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Picture of Understanding a Photograph

Understanding a Photograph

John Berger

Binding: Softcover
ISBN: 9780141392028
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Publisher's Decription

John Berger's essays on photography are some of the most stimulating and original of the twentieth century. Like Susan Sontag and Roland Barthes, Berger created a distinctive, highly personal way of thinking and writing about the medium  but he also went an important step further. With long-time collaborator Jean Mohr, photographer and writer combined images and text in a series of innovative and ground-breaking books.

Arranged chronologically, this selection contains essays from books by Berger and previously uncollected pieces written for exhibitions and catalogues. Displaying the fierce engagement that marks his writing on painting and the human sympathy of his fiction, Berger probes the work of photographers  including Henri Cartier-Bresson and W. Eugene Smith  and the lives of those photographed. Interrogating the visible, Berger proceeds with the intensity and tenderness urged by D. H. Lawrence: 'gazing on to the face of life, and reading what can be read.'

The selection is made and introduced by Geoff Dyer, author of the critically acclaimed, award-winning book on photography, The Ongoing Moment.

'One of the most influential intellectuals of our time' Observer

'Berger handles thoughts the way an artist handles paint' Jeanette Winterson

Publisher: Penguin

240 pages

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