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Picture of IMA (English Edition Vol. 1)

IMA (English Edition Vol. 1)

Binding: Magazine


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A substantial introduction to established and up and coming Japanese photographers, including Yokota, Mizutani, Hosokura, Rumando, Araki and Kitari.  Sample images                        

Publisher's Description

The art photography magazine publishes its first English edition, wherein a showcase of upcoming Japanese talents is the main feature. These photographers, such as Daisuke Yokota,Hideyuki Ishibashi, Nerhol, Mayumi Hosokura, and more, have already won international acclaim through their highly individual approaches. The magazine also includes a special feature on Nobuyoshi Araki consisting of selections from his photobooks and a dialogue with photographer Alec Soth. Other highlights include Yusuke Nishimura’s ‘The Folk’, wherein the elaborately costumed realm of Japanese folk entertainment is explored, and the rise of cute in “kawaii”

Main Feature: A New Chapter of Japanese Photography
The feature showcases Japanese upcoming talents who win international acclaims such as Daisuke Yokota and his followers and explores each context behind its images.

Special Feature: Araki, Now and Then
Araki is obviously a major figure in Japanese contemporary photography. To celebrate his significant achievement in the world, this feature pursues his insights from different angles.

Photo Journal TOKYO
The selection of galleries, bookstores and photography spots in Tokyo to visit.

The Rise of Cute
The quality of cuteness in the context of Japanese culture, “Kawaii” is also adopted in term of photography? Photography critic Marc Fuestel gives deep thoughts to that context with IMA.


Size: 336 × 253 mm

216 pages, 200 illustrations 125 colour