New Titles
Visions of Earth
Altus, Hardback, Publisher's Price £36.00, Our Price £32.40

If you’re looking for a collection of landscape and wildlife photography and you want a change from the such-and-such of the year, Visions of Earth offers high-quality work – predominantly colour – by five European photographers who have formed an online collective called Bouts de Planete: Samuel Bitton, Christophe Carlier, Xavier Jamonet, Vincent Favre and Rafael Rojas. This is a big book, measuring 29*29 cm and weighing in at 1.5 kilos. Go to to see examples of their work.

Eadweard Muybridge: Human and Animal Locomotion Photographs
Taschen, Hardback Publisher's Price £44.99, Our Price £40.49

Maybe you saw the TV documentary on this fascinating and troubled photographer, arguably one of the most influential in the history of the medium. (It featured comments from Rebecca Solnit, whose Motion Studies is a hugely perceptive account of his life and significance). This massive Taschen volume has 804 pages and is as complete as you could wish. If you missed it the BBC documentary will be available on BBC iPlayer for a little while longer.

A Star is Born
Steidl, Paperback, Publisher's Price £26.00, Our Price £23.40
You’d hope that a collection of rock photography published by Steidl would be a classier project than most, and so it proves. The 340 pages include photographs by Ron Galella, Annie Leibovitz, Mark Seliger, Richard Avedon, Daniel Kramer, Mick Rock and Jerry Schatzberg. Their subjects include Elvis Presley, Little Richard, Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, Frank Zappa, David Bowie, and bands from the Rolling Stones to the Beatles, the White Stripes to Coldplay. To view images form the book visit the Steidl website.
Sophie Calle: True Stories
Steidl, Hardback, Publisher's Price £40.00, Our Price £36.00

French artist Sophie Calle has been selected as the 30th winner of the Hasselblad Foundation International Award in Photography. This book, a collaboration between the Hasselblad Foundation and Steidl Verlag contains Sophie Calle’s series True Stories, which captures important events of her life.

The Foundation’s citation regarding the decision to award the 2010 prize to Sophie Calle states: “For more than three decades, Sophie Calle has been questioning and challenging the relationship between text and photography, private and public personae, truth and fiction, in a groundbreaking, utterly original way. Her contribution to the understanding of the medium of photography has inspired younger generations of artists.”

Magnum on Set
Schirmer/Mosel, Hardback, Publisher's Price £29.95, Our Price £26.96

Thanks to his friendship with John Huston and a love affair with Ingrid Bergman, Magnum co-founder Robert Capa opened for Magnum the doors to the film world. Since the 1950s, Magnum photographers have regularly accompanied movie productions, sometimes exclusively. Twelve productions were selected for this book, documented in pictures by such famous Magnum photographers as Henri Cartier-Bresson, Eve Arnold, Elliot Erwitt, Erich Lessing, Inge Morath and Dennis Stock. The films featured include Limelight, The Seven Year Itch, Rebel without a Cause, Moby Dick,Suddenly Last Summer,The Alamo, The Misfits,Planet of the Apes, Zabriskie Point and Death of a Salesman.

Why Photographs Work
Rocky Nook Publisher's Price £30.99 Our Price £27.89

(Due for publication in December, so you may wish to check with us before placing an order if it’s something you need before Christmas)

Author/photographer George Barr analyzes 52 striking images by some of the world's top photographers. Accompanying Barr’s analysis of each image, is an explanation by the photographer describing the circumstances of making the image, including not only the how, but also the why. Also included is each photographer's biography, a reference to his or her websites and publications, and brief technical descriptions of the equipment used in making each image.

Included are images by: Bruce Barnbaum, Dan Burkholder, Nick Brandt, Hans Strand, Roman Loranc, Huntington Witherill, Phil Borges, David Ward, Michael Levin, Michael Kenna, Sandra Davis, and many more.

