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Picture of Tokyo (Signed)

Tokyo (Signed)

Paul Bradshaw

Binding: Hardcover


Publisher's Description

"Tokyo is one of my favourite cities and I was keen to produce a series of photos exploring what makes it such a special place. The mixture of different cultural elements and influences in Japan's capital city seems to have produced a style which is unique to itself. Combining inspirations ranging from ancient Far Eastern traditions to playful retro-futurism, the benign lunacy of the stage show in Kabukichuo's Robot Restaurant is a great example of this.

In searching for subjects, I was particularly drawn to the tiny yakitori restaurants and bars that are clustered together in the alleys and archways around some of the main train stations. The people who frequented these places were especially interesting; once they left the main streets and entered these tucked-away areas they seemed to let their guard down, relax and become happy. It felt as though each of these small pockets of hospitality provided a sense of community within the otherwise anonymous lifestyle of the vast metropolis."

Limited Edition of 100

Size: 233 x 263 mm

80 Pages, 74 black and white images