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Picture of I to Eye

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Publisher's Description

In a career that has spanned some 50 years, Lewis Morley has worked with equal ease in theatre, fashion, portraiture, magazine photography and documentary reportage. His body of work, particularly his portraits of key figures of 1960s London, is highly recognised, and with his famous photo of Christine Keeler naked upon a chair, Morley produced an image that is probably one of the most memorable, and most copied, of any photographs of any time.

Born in Hong Kong in 1925 to a Chinese mother and English father, Morley spent much of the war in a Japanese internment camp, before being repatriated to England.

His early photographic work included magazine assignments for Tatler before devoting himself to theatre photography and studio portraits from a studio above Peter Cook’s nightclub The Establishment. Through Cook he help shape Beyond the Fringe and contributed photographs to Private Eye.

In addition to the Keeler portrait, Morley photographed many of the most famous faces of the Sixties, including Salvador Dali, Somerset Maugham, Joe Orton, Andre Previn, David Frost, Dudley Moore, Tom Jones, Clint Eastwood, Judi Dench, Peter O’Toole, Charlotte Rampling, Susannah York, Michael Caine, Barry Humphries, and celebrity couples including John Cleese and Connie Booth, David Bailey and Catherine Deneuve.

Morley and his family emigrated to Australia in 1971 and he worked extensively in colour for the first time in Pol, Woman’s Day and the design magazine Belle. He continued his work in portraiture with studies of Australian celebrities such as Peter Carey, Brett Whiteley, and the young Nicole Kidman. This book includes several hundred photographs, many published for the first time.

Publisher: T & G Publishers

Size: 240 x 286 mm

400 pages with over 270 duotone and colour plates.

Lewis Morley
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Picture of Pop Sixties

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Publisher's Description

Culled from the archives of Magnum Photos, the world’s preeminent photo agency, Pop 60s celebrates the visionaries, icons, and memorable moments of the decade that transformed the fabric of American life. From Andy Warhol, Twiggy, and James Bond to Beatlemania, biker culture, and geodesic domes, the reverberations of the Swinging Sixties are felt in today’s art, music, design, and fashion.

This phenomenal collection of photographs spans the globe, including images of Tokyo nightlife, Brazilian Carnaval, and art happenings in New York City. Renowned photographers such as Dennis Stock, Eve Arnold, Danny Lyon, Thomas Hoepker, David Hurn, and many others contribute both their best-loved and their seldom seen photographs. From naked spectators at the Isle of Wight Festival to literati at Truman Capote’s Black and White Ball, Pop 60s captures the spirit, style, and attitude of an unforgettable era.

Publisher: : Abrams Books

Size: 8 1/2 x 10 1/4"

192 pages, 150 colour photographs

Magnum Photos
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Picture of Leave No Trace: The Vanishing North American Wilderness

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North America’s pristine, remote, and very much endangered lands as seen through the award-winning aerial photography of Jim Wark. The expanse of North America seems boundless, and its wild lands encompass some of the most beautiful landscapes in the world. Though timeless in their majesty, some areas are at risk of vanishing or changing forever, and Jim Wark’s passion is to capture many of these beautiful regions before they are developed or environmentally impacted-and lost. From the lush coasts of the Great Lakes to the jagged peaks of the Rocky Mountains, from the deep crevasses of Utah’s Canyonlands to the picturesque valleys of the Appalachians, this breathtaking volume captures these remote gems with glorious vistas and unique and detailed perspectives only available from the air. 

Piloting his high-wing bush plane for unobstructed camera work and unique low-level angles, Wark’s artistic eye for detail makes this book an incomparable trip to the last North American wildernesses.  

Publisher: Universe

Size: 9.3 x 12.4"

240 pages

Jim Wark
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Picture of Love

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Publisher's Description

From the passion of young love to the heartbreak of former lovers, from the tenderness of parents with their children to the timeless bond of old married couples, the 150 color and black and white images in this album come from all over the world, and span the history of photography. Here are photos from Henri Cartier-Bresson, Elliott Erwitt, William Henry Fox Talbot, Julia Margaret Cameron, Brassaï, Weegee, Mary Ellen Mark, and William Eggleston, as well as little-known photographers who have caught revealing moments in out-of-the-way places and hidden rooms.
"Here love's iconography is expanded to include a heart-shaped balloon floating over the city of Jaipur and three babies crawling in a row across colorful, plaid blankets.... In some of the book's most surprising images, lovers pull the viewer's attention into the background of a picture that otherwise calls one's attention to discord or isolation."—Publishers Weekly

Publisher: National Geographic

Size: 10.25 x 10.25"

240 pages

Ferdinand Protzman
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Picture of Japan: A Self-Portrait: Photographs 1945–1964

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Publisher's Description

From the end of the Pacific War in 1945 to the Tokyo Olympic Games in 1964, Japan underwent an extraordinary transformation; from a defeated and devastated empire, mired in ancient martial traditions, it embraced modernization and mass production to become a rising economic power. This moment of radical change generated an enormous creative energy, which also influenced the evolution of Japanese photography from social realism to a subjective and increasingly personal style. This album presents 150 exemplary black and white images from leading photojournalists and street photographers, capturing Japan's changing view of itself in that remarkable time.

