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Picture of All the Queens Men

All the Queens Men

Katie Murray

Binding: Hardcover
ISBN: 9780988983120


Publisher's Description

All The Queens Men is a decades-long photographic project that explores the rites, rituals, and relationships of men. Walking the fine line between fiction and non-fiction, Murray creates a hauntingly beautiful narrative book that navigates the psychology of men through an exploration of portraiture and place. Intimate portraits and enigmatic landscapes deliberately mix fact and fiction, past and present, myth and reality. Made in the real-life New York City borough of Queens with the real-life men of Murray’s family and community, All The Queens Men;reveals intergenerational patterns of behavior played out over the course of many years in a domestic and urban setting. Murray reveals relationships that are simultaneously submissive and antagonistic, mirroring the dichotomy that is at play in these men.

Publisher: Daylight

Size: 230 x 290 mm

80 pages, 44 colour illustrations