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Picture of The Meadow

The Meadow

Barbara Bosworth

Binding: Hardcover with jacket

ISBN: 9781934435960
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A collaboration between photographer Barbara Bosworth and writer Margot Ann Kelley who for ten years have focused their attention on a single meadow in Carlisle, Massachusetts. Beautifully printed by Radius, these images show the rewards of a photographer being willing to return to one location time after time and fully immerse themselves in it.

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Publisher's Description

Emily Dickinson wrote that all it takes to make a prairie is “one clover, and a bee. / And revery.” It turns out that to know a prairie (or meadow) is a bit more complicated, as photographer Barbara Bosworth and writer Margot Anne Kelley have discovered. For more than a decade, Bosworth and Kelley have meandered in, studied and photographed a single meadow in Carlisle, Massachusetts. In addition to their own investigations, they have invited botanists, entomologists, naturalists and historians to consider the meadow with them. Also included are historic maps of the property dating to the 1800s, and a transcription of notes from a former owner whose family has continuously documented plant and bird life in the meadow from 1931 until the 1960s.

Part photo-essay, part journal and part scientific study, this book is a meditation on the shifting perspective that occurs when one repeatedly sees the same place through new eyes.

Photography by Barbara Bosworth
Poetry by Margot Anne Kelley

Publisher: Radius Books

Size: 10.25 x 12.75"

200 pages and booklet in back pocket, 60 colour images

Text on short trim inserts.

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