Publisher: Flammarion

Size: 12.25 x 10.5"

216 pages

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Picture of Great Wall of China

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Publisher's Description

Over the course of five decades, Chen Changfen has photographically documented the Great Wall of China from a variety of locations and perspectives, finding in the wall a metaphor for the challenges and tensions faced by modern China. This monograph features more than 75 color and black and white images, allowing us to glimpse the wall in the desert or under snow, up close or on remote mountaintops. The book concludes with an extensive interview with Chen Changfen, in which he elaborates on his background, motivation, and technique.

Publisher: Yale/MFA Houston

Size: 12.3 x 9.75"

151 pages

Chen Changfen
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Picture of Designs on the Land

Publisher's Description

For more than three decades, aerial photographer Alex MacLean has visually documented the history and evolution of the American land. From Massachusetts tobacco farms to a decimated Queens neighborhood, and from the fog-shrouded Berkshires to a field of abandoned B-52 bombers in Arizona, many of these 400 color photographs of deserts, forests, junkyards, and housing developments display an abstract beauty and cultural relevance. A trained architect who is closely involved in landscape protection issues, MacLean fashions aesthetically pleasing images which can nonetheless serve as a caution against the effects of pollution and urban sprawl.

Publisher: Thames & Hudson

Size: 9.75 x 7.5"

368 pages

Alex MacLean
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Picture of At Water’s Edge

Publisher's Description

At Water’s Edge, the long-awaited publication from photographer Paul Blackmore, explores the relationship between humanity and its most vital natural resource. This extraordinary body of work – spanning 11 years and 14 countries – provides a global look at how water flows through the spiritual and physical daily lives of people around the world. The photographs poignantly illustrate the unfolding drama of the global water crisis and how it is affecting those caught up in it: a billion people without access to clean water, another four billion without an adequate supply. Against this dire backdrop, the work also celebrates the quiet, yet essential connection with nature that water offers us.

Publisher: T & G Publishing

Size: 306 x 260 mm 

132 pages with over 59 duotoned B/W Photographs

Paul Blackmore
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Picture of Lost Photographs of Captain Scott

Publisher's Description

Captain Scott perished with four of his fellow explorers on their return from the South Pole in March 1912. Almost immediately the myth was founded, based on Scott's diaries, turning him into an icon of courage in the face of impossible circumstances.

But during the final months of that journey Scott also took a series of breathtaking photographs: panoramas of the continent, superb depictions of mountains and formations of ice and snow, and photographs of the explorers on the polar trail. But these photos have never been seen - initially fought over, neglected, then lost - until now, that is. For the first time, they are resurrected and are a humbling testament to the men whose graves still lie unmarked in the vastness of the Great Alone.

Publisher: Little Brown

192 pages

26.1 x 29 cm

Captain Scott; David M Wilson
Publisher's price £30; our price £10

Picture of Richard Prince

Publisher's Description

Emerging in the 1980s as an innovative artist who created work based on images produced by others for commercial and news media, Richard Prince treads a fine line between copyright infringement—he himself has referred to the practice as "stealing" on occasion—and an artistic re-examination of images out of context. This monograph—reproducing work from Prince's Cowboys and Girlfriends series, as well as Spiritual America—features a long interview conducted by art critic Jeff Rian, essays by Rosetta Brooks and Luc Sante, and several writings by the artist himself, including a 1967 conversation with J.G. Ballard.

Publisher: Phaidon

160 pages

11.4 in. x 9.95 in

Richard Prince
Publisher's price £27.95; our price £10.95

Picture of My First Summer in the Sierra

Publisher's Description

The founder of the Sierra Club and a driving force behind the creation of our National Parks, naturalist John Muir penned several classic books that inspired the American conservation movement, including this 1911 memoir of his first extended trip to the Sierra Nevada, in what is now Yosemite National Park. Landscape photographer Scot Miller gorgeously illuminates Muir's text in this anniversary edition, from a rosy dawn over Mono Desert to a streak of rainbow hanging over Tuolumne Meadows, as well as several double-page images like a portrait of Yosemite Falls above the Merced River. Muir's own drawings are also here, including some previously unpublished.

