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Picture of Deutschland (Signed)

Deutschland (Signed)

Gerry Johansson

Binding: Cloth cover with two tipped-in prints
ISBN: 9781907946356


Publisher's Description

Following the phenomenal success of Gerry Johansson’s 2011 publication Pontiac, this October MACK will release Deutschland. Deutschland completes an eighteen-year series of books for which Johansson travelled through America, Sweden, Germany and Mongolia.

In Deutschland, Johansson has produced a visual encyclopedia, cataloging the rural and urban landscapes of Germany. Presented in alphabetical order, the book is devoid of human presence. Johansson’s images traditionally lack a human element but here it is reduced. Discouraging the speculation reserved for reading photography books, the wonder if the order follows a geographical path, is it telling a story? Johansson’s regimentation of the works asks us to look, very simply, at their content.

In carefully structured greyscale images, Johansson sensitively explores German history through its landscape, picking out the industrial scenes, industrial buildings, residential roads and shop fronts. Johansson’s quiet photographs are carefully constructed, grid patterns recur constantly and each frame is packed with information.

Signed copy

Publisher: Mack Books

Size: 170 x 240 mm

352 pages, 176 duotone plates