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Picture of Moments Before the Flood,

Moments Before the Flood,

Carl De Keyzer

Binding: Hardback
ISBN: 9789401400251
Price: £50.00
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Publisher's Description

Moments Before the Flood, is a visual and photographic investigation into how we will handle a possible flood. Within the text Carl De Keyzer wonders how Europe is preparing itself for a possible rise of our sea levels and how insufficient these measures appear to be. The author doesn't want to photograph the disaster, but the 'waiting for the disaster to happen'. In his photographs he captures the obscurity of the unknown and the unsure. The photographs presented in this book are monumental, both in beauty and in resolution. Carl De Keyzer used the latest technique (65 million pixels) to create intriguing images, with a highly David Lynch-like atmosphere.

  • The result of five years of travelling, presenting various dramatic photographs of the coasts of Europe
  • An artistic and ecological masterpiece
  • Includes 200 images with nursery rhymes collected from children across Europe
  • Published in conjunction with a waterfront exhibition in Ostend, Belgium, on view from May - August 2012

Publisher: Lannoo Publishers

Size: 320 x 320 mm

280 pages, 250 colour illustrations