Publisher: Houghton Mifflin

189 pages

10.3 in. x 9.25 in

John Muir; photographs by Scot Miller
Publisher's price $30; our price £6.25 The 100th Anniversary Illustrated Edition of the American Classic

Picture of Great Wall Revisited

A journey along the Great Wall in the past and present, this landmark volume offers an extraordinary portrait of perhaps the world’s most famous structure. Carrying his camera and a file of vintage photographs—the earliest dating from 1871—author-photographer William Lindesay traveled across Northern China for three years, searching for settings where the Great Wall could be examined in the past and present, side by side. The result, The Great Wall Revisited, presents seventy-two of the most elucidating then- and-now comparisons. This glossy dossier opens out as an extraordinary journey from the Jade Gate in northwest China’s Gobi Desert to Old Dragon’s Head on the Yellow Sea.

Far more than a romantic look at the Great Wall of yesteryear, this stunning, artfully crafted volume also contains concise histories of the sites that Lindesay’s images revisit. Colorful literary impressions composed by earlier visitors, juxtaposed with contemporary eyewitness accounts of change traced along the Wall, afford a sense of history unfolding and time inexorably creeping along the contours of this enduring monument to human ingenuity.

Publisher: Harvard

291 pages

8.5 in. x 11.5 in.

William Lindesay
Publisher's price £25; our price £8.25

Picture of  Black Panthers 1968

The infamous Black Panther party made history as the radical African American organization established to promote civil rights and self-defense from the mid 1960s to the 1970s.

In 1968, Life magazine sent photographer Howard L. Bingham and writer Gilbert Moore to document and tell the story of this controversial group. Bingham and Moore followed the Panthers for months at numerous rallies in Oakland, Berkeley, and even the United Nations, only to have the story remain unpublished due to a disagreement between Moore and the magazine over the tone of the story. Now, 40 years later, these photographs and the story behind them will finally be told.

Featured here are never-before-published intimate portraits of key Panther members such as Huey P. Newton, Bobby Seale, Eldridge Cleaver, and Kathleen Cleaver, as well as classic reportage coverage of the more public and tumultuous events associated with the Panthers. Accompanied by insightful essays by writers and cultural historians, and biographies of all key members, BLACK PANTHERS 1968 is an important social document for our time as well as a celebration of Howard L. Bingham's illustrious career.

Howard L. Bingham has documented some of the most compelling people and events of the late 20th century, including Dr. Martin Luther King, Malcolm X, Robert Kennedy, and Bingham's close friend Muhammad Ali. From his humble beginnings as a young man in South Central Los Angeles where he flunked his one and only photography class, to a lifetime as an award-winning, world-class photographer of dignitaries and celebrities alike, Howard L. Bingham leaves a lasting and indelible legacy with this significant book.

Howard Bingham
Publisher's price $44.95 Our price £9.25

Picture of Battlescapes

A united Europe has been in existence for over 50 years, however before the European Union was formed the continent saw over 2 millennia of constant conflict. The battlefields where these wars were decided dot the landscape of Europe, bearing witness to the sacrifice paid by armies of the past, and acting as reminders to those who forget the dangers of conflict. This book collates the work of Alfred Buellesbach, who has spent years traveling around Europe to photograph battlefields. Some of the sites have a sad history, or host memorials and cemeteries. The beauty of other sites conceals the brutality that once played out over them. "Battlescapes" combines these images with details for visitors.

224 pages

30*25 cm

Alfred Buellesbach
Publisher's price £25, our price £8.25. "a photographic testament to 2000 years of conflict"

Picture of Reza: War and Peace

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Publisher's Description

With the Middle East and Asia as his far-ranging home territory, Reza Deghati's photos chronicle 30 years of turmoil, hope, and splendor. Now some of his most dramatic works are in this volume, filled with pictures that convey torment and upheaval, but also the art, culture, and traditions of Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, and other areas—and the photographer's understanding of humanity and deep commitment to justice.

Reza's own narration focuses attention on the costs of war and the human condition. For readers interested in world history, current events, and the human experience, this photographic tour de force is a must.

Publisher: National Geographic

Size: 11" x 14"

296 pages, 200 color and black-and-white photographs

Reza Deghati
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Picture of Photo Poetry

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Publisher's Description

Manuel Alvarez Bravo was one of the foremost practitioners of visual arts in the twentieth century. Manuel Alvarez Bravo, the first major retrospective of his eighty-year career, showcases hundreds of iconic photographs and unveils more than twenty previously unpublished images. Featuring landscapes, still lifes, rural and urban scenes, religious and vernacular subjects, as well as portraits of luminaries such as Diego Rivera, Frida Kahlo, Carlos Fuentes, and Octavio Paz, the work is chronologically arranged and richly varied. Three illuminating essays reveal the poetry of Bravo's photographsfrom his use of light and form to his fascination with dreams and his preoccupation with death. This definitive monograph is a powerful tribute to Mexico's most distinguished photographer.

