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Picture of Affinity and Kindred: Lives Shaped by Sea and Faith

Affinity and Kindred: Lives Shaped by Sea and Faith

Richard Denyer

Binding: Softcover
ISBN: 9780956626462
Price: £15.00
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Publisher's Description

This highly original book of photographs interweaves images of landscapes, interiors and people with commentary on craft skills and belief systems encountered in the east of England and the Scottish Western Isles, commonly known as the Outer Hebrides. Significantly, both places sit on the edges of the United Kingdom. Richard Denyer has been investigating relationships between land and water throughout his career, beginning with photographic commissions for the Norfolk and Suffolk Broads Authority in the 1980s. The introduction by Professor David Matless traces the antecedents to this new collection and situates Denyer’s practice in a tradition of documentary photography going back to PH Emerson. A desire to complement the photographs with an imaginative text led to the essay by Will Self. To begin with the writing seems to have little connection to Denyer’s images, but the author imperceptibly draws the written and visual elements together by foregrounding his own life experiences and travels to inform a commentary which is as idiosyncratic and colourful as the photographs.

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Size: 297 x 310 mm

128 pages, 97 colour plates