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Latest newsletter- 18 May 2015

Today's newsletter includes new and forthcoming titles by Trent Parke, John Shaw, Peter Mitchell, Casper Sejersen, Jeff Wall, Gerry Johansson, Wendy Ewald, Hellen van Meene and Mark Ruwedel.


Silent Worlds

Olivier Meriel

Publisher's Description
French photographer Oliver Mériel (b. 1955) has practiced photography for over 26 years. His work focuses on landscapes with a taste for the obscure. The son of a chemist, he lives and works in France in the small seaside town of Saint Aubin-sur-Mer, just as his ancestors did before him. His photographs perfectly capture the feeling of history this region is steeped in. Mériel’s landscapes, while dark and moody, ultimately document his search for light. This light is reflected off the land and as surfaces act as mirrors, they exude a subtle glow that seeps into even the darkest corners. A human presence that is felt but not seen subtly leads us to explore and to contemplate the secrets of these magical places and the profound meaning of existence.

5 Continents Editions, France, 2006. 144 pp., 60 duotone illustrations, 11x9½"


Landscapes of Innocence and Experience SIGNED

Simon Roberts

A catalogue produced for the exhibition held at the Verey Gallery, Eton College, UK which ran from January – April 2015.  The exhibition surveyed a number of works by Roberts looking at the British landscape.

The publication begins with a single image from Roberts’ Motherland series, an expansive social documentary project photographed across Russia between 2004 and 2005. This image marks a catalyst for Roberts and leads to a selection of photographs taken in Britain since Roberts returned there with a renewed interest in photographing his homeland.

The catalogue reproduces photographs from various series including We English, The Election Project, XXX Olympiad and Pierdom. The works demonstrate a sustained investigation by Roberts into the terrain and shorelines of his native country. The works picture the social practices and customs, cultural landmarks, economic and political theatre that define the space as uniquely British.

Also included is an essay by Martin Caiger-Smith from The Courtauld Institute of Art.

Preview video of the catalogue

Publisher: Verey Gallery, Jan 2014
Essay: Martin Caiger-Smith
Binding: Softback
Extent: 38 Pages
Trim: 260mm (H) x 210mm (W)
Photographs: 36 Colour

Waiting for the Sun

Josef & Jakob Hoflehner

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Signed copies

"Waiting for the Sun", the artists' first full color book, is a dedication to the golden era of the American automobile industry. "The 1960s and 70s arguably saw some of the best-designed cars to ever leave a manufacturing plant. Once seen bumper-to-bumper throughout the country, these automobiles are a rare sight on U.S. roads today. Over the past five years, we have driven across America, from coast to coast, along miles of highway and through countless neighborhoods, searching for vintage automobiles. Whether covered in snow during a winter Nebraska night, or shining in the sun of the Nevada desert, to us, these cars perfectly fit the American landscape." - from the introduction by Jakob Hoflehner. The Hollywood-movie-like, but completely unstaged, photographs immediately take us back some 30 or 40 years in time, as the photographers were very selective and made great efforts to avoid most modern amenities and surroundings in their works. Bound in yellow vinyl, "Waiting for the Sun" is published in a limited edition of 999 oversized hardcover copies. Signed by Josef Hoflehner.

Hardcover, 29x37cm / 11.5x14.5 inches
72 pages, 32 color plates
Most Press, March 2015
Limited Edition of 999 copies


Another Country in New York SIGNED

Daido Moriyama

Softcover, edition of 250 copies, signed and numbered, facsimile reprint of Daido Moriyama's legendary xerox book. Another Country in New York was self-published in 1974 with photographs taken during his 1971 trip to New York and individually assembled into books on a rented copy machine, with two different silkscreen covers.

Included in The Photobook a History volume 1 by Parr/Badger

Limited Edition: 250/ signed

Book Size
315 x 215 mm
90 pages
silkscreen softcover
Akio Nagasawa Publishing

I to Eye

Lewis Morley

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Was £72 > Now £23.95

Publisher's Description

In a career that has spanned some 50 years, Lewis Morley has worked with equal ease in theatre, fashion, portraiture, magazine photography and documentary reportage. His body of work, particularly his portraits of key figures of 1960s London, is highly recognised, and with his famous photo of Christine Keeler naked upon a chair, Morley produced an image that is probably one of the most memorable, and most copied, of any photographs of any time.

Born in Hong Kong in 1925 to a Chinese mother and English father, Morley spent much of the war in a Japanese internment camp, before being repatriated to England.

His early photographic work included magazine assignments for Tatler before devoting himself to theatre photography and studio portraits from a studio above Peter Cook’s nightclub The Establishment. Through Cook he help shape Beyond the Fringe and contributed photographs to Private Eye.

In addition to the Keeler portrait, Morley photographed many of the most famous faces of the Sixties, including Salvador Dali, Somerset Maugham, Joe Orton, Andre Previn, David Frost, Dudley Moore, Tom Jones, Clint Eastwood, Judi Dench, Peter O’Toole, Charlotte Rampling, Susannah York, Michael Caine, Barry Humphries, and celebrity couples including John Cleese and Connie Booth, David Bailey and Catherine Deneuve.

