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Picture of The Noise of Ice: Antarctica

The Noise of Ice: Antarctica

Enzo Barracco

Binding: Hardcover
ISBN: 9781858946566
Price: £30.00
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Publihser's Description

When the Italian photographer Enzo Barracco decided to stage a photographic expedition to Antarctica, inspired by the example of Sir Ernest Shackleton, he had much more to contend with than extreme cold. With their merciless winds, treacherous seas and vast sheets of ice, the snowy lands at the South Pole are a challenge for the most seasoned explorer. In order to reach the continent, Barracco had to endure a perilous sea crossing from southern Argentina through the notoriously rough Drake Passage. The Noise of Ice: Antarctica explores what drove him to embark on his journey, and tells the story of the expedition in astonishing photographs, many taken in hazardous conditions. In his gripping text, Barracco details how even his journey to Antarctica required the help of an experienced ice pilot, to spot and avoid icebergs that a ship’s radar may miss. He describes how the waves on that first voyage threw him to the deck and impressed on him the hostility of such an environment. He also recounts his constant battle to protect his photographic equipment and all-important memory cards from the excessive cold. Most importantly, Barracco explains that, in capturing these beautiful landscapes, his intention was to remind us of the environmental threats to this part of the world, the last empty continent. As Sir Ranulph Fiennes asserts in his foreword to the book, ‘witnessed by only a few, Antarctica should be enjoyed by many and protected by all’.

A compelling photographic account of a journey to the end of the world.

Fully illustrated with powerful images by Enzo Barracco, and with a foreword by the celebrated explorer Sir Ranulph Fiennes.

An important statement on the beauty of our planet and our duty to protect it

Publisher: Merrell

Size: 240 x 305 mm

144 pages, 120 colour illustrations