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Picture of Belle Isle

Belle Isle

Bill Schwab

Binding: Hardback (with one print)
ISBN: 9780976519355


Publisher's Description

For Book No. 4 in the 11+1 series North Light Press are sticking close to home with theor very own Bill Schwab and a collection of his work made right in his hometown of Detrot, Michigan.

Although several of the images contained in the book have been published the world over and helped Bill gain wider acceptance for his work back in the middle 90's his work on Detroit's island park, Belle Isle has until now remained unpublished as a series.

Included with this book is an original, sepia toned silver gelatin print, printed by the photographer.

As with all the books in this series, this one is being released in a very limited edition of only 100. Each book hs 11 reproductions and one original photographic print and is signed and numbered by the photogapher.

Publisher: north Light Press

Size: 5.27 x 7.25"

16 pages, 11 duotone plates, 1 hade made silver gelatin print

US Price: $100