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Picture of Tone Poems - Book 1

Tone Poems - Book 1

Bruce Barnbaum

Binding: Hardback
ISBN: 9780971771505
Price: £61.50
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Publisher's Description

This large-format book contains 90 superbly reproduced black-and-white photographs divided into three sections, or opuses. Opus 1, “Enigmas, Abstractions and Surprises,” centers on a variety of images that are alternatively abstract, experimental, and unexpected. They are drawn from figure studies, landscape, architecture, and a variety of other roots. Opus 2, “Darkness and Despair,” is, in essence, a primal scream caused by the loss of an environmental battle, as politicians changed the laws to permit an illegal mining project. Opus 3, “Lyricism of the Land,” shows the magnificence of the natural world in which we live—including man-made alterations—as a celebration of the glories of our life-supporting planet.

The accompanying CD contains 74 minutes of classical piano music played by Judith Cohen and recorded in Seattle's Benaroya Hall. The music was chosen to mirror and expand upon the emotional content of the imagery in each opus.

Also included is an introduction written by world-renowned composer Gerard Schwarz.

Publisher: Photographic Arts Editions

Size: 12 x 12"

120 pages