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We have a number of fine new titles to bring to your attention this month, as well as a glowing customer review of Thomas Joshua Cooper's new book. We also point you in the direction of two exhibitions: one featuring the works of a former Beyond Words staff member, while the other comes from a regular customer.

New Titles
Michael Kenna: Images of the Seventh Day 1974-2009
Skira, Hardback, Publisher's Price £34.95, Our Price £31.46

There’s a major new retrospective on Michael Kenna due out in February from the Italian publisher, Skira. There’s not been much information released about it but it claims to cover his whole career from 1974 to 2009. It has a whopping 305 photographs and is linked to an exhibition at the Museo Palazzo Magnani, Reggio Emilia. Publication may well coincide with his new monograph, Huangshan.

Jem Southam: Rockfalls and Ponds
La Fabrica, Hardback, Publisher's Price £32.50, Our Price £29.25

I am grateful to Andrew Nadolski for drawing our attention to a recent work by another esteemed British photographer, Jem Southam, pubished by La Fabrica in Spain, called Rockfalls and Ponds. Southam patiently observes the topographical changes at a single location, revisiting a site over months or even years. His photographs suggest a delicate balance between nature and man.

Galen Rowell's Sierra Nevada
Sierra Club, Hardback Publisher's Price $29.95, Our Price £22.91

Landscape photos of a more awe-inspiring grandeur were the signature style of the great mountaineer/photographer Galen Rowell. Sierra Club Books have produced a posthumous collection of his images of Sierra Nevada, apparently his “favorite place on earth”. Rowell’s photos have been reproduced from digital masters of his 35mm frames.

Nicola Dill: Sea Etchings
Nazraeli Press, Hardback, Publisher's Price £50.00, Our Price £45.00
The extreme opposite in small-scale landscape photography is represented by Nicola Dill’s Sea Etchings, published by Nazraeli so sure to be beautifully printed and designed. The ‘etchings’ are the artist's elegant and meditative photographs of surf grasses. The individual pieces leave the narrative aspect of photography behind, focusing on constantly changing structures and lines, preserving on film the temporary etchings created by the surf and sandy shores of the Pacific. This first printing is limited to 500 copies.
Hedi Slimane: Anthology of a Decade
JRP|Ringier, Limited box-set edition consisting of four paperback volumes, Publisher's Price £110.00, Our Price £99.00

Hedi Slimane is a French fashion designer, well connected in rock star circles too, whose photographic books invariably sell out soon after publication, which justifies us in mentioning Anthology of a Decade now, despite its planned publication date of 1 March. This collection of his photographs of the 2000s covers his life and career before, during and after his tenures at Yves Saint-Laurent and Christian Dior and mixes the music scene, street fashion, and haute couture.

John Stezaker (Whitechapel Gallery)
Ridinghouse, Hardback, Publisher's Price £28.00, Our Price £25.20

While many artists have worked with found photographs over the years, none to my mind have produced such seductive, thoughtful and surreal work as Stezaker. This book, published to coincide with the first major touring exhibition of Stezaker's work, provides an overview of his collage work that combines everyday objects such as picture postcards and old film stills and publicity shots and in doing so transforms them into art works that are by turns fascinating, amusing or disturbing. The book also contains an interview with the artist conducted by Daniel Herrmann (formerly curator of the Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art's Paolozzi collection).

Ernst Haas: Colour Correction
Steidl, Hardback, Publisher's Price £43.00, Our Price £38.70

The ‘correction’ in the title of Steidl’s new Ernst Haas collection refers to an undervaluation of his work because of his success as a commercial photographer. It focuses attention on his more experimental colour innovations, anticipating the work of a later generation of colour photographers such as Eggleston, Shore and Meyerowitz.

