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Steidl & Kehrer autumn catalogues - 15 June 2012

Thought you might like a couple of previews of the autumn catalogues from two of the major photography publishers.  Highlights of Steidl’s catalogue include William Eggleston’s Los Alamos Revisited (p18), David Bailey’s East End (p 22), reprints of three Weegee classics (pp 23-31), and a retrospective of David Maisel’s early colour aerial landscape work (p 34).

Not all the Kehrer catalogue titles are available in English but we can get hold of any of their titles.  Highlights include new books by Andrew Phelps (p 15) and Steve McQueen (the British artist and filmmaker, not the other one) (p 51) and a retrospective of Harry Callahan (p 39).  Many of you may have seen examples of Michael Marten’s fascinating images of British coastal landscapes at high and low tides.  I’m really looking forward to Kehrer’s collection of this work (p 19).

We haven’t got any of these titles uploaded to our website as yet, I’m afraid, but we’re happy to accept advance notes of interest by email or phone.

Stephen Shore limited edition - 11 June 2012

Phaidon have just announced a very limited edition of work by Stephen Shore previously only available in 83 print-on-demand books (each of which was limited to 20 copies).  “Each book was a visual record of his activities on one particular day. The project shifted in emphasis from August 2005, when Shore determined to make an entire book wherever he was in the world 'on days that The New York Times deemed an event newsworthy enough to bestow one of its six-column, full-width banner headlines to it’.”  Only 250 copies of The Book of Books will be available worldwide.  The two volumes will comprise 2302 pages with 1000 colour illustrations.  They too will be printed on demand and, if you decide to purchase, you should expect to wait six weeks while they are printed.  The recommended price is $2500.  We are selling it at £1620.

News - 08 June 2012

Our latest newsletter has just been sent out.  If you’re not already a subscriber, you can see a copy here.  And enter your details in the box on the right of this page if you’d like to subscribe to future issues.

Can I recommend an article in the June issue of the British Journal of Photography?  Pages 68-73 have a fascinating overview of the current state of the photobook market with insights from people like Todd Hido, Alec Soth, Chris Boot, Gerry Badger and Markus Schaden.

Spoke to Claire and Evan at Stills Gallery last week about further collaborations.  I’m glad to say we have agreed to do a pop-up shop again at the Edinburgh Festival and it will run for much longer than last year, from 2 to 30 August.  We hope to be able to arrange some book signings during that time and will let you know more as plans develop.  Stills’ current exhibition on Italian photography since the 1970s, La Nostra Terra, is well worth a look.

La Fabrica/Actes Sud - 25 May 2012

La Fabrica and Actes Sud are two European publishers whose titles aren’t widely distributed in the UK.  We’d like to order from them directly but it would be helpful to get feedback from customers on how much interest there would be. 

La Fabrica titles include a selection of Robert Mapplethorpe’s work chosen by Pedro Almodovar and work by Andres Serrano, Paul Graham and Eugene Smith as well as the Photobolsillo series on individual photographers (mostly Spanish) that are very good value – similar to Thames & Hudson’s Photofile series.

Actes Sud’s new titles include work by Joel-Peter Witkin and the wonderful Finnish photographer Pentti Sammallahti.  They also have Photo Poches, a much more extensive series of introductions to individual photographers than the Photo File series.

You can see La Fabrica titles here and Actes Sud titles here   Any feedback greatly appreciated.

Just in: Okinawa by Daido Moriyama.

Vivian Maier/Newsletter - 21 May 2012

Every once in a while a major photographic talent is re-discovered or, in this case, discovered for the first time as Vivian Maier was a completely unknown photographer in her own lifetime, mostly spent as a nanny in Chicago.  If it wasn’t for a local historian stumbling upon a box of her negatives, her work might never have been known.  Now that’s been set to rights through the publication of Vivian Maier which shows her to have been in the very top rank of street photographers.  We have at last received more stock.  I think it ‘s the third printing though each print run tends to disappear so fast it’s hard to keep count.  It includes an interesting essay by Geoff Dyer.  See here for examples of her work.

