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Picture of #SANDY


ISBN: 9780988983175


Publisher's Description

#SANDY is a book of iPhone photos of Hurricane Sandy by acclaimed photographers including Benjamin Lowy • Stephen Wilkes • Ed Kashi/VII • Hank Willis Thomas • Richard Renaldi • Lyle Owerko • Wyatt Gallery • Michael Christopher Brown • Ruddy Roye • Craig Wetherby • 13th Witness • Sam Horine • Andrew Quilty • Giles Clarke • Erica Simone • Yosra El-Essawy • Duffy Higgins • Brent A. Bartley • Dylan Chandler • Nicole Sweet

In October 2012, Hurricane Sandy devastated communities in the New York City, New Jersey, and Connecticut areas. In response, Foley Gallery and photographer Wyatt Gallery organized an exhibition of iPhone photographs of the storm by the photographers listed above. Hundreds of people attended the one night event and almost 400 photographs were purchased. Over a year later many residents are still struggling to regain normal living conditions.

Publisher: Daylight

Size: 8 x 8"

94 color photographs

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