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Picture of Light, Gesture, and Color

Light, Gesture, and Color

Jay Maisel

Binding: Soft cover
ISBN: 9780134032269
Price: £33.99
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Publisher's Description

In Light, Color, Gesture author Jay Maisel offers amazing insights, captivating stories, and expressive images, all of which come together to create a groundbreaking book that has the power to change the way students think about and create photographs forever. They’ll go beyond the buttons and dials of their camera to learn how to finally “see” like a photographer, and how to capture the world around them  in a way that delights, intrigues, and challenges the viewer.

This book uncovers the true craft and storytelling power of photography, and Jay does it in a way that makes students realize that the secret to creating the images they’ve always dreamed of is not about their camera’s metadata; it’s about something much more significant. Light, Color, Gesture will open their eyes, engage their mind, and unlock their creative potential. This book will allow students to take a big leap forward in the understanding and creation of their photography. They will never “see” the same again.

Jay Maisel is a true living legend in the photographic world, best known for capturing the light, color, and gesture found in everyday life. Some of his commercial accomplishments include five Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue covers, the first two covers of New York magazine, and the cover of Miles Davis’ Kind of Blue. His work has impacted, informed, and inspired generations of photographers all over the world.

Publisher: New Riders

264 pages