Mark Morrisroe
JRP Ringier, Paperback, Publisher's Price £35.00, Our Price £31.50
Mark Morrisroe presents an astonishingly comprehensive retrospective of the career of this member of Nan Goldin’s circle who died of AIDS at the age of 30 in 1989. Like Goldin, Morrisroe documented his circle of bohemian friends. He captured friends in portraits and nude photographs, often using Polaroid, and documented his own failing health. In this softback’s 516 pages, there are 420 colour photos.
James Mollison: Where Children Sleep
Chris Boot, Hardback, Publisher's Price £20.00, Our Price £18.00
  One of the successes of late last year which we’ve not mentioned till now was James Mollison’s Where Children Sleep. I managed to snap up the last one at our local Waterstone’s (oh, the embarrassment!) as a joint present for my wife and four year old but I’m happy to say it’s being reprinted in February. As well as being a beautifully designed publication with a padded cover, it contains fine environmental portraits in colour of children in their sleeping places across the world. They provide a practical lesson in global inequality.
Bjørn Sterri: Polaroid Work
Pilver Press, Hardback, Publisher's Price £61.75, Our Price £55.58
  Many of our Edinburgh customers will remember Bjorn Sterri from his time here. He has self-published a beautiful hardback, Polaroid Work, the summation of over twenty years of obsessively photographing himself and his family, day after day, with the Polaroid SX70 camera. It reveals the private issues of family: adoption, marriage and divorce, birth and bereavement, love, loss and mortality. This first edition is limited to 1000 case bound copies. The cover is in Bamberg Kaliko cloth with foil stamping + clear PVC jacket, 310mm x 275mm, 156 pages, 61 colour images with spot varnish. “This is work of seductive beauty: self-expressive, elegant and eloquent.” (Robin Gillanders) (
Takuma Nakahira: For A Language to Come
Osiris, Hardback, Publisher's Price £72.50, Our Price £65.25
  We have just received copies of the new edition of Takuma Nakahira’s For A Language to Come. One of our first purchasers, Douglas May, gave it an instant one-line review: “The book is beautifully produced and a handsome addition to my library.” Published in 1970, For a Language to Come was Nakahira’s first photobook and brought about a turning point in contemporary Japanese photography by radically breaking away from the existing image aesthetics. This hardback consists of one hundred black and white photographs including his work from the legendary photography magazine Provoke with a supplement including a critical introduction and three essays by Takuma Nakahira translated into English for the first time. 210 x 300 mm. For a slection of images see the Osiris website.
Kiyoshi Suzuki: Soul and Soul 1969-99
Noorderlicht, Hardback, Publisher's Price £44.50, Our Price £40.05
  We should soon have stock of another reprinted Japanese classic, Kiyoshi Suzuki’s Soul and Soul 1969-99, which sold out in three months on first publication. Suzuki, who died in 2000, began photographing in the late 1960s and worked for thirty years in relative isolation. Suzuki's way of putting books together, layer upon layer upon layer, became his unique approach. It stands at the heart of this retrospective book which shows the enormous wealth of photographs that he left behind. “Noorderlicht took care to print the pictured designs on soft paper using a deep black tonal range to achieve the highest possible authenticity. A superb book” (Markus Schaden). “The best thing about the exhibition by far is the book. [...] a publication that does justice to an artist both in form and content - one would wish that all photobooks were made with the same care and dedication” (Merel Bem). See the Noorderlicht website for images.
Hiroshi Watanabe: Love Point (One Picture Book No. 66)
Nazraeli Press, Hardback (with print), Publisher's Price £25.00, Our Price £22.50
  Our final Japanese-connected title is a forthcoming volume in the Nazraeli One-Picture Book series: Love Point by Hiroshi Watanabe (confusingly this has the same title as another recent volume by Watanabe). Most one-picture books sell out prior to publication and prices increase very quickly so we are very lucky to be getting three copies at the publication price of £25 (>£22.50).
The Lucid Evidence
Verlag für moderne Kunst Nürnberg, Hardback, Publisher's Price £58.00, Our Price £52.20
  The Lucid Evidence is a pricey hardback but should be a crucial collection for those with an interest in contemporary photographic art, with a bias towards portraiture. Based on a current exhibition at the MMK in Frankfurt, it features works from 23 artists including Araki, Larry Clark, Larry Sultan, Taryn Simon, Oliviero Toscani, Bettina Rheims, Miroslav Tichy and Jeff Wall. 500 pages, 300 x 250 mm. Images can be viewed at the MMK website.
Tree in Photographs
Getty Publications, Hardback, Publisher's Price £16.99, Our Price £15.29
  Trees have proved to be fascinating subjects for many of the greatest photographers since the inception of the medium. This is celebrated both in an exhibition about to open at the J. Paul Getty Museum and in the accompanying book The Tree in Photographs, which features artists such as Robert Adams, Atget, Brigman, Eggleston, Eliot Porter, Stieglitz, and Fox Talbot. It presents the tree in various contexts: the single tree; trees in the urban landscape; uses of trees; tree reflections and shadows; and details, abstractions, and conceptual views of trees as conceived by contemporary artists.
The Drawbridge (Issue 19 - Flight)
Paperback, Publisher's Price £14.50, Our Price £14.00
  Our final new publication is a magazine, The Drawbridge which I had previously been unaware of. Originating as a full-colour newspaper, the new issue (Flight) sees it relaunched as a book-sized publication, with an increased photographic input. It calls itself “an independent quarterly of thought, wit and reflection giving equal focus to literature and visual arts.” "A journal that thinks bigger than most, and in more ways than one... there's intellectual meat here but no paucity of visual and verbal wit either" (The Guardian). Includes work by Crewdson, Jim Goldberg, Simon Norfolk, Taryn Simon, David Shrigley, Alec Soth and John Stezaker.
In Other News

