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Picture of Across the Tibetan Plateau - Ecosystems, Wildlife, and Conservation

Publisher's Description
The beauty and diversity of Tibet is staggering: from Mount Everest to the world's deepest gorge, from tropical jungles to arctic-like tundra, from trees twenty feet in diameter to vast herds and solitary specimens of some of the least-known animals on the planet. The remarkable photographs in this book, such as those of a newborn Tibetan antelope or the elusive red ghoral, celebrate the wild places and the exquisite animals of the country.

Across the Tibetan Plateau is the most comprehensive photographic portrait to date of a little-known and seldom-visited land the size of western Europe. It brings American, Tibetan and Chinese scholarship to bear on the natural history of Tibet, and describes an extraordinary conservation accomplishment that has gone virtually unnoticed by the outside world. As a result of this project, the animals and landscapes shown will be saved for future generations.

Publisher: Norton
Size: 330 x 254 mm
120 pages, Colour illustrations throughout

Publisher's Price £35.99


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