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Picture of Shibata: Landscape

Shibata: Landscape

Toshio Shibata

Binding: Hardback
ISBN: 9783923922918


Publisher's description

In its interior, Japan is mountainous and green. Most of the population still lives along its coasts, but as people slowly move inland, mountainsides are torn away to create necessary horizontal space. To secure the newly exposed inclines, concrete is sprayed and poured onto the vertical plains, or hoisted as pre-poured grids onto the hillsides. Since 1983, Toshio Shibata has photographed these sites. His elaborate compositions and exquisite black and white prints are works of art that record the merging - and resulting tension - of Japan's great natural beauty and the craftsmanship of its engineers. Landscape presents a selection of forty-three photographs from this project, with essays by Anne Tucker and Etsuro Ishihara.

Customer review
An exquisite and deeply engaging book. It is large in that it shows what must be plate-size photographs, which have been very well printed.  The details are all there to pore over and you will find yourself going back for more.  The text is minimal but enough to nudge your thought process into the right direction.

Having been to Japan I am fascinated by all things Japanese, although you don't have to have been there to appreciate these pictures. These pictures point out as exceptional what is common place and almost not seen in Japan.

I am also interested in the silver gelatin print, traditional photography and the theme of man's presence in the world as well as the theme of rejuvenation and transformation. This book conveys all of these aspects.

This book packs with it an immense amount of philosophy. Even though the pictures are supremely beautiful, there is more to this book than just the pictures.
Alex 17/03/2014