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Picture of Dust to Dust

Dust to Dust

Adrian Tyler

Binding: Softback
ISBN: 9788415253464


"Dust to Dust" draws inspiration from early still life painting and recent discoveries in
quantum physics both of which tell us, metaphorically and scientificaly respectively, that
we are a small part of a vast interconnected cosmos and part of that infinite expanse
resides inside each and every one of us. Drawn from an archive of 8 years work in the
Western Isles of Scotland, "Dust to Dust"  juxtaposes images of former dwellings slowly
being decomposed by the elements with images of found books in various states of
Adrian Tyler

"Tyler enjoys a considerable visual return from photographing the remains of this “bookwreck”...
Nonetheless, he gains an even greater symbolic return from this catastrophe,
as from the wounded memorials that are these now almost illegible books, mere objects
whose substance has withered, Tyler manages to express a moral lesson, which
transforms his photographs into true Vanitas, one of the primary intentions of this artistic
genre that would later be called the still life. In my opinion, precisely at this time of moral
gravity, Tyler’s photography achieves its most profound beauty and above all, or if you
wish, more so, his most complete understanding of what this art has become in our
days, so defined by time; so, indeed, “dust to dust”, “only time will tell”. Is this not
perhaps the finest testimony to our beauty"
from the text by Francisco Calvo Serraller