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Picture of Thus Spoke / Tak pravil LaChapelle

Thus Spoke / Tak pravil LaChapelle

David LaChapelle

Binding: Hardback
ISBN: 9788087164860


Publisher's Description

American photographer David LaChapelle (1963) is one of the world’s most important photographers since the mid-nineties. His work has influenced dozens of other artists and LaChapelle has gradually developed his own distinctive and recognizable style. He is not only concerned with the closed society of galleries and museums but through his work he enters into the wider public space; he also communicates his vision to those who are not interested in art, who do not seek it out, but on the other hand, however unconsciously, feel the need to perceive the surrounding world through a different artistic point of view. The monograph Thus Spoke / Tak pravil LaChapelle is important in the context of his previous publications. It is the first retrospective of the artist’s work which includes photographs from the mid-1980s up to the present. The early photographs have never appeared before. In addition, Thus Spoke LaChapelle also presents a number of previously unreproduced works from other periods of LaChapelle’s work.  In this sense, the book is far more than a regional production and presents the current culmination of LaChapelle’s artistic activity. This is how the book is also viewed by the artist himself and his collaborators. Thus the book has the potential to become an event that raises international awareness and sets the standard for future monographs for the artist.

The book is produced in a bilingual Czech and English edition.

Publisher: Arbor Vitae

Size: 250 x 325 mm

284 pages, 257 illustrations

Publisher's Price: £73.00