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Picture of The Story of Sam (Signed)

The Story of Sam (Signed)

Danny Lyon



Dogs have featured large in Lyon’s life and photographic work.  The Story of Sam purports to be an autobiographical screenplay by his dog Sam. Signed copies.

Publisher's Description

Danny Lyon's newest work of fiction and photographs is a screen play written by an Australian Shepard named Sam. Beautifully illustrated with photographs of Sam and his two Brittany Spaniel companions, Nanook, and Lily, The Story of Sam is both heroic and heart breaking as Sam re-creates his life from his birth in the Hudson Valley, to "his favorite scene", the death scene, in a parking lot by a New Mexico highway. Sam is the first canine to be inducted into the American Academy of the Arts and Sciences. Inspired by Kafka's A Report to an Academy.

The Story of Sam contains a pencil notation printed on the back cover of each book.

Publisher: Bleak Beauty

87 pages, colour and black-and-white illustrations.