Manuel Alvarez Bravo (1902-2002) received his first camera in 1923 and would go on to become Mexico's most celebrated photographer.

Publisher: Chronicle

Size: 10-1/4 x 11"

320 pages, 350 duotone photographs

Manuel Alvarez Bravo
Was £42.50 > Now £20

Picture of Land Through a Lens: Highlights from the Smithsonian American Art Museum

Publisher's Description

A prolific landscape record evolved as soon as cameras and equipment could be reliably used outdoors. Most nineteenth-century photographers worked on government-sponsored surveys. Others helped to lure investors westward with the images they made along the routes of the railroads. At the same time, Americans were hanging framed images by such photographic artists as Carleton Watkins and Eadweard Muybridge on their parlor walls. Photographs of unspoiled national treasures such as those by Ansel Adams exerted considerable influence on the federal government's efforts to create national parks. Modern and contemporary photographers have recorded their impressions of both man's and nature's impact on the land, from Robert Dawson's images of polluted waterways to Emmet Gowin's views of the aftermath of Mount St. Helens's spectacular eruption.

Seductive beauty, promise, and myth mingle with America's history and its technological and economic progress in these landscape photographs. Whether incorporating the nineteenth-century notion of the sublime or twentieth-century theories of social documentary, each is a witness to a profound and often complex relationship to the land.

Publisher: Smithsonian

Size: 9.1 x 9"

Andy Grundberg
Was $19.95 > Now £5

Picture of Earth on Fire

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Publisher's Description

  • Spectacular photographs of the world’s most dramatic and beautiful volcanic landscapes
  • Divided into five chapters by tectonic plate region, this book includes geothermal regions in Europe, the Americas, Africa, New Zealand, the Indian Ocean and the Caribbean
  • Includes famous volcanoes such as Mount St Helens in the USA, Etna in Italy, Kilimanjaro in Tanzania and Krakatoa in Indonesia
  • Features a wide variety of phenomena, from hot flowing lava and towering columns of smoke and ash to lakes, islands and mountain ranges that are the result of volcanic activity
  • Includes clear, accessible texts explaining key volcanic phenomena and events

Publisher: Phaidon

Size:350 x 297 mm

224 pages, 200 colour illustrations

Bernhard Edmaier
Was £35 > Now £16.50 Spectacular images of the world's most beautiful and dramatic volcanic landscapes

Picture of American Photographer

Publisher's Description

Since the early nineties, American artist Catherine Opie (*1961) has been working on a diverse photographic oeuvre that explores our notions of sexual and cultural identity with penetrating acuity. Influenced by social documentary photographers such as Walker Evans and Dorothea Lange, her works—from early portraits of the transgendered and tattooed to her urban landscapes of cities such as Los Angeles or New York—examine social norms and deviations.
All of Opie’s principal works are assembled in this volume, the most in-depth presentation of her work to date. It features color reproductions of all of her series, including Portraits, Self-Portraits, Freeways, Houses, Domestic, American Cities, Icehouses, and Surfers.Containing an extensive essay, interviews with the artist, introductions to all of the series, a newly revised and comprehensive list of exhibitions, as well as a bibliography, this will be the standard reference work for future studies on Catherine Opie.

Publisher: Hatje Cantz

Size: 313 x 260 mm

288 pages, 237 color illustrations.

Catherine Opie
Was £35 > Now £12.50. Excellent, hardback, mid-career retrospective – and very substantial, measuring 313 x 260 mm and with 288 pages.

Picture of Downstream: encounters with the Colorado River

Downstream is an arresting vision of the Colorado River by renowned landscape photographer Karen Halverson. The Colorado, crucial to development in the West, is at once wilderness, natural resource, recreation area, and wasteland. In seventy large-format color photographs, Halverson captures the river's natural majesty as well as the strange and unexpected beauty of its altered state. The images take us on an intimate exploration of the Colorado's entire length—from its rugged upstream canyons, to its dams and reservoirs, to where it disappears into the desert, entirely consumed. In an insightful, personal introduction to the photographs, Halverson tells how she explored the Colorado—accessing it by car, on foot, and by raft—while learning about its transformation into a complex water delivery system. In a lyrical foreword, historian William Deverell sets the photographs in the illuminating context of Colorado River history and discovery. In both images and prose, the book gives an extraordinary view of the Colorado's great and enduring splendor and a clear-eyed look at the many ironies contained in its waters.

Publisher's price £24.95

Karen Halverson
An arresting vision of the Colorado River by renowned landscape photographer Karen Halverson

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