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Picture of Frozen History

Frozen History

Josef Hoflehner

Binding: H
ISBN: 3950151028


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Publisher's Description

At the turn of the twentieth century the geographical South Pole was the object of one of the last great races of discovery. This 'heroic age' of exploration is a chronicle of hardship, courage, endurance and tragedy. It is a record of men who overcame great odds and often their own fears and foibles to reach the South Pole. The British names of Robert Falcon Scott and Ernest Shackleton are writ large in the legend of this frozen continent.

The 'heroic age' saw a number of British Antarctic expeditions mounted and dozens of men risked their lives to conquer the last great frontier on earth. These parties built substantial wooden huts at locations accessible by ship and from these bases the sledging parties left for the interior.

About one century after their construction, Josef and Katharina Hoflehner present this premiere detailed portrayal of these historic sites. Many of these fine photographs are accompanied by excerpts from diaries gathered from Antarctic historic site authority and author David L. Harrowfield. In his foreword he wrote: “... for the first time a book now captures the true feeling and uniqueness of the huts and their contents.”

Publisher: Josef Hoflehner
Size: 240 x 300cm
288 pages, 182 varnished duotone plates

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