Our latest newsletter has just been sent out.  If you’re not already a subscriber and would like to see a copy, see here.  And enter your details in the box on the right of this page if you’d like to subscribe to future issues.

Apologies - 20 May 2012

If you are on our emailing list, you will have received a gobbledegook message from us today instead of the newsletter.  I am really sorry about that.  I thought I had got the hang of Mailchimp but obviously still have a bit to learn.  I will send out the newsletter on Monday - I can't send the correct version out now, having used up most of our daily email allowance!

Mack Books/Steamie exhibition - 18 May 2012

We’ve just received our latest batch of books from Mack Books and my eye caught a brief notice in their catalogue headed Fair Trade: “Our distribution philosophy is designed with booksellers in mind…All trade orders are handled directly by us, in house, and a network of warehouses around the globe provides us with a convenient way of getting our books to you.”  What they don’t say that is equally important to specialist booksellers is that they clearly don’t sell off a large amount of their stock at absurd discounts to Amazon.  So thanks to Mack for doing their bit to aid the survival of independent booksellers.  Their list is of a very high quality and their books lovingly designed.  Latest publications include Paul Graham’s The Present – don't expect the first printing to be around for very long.  Also due very soon from them is Anders Petersen’s Soho which should be equally popular.

As part of the 25th Anniversary of Tony Roper's The Steamie, Glasgow photographer – and one of our best customers - Allan Bovill is exhibiting a record of three of Glasgow steamies at the King’s Theatre Glasgow. The exhibition can be accessed via the main Box Office entrance on Bath Street.  It will reopen when the show itself reopens from 22nd to 26th May.  This free exhibition will be accessible to bookers of the show from one hour before the performance and during the interval. 

News - 14 May 2012

Our next newsletter has been delayed a little because of illness but you can view some of the new and forthcoming titles in Recent Additions.  Highlights include Adrian Tyler’s Dust to Dust, which we already have in stock.  It’s a limited edition of 500 and contains beautiful colour images of abandoned dwellings in the Western Isles and Orkney and of books found there in equally advanced states of decay.

We will soon have stock of Takuma Nakahira’s Circulation: Date, Place, Event compiled for the first time from images taken by the photographer in Paris in 1971.  We still have stock of the new edition of his hugely influential For a Language to Come.

Mitch Dobrowner has won this year's Sony World Photography Awards.  Unfortunately, his Prism Series Book No. 2, published by 21st Edituons with a limited edition print, comes in at an eye-watering £500.  You can see a video of Dobrowner photographing super-storms here.

We look forward to any new work by Hiroshi Watanable.  Unfortunately we won’t be able to sell his latest publication as it’s online only but we’ve done so well with Hiroshi’s work in the past that we wanted to pass on the info to his fans.  “A new iPad app publication, 99 Findings, is currently being produced by Hibiku, Inc, in Japan and will be available this summer. This new publication is built on the basis of "Findings" which was published by Photolucida in 2007. New images were added and there are 99 photographs in this publication. There are some interesting and cool features in this electronic publication such as an  interview video with Douglas Stockdale. This app will be sold on iTunes.  If you are interested in knowing more, please  email Hiroshi who will let you know when it is available”:

News - 04 May 2012

We only received enough orders for Daido Moriyama's Okinawa to get one signed copy and that will go to Nigel Webster.

Carleton Watkins Mammoth Photographs has won the Kraszna-Krausz photobook award for 2012.

We’ve just received stock of the excellent Watershed by Jeff Rich.  If you're interested in colour landscape photography with an environmental edge, take a look.

News - 30 April 2012

Our latest e-newsletter came out today.  If you’re not on our emailing list and haven’t seen it, click here.  If you like it, please subscribe. 

The newsletter includes information on a new book by photojournalist Ed Kashi which was featured in the latest Weekend Guardian.

Next month, Superlabo will be publishing Daido Moriyama's Okinawa in a limited edition of 500.   We have been told we will receive one signed copy out of every three we order.  We have decided the fairest thing to do would be to have a lucky dip.  If you order on or before Thursday 3 May, you will have a one in three chance of getting a signed copy.  Results will be announced on Friday 4 May.

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