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Picture of New York in the 1970s

New York in the 1970s

Philip Trager

Binding: Hardcover
ISBN: 9783869308067
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Publisher's Description

The luminous and compelling photographs in New York in the 1970s capture the essence of a city in a way best described as “place portraiture.” Trager’s images present the architecture of Manhattan with time-defiant clarity and beauty. Although Trager selected his subjects for aesthetic and visual reasons—rather than from an historical or documentary point of view—with the passage of time his distinctly imaginative photographs have also acquired value as historical documents. The negatives for the images in this book, only recently rediscovered, had originally been archived for printing but Trager began other projects before any prints were made.

The photographs in New York in the 1970s were taken at the same time as Trager’s timeless Philip Trager: New York, published by Wesleyan University Press in 1980, in which the photographer depicts the city “as a solitary figure, always aware of the ‘enveloping sky’.” New York in the 1970s reveals Trager’s more concentrated attention to the interaction between the city’s architecture and the dynamics of the street.

"Trager has definitively taken New York, twice." Stephen C. Pinson

Publisher: Steidl

Size: 250 x 290 mm

112 pages