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Picture of Alex and Me

Alex and Me

James Pfaff

Binding: Softcover
ISBN: 9788898120857
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Publisher's Description

James Pfaff’s work deals with the documentation and reconstruction of his own life and universe. Drawing on his photographic archive and personal journals, his expression is primarily through the medium of photography. He often later combines his images with the abstract form, paint, collage, and the written word in contemporary response. The series ‘Alex & Me’ (1998) – in which the narrative of an American road trip undertaken by Pfaff together with a woman poetically plays out – can be considered as a point of departure. He writes: “The summer of ’98 was slipping away as we made our way south. Asphalt and neon. Black coffee, cigarettes. Night-scented Louisiana.”

Publisher: Danilo Montanari

Size: 170 x 220 mm

98 pages, 63 illustrations, 24 in colour