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Picture of Photography of Victorian Scotland

Photography of Victorian Scotland

Roddy Simpson

Binding: Softcover
ISBN: 9780748654604
Price: £24.99
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Publisher's Description

This is the first book to provide a full and coherent introduction to the photography of Victorian Scotland. There are many books which deal with particular elements and individual photographers, which show the interest in the subject, but no book draws everything together to provide an understanding of the multi-faceted nature of photography and the inter-relationship with other activities in the society of the time. This authoritative introduction, building upon these other publications, will provide a wide-ranging appreciation of early Scottish photography and in particular that Scottish photography was in the vanguard of many international trends. The material has been structured and the topics organised, with appropriate illustrations, as both a readable narrative and a foundation text for the subject.

Key Features

  • Draws together a coherent narrative of the many different aspects of photography in Victorian Scotland
  • Shows how photography was related to, and was influenced by, the society and culture of the time
  • Highlights how Scotland and Scots were in the forefront of photography in Victorian times
  • Uses the most apt illustrations to emphasise the quality of the image-making

Publisher: Edinburgh University Press

Size: 234 x 156 mm

224 pages, 130 illustrations