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Picture of Chernobyl (Signed with Original Photograph)

Chernobyl (Signed with Original Photograph)

Ricardo Arispe

Binding: Hardcover


Publisher's Description

This book includes an original certified, printed on photo paper Hahnemühle Luster 30cm x 26.7cm. Once the purchase, you will receive the contact sheets so you can pick your picture (exist only 20 copies of each photograph).

Chernobyl is a world heritage of disaster, the historical moment and the place where it took place are important elements for the construction of its iconography which has left behind what meant and means 30 years later for the domestic life of thousands of people.

ИВАН И МЭРИ 30 years after Chernobyl searches human experience through ruins and its geography, beyond explosion impact. Living in such a landscape, setting up a home in the middle of somewhere that was a crucial point of the country, today drifting away in oblivion; not only as an urban place or industrial, but also a historical oblivion. As if letting nature consume its ruins would erase it from the human misfortune pages.

This book travels through a journey that goes from religious to human and from pristine nature to still life. It’s about human life fragility and the abilities to build up a home among ruins of our own civilization.

Size: 200 x 280 mm

92 pages

Edition: 50