Description

“The First March of Gentlemen” is a fictitious narrative composed of authentic stories. Historical events related to the town of Września came to be the starting point for reflection on the protest and disciplinary mechanisms. In the series of collages, the reality of the 1950s Poland ruled by the communists blends with the memory of the  Września children strike from the beginning of the 20th century. This shift in time is not just a coincidence, as the problems which the project touches upon are universal, and may be seen as a metaphor for the contemporary social tensions.

The First March of Gentlemen was created within Kolekcja Wrzesińska residency

Our copies are signed and come with a free poster

Publisher: Muzeum Dzieci Wrzesińskich

Size: 165 × 207 mm

72 pages, 48 illustrations

Print run: 600 copies

collages and photos by Rafał Milach

text by Maciej Pisuk, Rafał Milach, Karol Szymkowiak

design by Rafał Milach & Ania Nalecka / TBD