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Picture of Nineteen Seventies California (Signed)

Nineteen Seventies California (Signed)

Philip Melnick

Binding: Hardcover, Slipcased
ISBN: 9781590054383
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Publisher's Description

Born in Chicago, Illinois, in 1935, Philip Melnick grew up in Los Angeles, where he attended the University of California. In the 1970s, shooting with a medium format camera, Melnick made black-and-white photographs of his surroundings, exploring the unique sense of style found in the Southern California urban landscape. Nineteen Seventies California offers a beautifully presented selection of Melnick’s most striking work from this period, in which he displays a keen eye for the character of its vernacular architecture and the distinctive look of its streets: the quirky confluence of a single parked car with a street facing wall and a fragmented apartment building; the intersection of street, fence and another non-descript apartment house. He isolates the intricate pattern of a wall, creating arresting fusions of everyday sights and geometric abstraction. “Melnick’s images emphasize a push-pull, hard-soft tension that give his pictures distinguished style and great beauty,” wrote the late Fred McDarrah, who was himself a photographer for The Village Voice, as well as a writer, during the years that this series was produced.

Sample images

Publisher: Nazraeli Press

Size: 380 x 305 mm

48 pages, 31 duotone plates

ISBN 978-1-59005-438-3

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