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Picture of Footprint - Our Landscape in Flux

Footprint - Our Landscape in Flux

Stuart Franklin

Binding: H
ISBN: 9780500543641

Publisher's Description
Stuart Franklin’s pictures express a deep ecological concern

They create a stunning yet ominous photographic document of Europe’s changing landscape. From the arctic north of Russia to the arid coast of southern Spain, from the glaciers of Spitsbergen to the baked concrete of Athens, the extremes of the European landscape are captured with an eye for both natural and unnatural processes.

Change is documented in beautiful, disturbing detail: the effects of pollution on trees and tundra; the extent of floods and rising sea levels; the shrinking and recession of once vast glaciers. Franklin’s photographs also depict evolving scenes of contemporary life, such as industrial floriculture in the Netherlands and artificial beaches in city centres.

With essays by Heike Strelow, editor of italic(Ecological Aesthetics), Tanja Pföhler, Stuart Franklin’s photographic assistant, and Andrew Goudie, Professor of Geography at Oxford University, this book is a profound testament to fragility and change in the landscape.

Publisher: Thames & Hudson
Size: 216 x 295 mm
144 pages, 99 colour illustrations

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