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Picture of Young Earth

Young Earth

Jordan Sullivan

Binding: Hardcover
ISBN: 9780615776408


Shot in Iceland on 35 mm and Polaroid film, The Young Earth is a fictional photo series by New York-based artist Jordan Sullivan that follows two Americans in their twenties, one of them terminally ill, as they explore the idyllic and remote corners of Iceland. There, they are forced to confront their own mortality and a past love triangle that had previously disrupted their friendship. What bonds the two young men in their last days together is fear: one man faces his impending death, the other faces his own uncertain future and the loneliness of the world without his best friend. Through meditations on death, the end of youth and the beauty and complications that come with love and friendship, the narrative examines how we might find courage in the face of oncoming tragedy. The Young Earth is the first volume in Sullivan's Wandering Days book series.

Publisher: Peter Hay Halpert Fine Art

Size: 7.25 X 9.25"

172 pages, 156 colour images