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Picture of World's Wild Places

World's Wild Places

Colin Prior

Binding: H
ISBN: 9781554072026

Publisher's Description
There is no price that you can put on wilderness. In recent times a handful of globally super-rich have sought to buy vast tracts of remote land in a bid to capture the experience of wilderness, including Bill Gates. But even Bill Gates now admits that true wilderness is beyond price.

This book is as close to true wilderness as we may ever find ourselves able to come. The World's Wild Places is the culmination of ten years spent by one man waiting for dawn or dusk to spread its wings across impossibly remote lands at the furthest extremes of the Earth. Few match the power of Colin Prior's panoramic photography, and in this, his most ambitious collection of work and in some ways the most private, he presents an unforgettable record of the fast disappearing wild places of the world.

The searing sands of the Namib, the oxygen-starved Atacama desert, the gargantuan splendour of Monument Valley, the remote fastness of Torres del Paine, the heart-stopping Karakoram, the ethereal beauty of Norway's Lofoten Islands - all the great wild places of the Earth are captured, for the first time, in this unique volume.

For the past decade, Scottish photographer Colin Prior has journeyed more than a million miles seeking out the world's last wild places. His photography has won numerous awards and his previous books include Highland Wilderness, Scotland: The Wild Places and Living Tribes .

Publisher: Firefly
Size: 242 x 345mm
224 pages, 150 illustrations

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