Andreas Feininger - A Photographer's Life 1906-1999
Hatje Cantz, Hardback, Publisher's Price £26.99, Our Price £24.29
Andreas Feininger (1906–1999) seems to have gone out of fashion which is a shame as he produce a wonderful, wide-ranging body of work, including assignments for Life magazine over twenty years and was one of many immigrant photographers to make a significant impact on America’s perception of itself. This Hatje Cantz publication functions as a biography of Feininger, with representative selections of photographs covering the full span of his career. If you’re not familiar with his work you can see some examples of it here.
Candida Hofer: Spaces of Their Own
Schirmer/Mosel, Hardback, Publisher's Price £49.95, Our Price £44.96
  A product of the Dusseldorf School, Hofer is one of the greatest living photographers of interiors. Though the influence of the Bechers is clear, she works in colour and specializes in grand public spaces. Here she focuses on Santiago’s celebrated libraries.
Not in Fashion: Photography and Fashion in the 90s
Kerber Verlag, Paperback, Publisher's Price £40.00, Our Price £36.00
  A substantial (320 pages, softback) overview of the more cutting-edge fashion photography of the 1990s, this title features numerous photographs, campaigns and key picture series from magazines of that decade. Photographers include Vanessa Beecroft, Mark Borthwick, Corinne Day, Helmut Lang, Collier Schorr, Nigel Shafran, Jürgen Teller and Wolfgang Tillmans.
Martin Parr: Parr by Parr
Schilt Publishing, Paperback, Publisher's Price £16.95, Our Price £15,25
  An entertaining and insightful series of interviews with Martin Parr, taking us through the various stages of his career. As it is well illustrated, this publication represents very good value.
William Eggleston: For Now
Twin Palms, Hardback, Publisher's Price £49.95, Our Price £44.96
  For Now is the result of film-maker Michael Almereyda’s year-long search through the Eggleston archives, a remarkable collection of heretofore unseen images spanning four decades of work by one of our seminal artists. Unusual in its concentration on family and friends, the book highlights an air of offhand intimacy, typical of Eggleston and typically surprising.” We’ve just heard that copies of this new title are on their way from the States so there’s a good chance we could get copies to you in time for Christmas.
One Day Ten Photographers
Kehrer Verlag, Hardback, Publisher's Price £130.00, Our Price £117.00
  Finally a title that looks as though it won’t see the light of day till the new year but, as it is a limited edition, it would be well worth getting your order in now. Harvey Benge, the instigator of the project, explains its genesis: “"At Paris Photo in November last year I talked to Gerry Badger about ‘print on demand’ publishing and how it was possible to make a book in a day. From that conversation came the idea of getting a group of photographers together to all shoot a book in a day. John Gossage came on board, so did Martin Parr, Jessica Backhaus, Eva Maria Ocherbauer and Rob Hornstra who were all at Paris Photo. Publisher Klaus Kehrer of Kehrer Verlag in Heidelberg liked the idea and agreed to publish a set of individual photobooks. The idea gestated into 2010 and was again talked about in May at the Kassel Photobook Festival. Alec Soth joined the group and so did Rinko Kawauchi who were both at Kassel.” A last and final participant was Todd Hido." Will consist of ten volumes in one slipcase.
Gift Recommendations
Nadav Kander
Yangtze - The Long River

Publisher's price £55.00, Our price £49.50

Todd Hido
Road Divided
Signed copy

Publisher's price £60Our price £54.00

Unleashed 3

Publisher's price £50, Our price £45

Publisher's price £50, Our price £45
Allan Pollok-Morris

Publisher's price £34.99, Our price £31.49

Takeshi Shikama
Silent Respiration of Forests
Signed copy

Publisher's price £35Our price £31.50
Jan Tove
Borton Redan (Beyond Order)

Publisher's price £34.25, Our price £30.83
Miachel Kenna
In Japan

Publisher's price $75Our price £52.60

In case any of you are stuck for ideas about what to get for someone else – or what to put on your own Christmas list – here are some last minute suggestions.

Nadav Kander: Yantgze (signed)

Todd Hido: Road Divided (signed)

Josef Hoflehner: Unleashed 3/Iceland new edition (both signed)

Allan Pollok-Morris: Close: Landscape Design and Land Art in Scotland (standard edition and special editions)

Takeshi Shikama: Silent Respiration of Forests We have two signed copies left of this beautiful Japanese publication

Jan Tove: Borton Redan (Beyond Order: Swedish edition with English translation) A recent article on the new website Great British Landscapes has led to a spate of orders for this title, a landmark in nature photography. We still have a few signed copies left.

Michael Kenna: In Japan A beautiful limited edition artist’s book, a sort-of follow-up to last year’s In Hokkaido. Only 300 copies for sale outwith Japan. Of course Kenna’s calendar continues to be a popular gift. We also have a few signed copies of Love in Black and White (you could save this one up for Valentine’s). Or, if your loved one is a Kenna fan but capable of deferred gratification, you could order an advance copy of Huangshan due in January, in either the standard or special edition. We could send you a nice note confirming it had been pre-ordered for them.

Japanese Photobooks
We would be interested in stocking titles by Osiris Publications, who do not have a distributor in the UK. We are particularly interested in the new edition of For a Language to Come by Takuma Nakahira, a revolutionary work originally published in 1970. As it would keep costs down if we put a larger order together, we would like to hear from any customers who might be interested in some of these works. Please see and let us know whether you might be interested in any of these titles.
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