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Picture of House of Coates

House of Coates

Novel by Brad Zellar with Photographs by Alec Soth

Binding: Softcover
ISBN: 9781566893701


Publisher's Description

Washed up in the shadow of a refinery, Lester B. Morrison, legendary recluse, documents his life in a series of photographs taken with a disposable camera. In a landscape of off ramps, warehouses, and SRO hotels occupied by terminally lonely men, love and faith break in, quietly offering human connection and the possibility of redemption.

“An exquisitely haunting, melancholic treasure of a book about people who drop out and populate tiny towns and rural communities, and the longing and loneliness of the human condition.”—Judy Natal, Photo-Eye

“One of the great American moves is vagrancy, the freedom to drift, the right to look at things from outside the mainstream. The prose in House of Coates hums with this irreducible freedom. The photographs are both perfectly artless and undeniably visionary. Any question of fiction, non-fiction, subterfuge, or narrative trickery is superfluous in a book like this one, so appealingly strange, so delicately balanced, and so incontestably bound to its time and place.”—Teju Cole, author of Open City

“As Brad Zellar so vividly illustrates in his new limited-edition collaboration with photographer Alec Soth, ‘House Of Coates,’ broken men have always been with us, haunting us, providing a mirror. Society may label them bums, homeless, or pariahs, but Zellar’s empathetic writing allows the reader to get inside one broken man, and therefore all.”—Jim Walsh, MinnPost

Publisher: Coffe House Press

Size: 6 3/4 x 8 3/4"

140 Pages, 68 Colour Photographs

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