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Picture of Seaworks 1998 - 2013

Seaworks 1998 - 2013

Paul Kenny

Binding: Hardback cover printed directly with no dust jacket, matt laminated with Gloss varnish
ISBN: 9780957634534


Out of print, scarce. We are selling a small number of signed, new copies of the first and only edition.

Overseas deliveries  Please note that, as this is a heavy item, overseas postage will be charged at twice our standard rates.

Publisher's Description

Paul has for many years made studio works using material gathered from the landscape, stones, shells, and driftwood. In common with many people, always taking home treasures from the sea. For him, they act as an aide – memoir, bringing the landscape into the studio, a mere glimpse or touch recalling the feelings of being alone, being remote. Over many years Paul has been developing this project, this body of work, for the first time a full account of this ever developing art is being published in book form, Paul calls them Seaworks’

‘The work, building on themes developed over thirty-five years, tries to find the awe-inspiring in that which is easily passed by. It contains issues of fragility, beauty and transience in the landscape: marks and scars left by man and the potential threat to the few remaining areas of wilderness. Looking at the micro and thinking about the macro, I aim for each print to be a beautiful, irresistible, thought provoking object.’
– Paul Kenny

See Paul Kenny's site for sample images.  Be sure to look through Seaworks 1-4 to see the full range of his work.

Publisher: Triplekite

Size: 345mm x 270mm

160 with 3 fold out pages, 81 plates