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Picture of Making of Exiles

Making of Exiles

Josef Koudelka

Binding: Hardcover


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Publisher's Description

"Being an exile insists that you must build your life from scratch. You are given this opportunity." Josef Koudelka

Eternal wanderer, Josef Koudelka has traveled through Europe and the world since his exile from Czechoslovakia in 1970 and for over 20 years going to fairs, carnivals and pilgrimages.

La Fabrique d'Exils presents for the first time, Koudelka's own image associations of the series along with unpublished photographs including several self-portraits. A text by Michel Frizot, resulting of hours of interviews with the photographer, with many archival documents, shed light on the positions, commitments and lifestyle that led to the iconic series.

Sample images

Publisher: Éditions Xavier Barral (Co-published with Éditions du Centre Pompidou)

Size: 240 x 300 mm

160 pages, 90 black & white photographs, 50 archival documents