Having previously announced that Alec & Carmen Soth’s Brighton Picture Hunt was no longer available, I am happy to say we now have more stock, along with another PhotoWorks publication from the Brighton Biennial, Rinko Kawauchi’s Murmuration.

We are selling our last few copies of the Michael Kenna 2011 calendar at 20% off the recommended price (£18.99 > £15.19).

Books of the Year

Shoshone Falls
Thomas Joshua Cooper

Publisher's Price £41.54

Our Price £37.39


Please feel free to add your own recommendations in response to our earlier Books of the Year feature. Here’s one from Donald Stewart who felt impelled to write in when he’d received his copy of Thomas Joshua Cooper’s just-published Shoshone Falls:

“Any new book or exhibition by Thomas Cooper is something worthy of anticipation and excitement and this, his latest book, does not disappoint. It is actually two greats for the price of one as we get not only Thomas’s superb photographs but those of another of the great early American photographers, Timothy H O’Sullivan. Anyone even remotely interested in early American photography will be aware of O’Sullivan’s atmospheric and emotive images of the Shoshone Falls made as part of two major expeditions to explore and open up the West in the 1860s/1870s. For many of us including Thomas, O’Sullivan’s images are part history, part inspiration. These photographs of Cooper’s are not new images in the Re-Photography mode: they are new and wonderful images inspired and challenged by what is arguably O’Sullivan’s greatest work. The images are as fascinating, as challenging to the viewer as O’Sullivan’s were to Cooper. They are a joy to behold and study and I have spent some time every day since receiving the book contemplating them. They are, as anyone who knows Thomas’s work, not just superb technically but full of expressive and emotive qualities. It is, of course, a great assistance that the print quality is superb, the book is beautifully presented and the accompanying essay readable,sagacious, provocative and amply laced with Thomas’s own comments. All in all it is a volume to treasure. It wins my Book of the Year 2010 with a significant margin to spare.”

More recommendations please!

In the next newsletter, I will do a round-up of all the other Photo Books of the Year lists appearing online.

We’re very happy to give details of two exhibitions, one by a customer, the other by an ex-member of staff
  Alicia Bruce: Menie
(Peacock. Visual Arts, Aberdeen)

14 January to 26 February

Alicia writes: “I spent summer of 2010 collaborating with residents of Menie, the area 20 minutes north of Aberdeen which Trump International are currently developing.  The Menie exhibition runs from 14 January to 26 February.”
  Hamish King: 45
(Fine Art Library, George IV Bridge, Edinburgh)

Until end of January

Hamish writes: “I once heard the late, great John Peel suggest that there are three important ages for a music fan: 33, 45 and 78.  So, given that I'd booked this show to coincide with my 45th birthday, which is on 11/1/11, I decided that a musical theme would be appropriate, and after some thought came up with the idea of a set of covers for imaginary records.  In keeping with the theme, there will be 45 prints on display, all of which will be 7 inches square and in 12 inch square mounts.”

Hamish showed me round the show yesterday and it’s well worth a visit if you’re in the area.  Continues to the end of the month.

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