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Picture of Wild Land - A Photographic Journey Through the Cairngorms

Wild Land - A Photographic Journey Through the Cairngorms

Mark Hamblin & Peter Cairns

Binding: H
ISBN: 1841830798

Publisher's Description
The diverse habitats in the Cairngorms, Britain’s largest National Park, are home to an unrivalled variety of wildlife, including the Golden Eagle, Osprey, Pine Marten, Red Deer, Red Fox and Mountain Hare. The mountain zone of the Cairngorms is the highest and most massive range of arctic mountain landscape anywhere in the British Isles and the forests contain remnants of the original ‘Great Wood of Caledon’. Over several years, wildlife and landscape photographers Peter Cairns and Mark Hamblin have captured the spirit of this special part of the world in a series of evocative images. Although led by stunning wildlife scenes and images of forest, mountain and moorland, Wild Land not only describes the history and management of each species, but also takes a look back at the animals of Scotland’s past and glances into the future of Scottish wildlife, making a plea for the importance of nurturing our precious land.

Publisher: Mercat Press
Size: 305 x 232mm
144pages, 120 colour photographs

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