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Picture of Looking In, Looking Out: Latin American Photography

Looking In, Looking Out: Latin American Photography

Binding: Hardcover
ISBN: 9781590054222
Price: £30.00
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Publisher's Description

The documentary nature of Latin American photography has brought clarity and artistic appreciation to the countries of the region since the camera arrived in the 19th century. The photographers of Brazil, Colombia, Cuba, Guatemala, Mexico, and other nations have captured the traditions, societal changes, urban and natural landscapes, and varied architecture of their countries. Selected from Santa Barbara Museum of Art’s permanent collection, "Looking In, Looking Out: Latin American Photography" investigates the cultures and histories of various Latin American countries through the lens of nostalgia, propaganda, a populist aesthetic, and evolving perspectives. Published in cooperation with the Santa Barbara Museum of Art in conjunction with their exhibition of the same name opening in October 2015, this book will be an important addition to the literature available on Latin American photography. "Looking In, Looking Out: Latin American Photography" presents work by twenty photographers that spans some 80 years. It opens with an insightful introduction by Delphine Sims, putting the photographers and their work into an historical, asethetic and sociological perspective.

Publisher: Nazraeli Press

Size: 8 x 11"

76 pages, 45 duotone and four-color plates