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Manual Broken - 20 April 2012

Apologies to customers who ordered copies of the trade edition of Alec Soth's Broken Manual which is not now to be published by Steidl.  This had been promised when a special edition was briefly available about a year and a half ago.  How I wish I'd got a copy then!  Has there been a falling out between Alec Soth and Steidl?  If so, it's one they can ill afford as I imagine he must be one of their best-selling photographers.

In compensation, we should soon be getting copies of the second printing of his House of Coates.  Email us if you're interested.  Further info - including price - shortly.

Back in stock - 16 April 2012

Just back in are the two Gallery Kong titles by Michael Kenna: The Philosopher's Tree and Tranquil Morning.  (All signed copies are gone now, I'm afraid.)  Also the much-heralded and in-demand Criminal Investigation by Watabe Yukichi and Redheaded Peckerwood by Christian Patterson.

Wedding Bells & Holidays - 04 April 2012

I’m hoping one or two of our regular customers might have been intrigued by the recent addition of a Wedding List category.  Now that the category has been populated (I believe that’s what it’s called), the mystery can be revealed.  A few weeks ago, I was approached by a couple who wished to create a wedding list with a difference, one which would enable them to build up a library of photographic books which they could then share with their friends.  You can have a peek at their list by clicking on the Wedding List category.  Naturally we hope this may inspire other customers to use us for similar purposes.  If you know of someone who is coming up to retirement or about to have a special birthday, or a couple having a major anniversary, why not consider following Rebecca and Peter’s example?  We are happy to offer any advice you require.  Any requests and suggestions gratefully received.

I shall be away for a few days over Easter in the (no doubt warm, dry and sunny) Lake District.  Emails will be answered and orders processed as usual.  I hope you all have a bit of a break – and a good one, Neil

News - 30 March 2012

The distribution of our last newsletter has resulted on us running low on some remaindered titles such as Abelardo Morell and Brought to Light, and we're already out of stock of Looking In and Genius of Color Photography.  Please check our full list of remainders and order soon.

We're happy to pass on a message from Allan Wright about the launch tomorrow (Sat 31) of the Galloway Photographic Collective: "Just to make sure you know about the momentous event happening at the end of this wonderful week right here in sunny Galloway. A not-to-be-missed event for lovers of landscape photography, as Colin Prior gives a talk at the launch of the Galloway Photographic Collective Exhibition at the Catstrand in New Galloway. Also all members of the Collective are showing new work at the Catstrand from 6 pm, wine and nibbles, chat to the members etc. Followed on the Sunday by an Open Studio Trail - see here for details.

News - 26 March 2012

The fifth International Photobook Festival will be held in Paris from 20 to 22 April.  The organizers have selected a long list of the best photo books of 2011.  Note that the first name listed in each case is the nominator, not the photographer (it’s easy to get confused as many of the nominators are well-known photographers).  I haven’t had time to check all the titles yet for availability but will upload titles we can get hold of onto our site soon.

Allan Bovill has sent us a link to where you will find info on a limited edition book (200 only) called 'Donovan Wylie One Day Taking Photographs in Belfast' by Peter Mann (he photographed Wylie, er, taking photographs in Belfast!)

News - 22 March 2012

Please note that we are sold out of signed copies of recent Michael Kenna titles: In France, Tranquil Morning and The Philosopher’s Tree (2nd edition).  We will have unsigned stock of all three again in mid-April.  Please order now if you wish to reserve a copy as all are limited editions.

I’ve just heard about a fascinating event organized by the Scottish Society for the History of Photography.  Their 2012 Annan Lecture will take a different form this year: a dialogue between photographer Robin Gillanders and novelist James Robertson, whose wonderful recent novel And the Land Lay Still has two photographers as central characters.  They will discuss 'The Word and the Image: Narrative in Fiction and Photography’.  It takes place on 5 April in Glasgow.  Details here.

John Darwell on photobooks, interviewing Aron Morel - 14 March 2012

Thought you might be interested in a communication from published photographer John Darwell who gave a talk at the Redeye event in Manchester last weekend on what makes a good photo book.

John summarises his understanding as follows:

"A great photography book is an emotional journey of discovery for both photographer and reader, each coming away having learned something more about themselves. 

The four books I talked about were very specifically about using images/books as a coherent whole rather than purely images plonked on pages so that the book becomes an experience in its own right.”  John’s four choices were:

Robert Frank The Americans 1958

Ralph Gibson Deja-Vu  1981

Chris Killip In Flagrante 1988

Alec Soth Niagara 2008

Unfortunately all are currently out-of-print though Steidl appear to be planning to reprint The Americans soon.  We also have remaindered copies of Looking In which explores the genesis and significance of Frank’s classic work.

In a future blog, I am going to be interviewing Aron Morel of the independent publisher Morel Books who publishes works by Boris Mikhailov and Terry Richardson among others and the forthcoming Heaven is Real by Corinne Day.  If anyone would like me to put a particular question to Aron, please let me know by Sunday 18 March.

See here for previous blogs.

News - 12 March 2012

Thanks for the many positive responses to the new website.  There have also been one or two glitches for which please accept my apologies.  We’ll put them right asap - please do let us know if you find anything that doesn’t work as it should.

There are now two methods of payment.  One is Paypal – the amount is automatically deducted from your account when you pay (that’s Paypal’s policy).  The other is Secure Trading which we have been using for years.  The advantage of Secure Trading is that it gives us the flexibility not to debit your card account until goods are ready to send.  You may wish to bear this in mind if you are ordering titles that are not yet published.

Phil Hunt has just uploaded a really positive assessment of the latest Francesca Woodman publication Photographs 1977-81 which would appear to be an essential addition to the libraries of Woodman fans.  An initial printing sold out very quickly last year.  The second printing is 2000 copies.  Don't expect it to last too long.

Finally, I would like to be able to give Nazraeli definite numbers for signed copies of Michael Kenna’s In France.  They’ll only be signed when MK visits Nazraeli’s Portland office so we can’t give a definite date but, if you want to reserve a signed copy, please order as soon as possible.

Welcome! - 04 March 2012

Welcome to our new website.  It’s been a long time coming but I believe it will have been worth the wait.  I’m still learning about all its capabilities myself but there are so many ways in which it’s much more customer-friendly than before.

Information will be updated much more frequently and this will show in regular changes to the content of the homepage.  Browsing will be made easier by a link to the Next Page, rather than having to click on a list of numbers.  You will be able to save titles to a wishlist.  Ordering will be much simpler for everyone and, in particular, for overseas customers.  Standard rates for overseas orders will be applied to all but the heaviest items.  You will be able to post your own reviews.  Retrieving lost passwords will be as easy as it ought to be!

Awareness of the value of photobooks seems to be growing all the time, as is evidenced by the publication of two new titles, The Photobook and The Latin American Photobook.  Both demonstrate how the publication of photographic books has been central to the development of the medium and to the dissemination of photographic ideas.

The Photobook The Latin American Photobook

Regular customers will be aware of the popularity of Michael Kenna’s books.  Please note we have a limited number remaining of signed copies of Tranquil Morning and the second edition of The Philosopher’s Tree, both recently published by Gallery Kong in Seoul.

Tranquil Morning (Signed Copies) The Philosopher's Tree (Signed)
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