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Picture of Perspectives on Place: Theory and Practice in Landscape Photography

Perspectives on Place: Theory and Practice in Landscape Photography

J.A.P. Alexander

Binding: Soft cover
ISBN: 9781472533890
Price: £37.99
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Publisher's Description

Creative Landscape Photography accessibly navigates the history of this rich and diverse genre and looks critically at how contemporary practitioners continue to find new and innovative ways of engaging with the landscape and their surroundings. Practical issues are addressed, such as effective composition and managing challenging lighting conditions. However, this book bridges theory and practice by demonstrating how particular visual approaches have been adopted by photographers and artists to facilitate the communication of ideas and themes, as well as more abstract concepts. 

Writer, educator and professional photographer Jesse Alexander provides an inspiring and challenging insight into the territory of contemporary landscape photography, which will help foundation level and undergraduate students to improve the visual qualities of their landscape images as well as develop their understanding of how to represent the landscape more meaningfully. 
This book is aimed for students as well as enthusiasts that have already acquired a basic understanding of camera controls and photographic materials, and who wish to explore the specific territory of landscape practice for the first time and who might wish to challenge themselves to create imagery with greater intellectual meaning. 
Fundamental practical elements will be addressed (exposure, depth-of-field etc.) although this will be within the context of landscape practice, and aimed at developing the reader's knowledge and refining technical ability to apply to their own photographic work with greater confidence. The book will be illustrated with up to 200 colour photographs that will serve as technical illustrations; as points to enlighten particular concepts and ideas; as examples of the diversity of the genre as explored by historic photographers, contemporary artists, commercial and documentary photographers; and as sources of creative inspiration. Some images will be drawn from relevant libraries and archives and introduce readers to the canon of the genre, and others will be acquired directly from contemporary practitioners, including a small selection of the author's work. 

Publisher: Bloomsbury

Size: 270 x 210 mm

192 pages, 200 illustrations