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Picture of Angler Who Fell to Earth (SIGNED)

Angler Who Fell to Earth (SIGNED)

Mark Mattock

Binding: Hardcover
ISBN: 9780957176203


Publisher's description

In his third book, Mark Mattock has once again subtly connected a small piece of English landscape he’s intimately familiar with to ideas far beyond its boundaries without really venturing far from it, inventing a perceptive work of landscape, culture and memory.  A surprising and initially disparate collection of images made in and relating to this particular space has been tightly bound together to be possibly re-imagined as a single work. A playfully eclectic mash of visual lyricism intertwines, of all things, a fishing commute with an ‘other worldly’ arrival!  Layered and loaded it delights with every realisation or recognition and which for some will include the referential and nostalgic homage to, one suspects, a significant early influence.

The idea that a photobook has much of the creative potential of a song is fundamental to Mattock’s work.  He commonly speaks of making images in terms of making music: “if you consider it in this context it makes almost instinctive sense; the physical attributes of the combined images being the sound: music, melody, beat. Each image, a sentence, a line of lyrics. You have composed something that can also express, describe, inform, imagine, tell a story, be a message - personal, universal; unconstrained by photography’s  documentary straitjacket. You don’t have to believe it all literally first. Nothing evokes more powerfully than favourite records; paradoxically photography fails to do this anywhere near as effectively.  More and more my books emerge out of photo jamming sessions; visual riffs and sentences slowly build up into something you can then run with”.

With its foil-stamped 70’s nail polish coloured type on the cover, The Angler who fell to Earth instantly hooks, and reveals more on every play...

Self-published 2014

Size: 220 x 290 mm

84 pages

First edition of 500 copies

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