Morley and his family emigrated to Australia in 1971 and he worked extensively in colour for the first time in Pol, Woman’s Day and the design magazine Belle. He continued his work in portraiture with studies of Australian celebrities such as Peter Carey, Brett Whiteley, and the young Nicole Kidman. This book includes several hundred photographs, many published for the first time.

Publisher: T & G Publishers

Size: 240 x 286 mm

400 pages with over 270 duotone and colour plates.


Pop Sixties

Magnum Photos

Was £15 > Now £5

Publisher's Description

Culled from the archives of Magnum Photos, the world’s preeminent photo agency, Pop 60s celebrates the visionaries, icons, and memorable moments of the decade that transformed the fabric of American life. From Andy Warhol, Twiggy, and James Bond to Beatlemania, biker culture, and geodesic domes, the reverberations of the Swinging Sixties are felt in today’s art, music, design, and fashion.

This phenomenal collection of photographs spans the globe, including images of Tokyo nightlife, Brazilian Carnaval, and art happenings in New York City. Renowned photographers such as Dennis Stock, Eve Arnold, Danny Lyon, Thomas Hoepker, David Hurn, and many others contribute both their best-loved and their seldom seen photographs. From naked spectators at the Isle of Wight Festival to literati at Truman Capote’s Black and White Ball, Pop 60s captures the spirit, style, and attitude of an unforgettable era.

Publisher: : Abrams Books

Size: 8 1/2 x 10 1/4"

192 pages, 150 colour photographs


Leave No Trace: The Vanishing North American Wilderness

Jim Wark

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Publisher's Description

North America’s pristine, remote, and very much endangered lands as seen through the award-winning aerial photography of Jim Wark. The expanse of North America seems boundless, and its wild lands encompass some of the most beautiful landscapes in the world. Though timeless in their majesty, some areas are at risk of vanishing or changing forever, and Jim Wark’s passion is to capture many of these beautiful regions before they are developed or environmentally impacted-and lost. From the lush coasts of the Great Lakes to the jagged peaks of the Rocky Mountains, from the deep crevasses of Utah’s Canyonlands to the picturesque valleys of the Appalachians, this breathtaking volume captures these remote gems with glorious vistas and unique and detailed perspectives only available from the air. 

Piloting his high-wing bush plane for unobstructed camera work and unique low-level angles, Wark’s artistic eye for detail makes this book an incomparable trip to the last North American wildernesses.  

Publisher: Universe

Size: 9.3 x 12.4"

240 pages



Ferdinand Protzman

Was £16.99 > Now £5.50

Publisher's Description

From the passion of young love to the heartbreak of former lovers, from the tenderness of parents with their children to the timeless bond of old married couples, the 150 color and black and white images in this album come from all over the world, and span the history of photography. Here are photos from Henri Cartier-Bresson, Elliott Erwitt, William Henry Fox Talbot, Julia Margaret Cameron, Brassaï, Weegee, Mary Ellen Mark, and William Eggleston, as well as little-known photographers who have caught revealing moments in out-of-the-way places and hidden rooms.
"Here love's iconography is expanded to include a heart-shaped balloon floating over the city of Jaipur and three babies crawling in a row across colorful, plaid blankets.... In some of the book's most surprising images, lovers pull the viewer's attention into the background of a picture that otherwise calls one's attention to discord or isolation."—Publishers Weekly

Publisher: National Geographic

Size: 10.25 x 10.25"

240 pages


Japan: A Self-Portrait: Photographs 1945–1964

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Publisher's Description

From the end of the Pacific War in 1945 to the Tokyo Olympic Games in 1964, Japan underwent an extraordinary transformation; from a defeated and devastated empire, mired in ancient martial traditions, it embraced modernization and mass production to become a rising economic power. This moment of radical change generated an enormous creative energy, which also influenced the evolution of Japanese photography from social realism to a subjective and increasingly personal style. This album presents 150 exemplary black and white images from leading photojournalists and street photographers, capturing Japan's changing view of itself in that remarkable time.

Publisher: Flammarion

Size: 12.25 x 10.5"

216 pages


Great Wall of China

Chen Changfen

Was £29.95 > Now £9.95

Publisher's Description

Over the course of five decades, Chen Changfen has photographically documented the Great Wall of China from a variety of locations and perspectives, finding in the wall a metaphor for the challenges and tensions faced by modern China. This monograph features more than 75 color and black and white images, allowing us to glimpse the wall in the desert or under snow, up close or on remote mountaintops. The book concludes with an extensive interview with Chen Changfen, in which he elaborates on his background, motivation, and technique.

Publisher: Yale/MFA Houston

Size: 12.3 x 9.75"

151 pages



Richard Kalvar

Was £30 > Now £9.95

Publisher's Description

A member of the elite club of Magnum photographers, Richard Kalvar has a talent for catching moments when societal behavior shifts into the absurd. With a style that encompasses both the intriguing juxtapositions of Henri Cartier-Bresson and the humorous grotesques of Diane Arbus, Kalvar documents the human condition with both candor and sympathy. In these nearly 100 duotone photographs, a man and his dog confront a captive alligator; two statues in a park appear to be meeting each other; a bespectacled gentleman conceals himself in a large shrub; and a forlorn boy dressed as the devil stands on a beach, tail in hand.

Publisher: Flammarion

Size: 12.5 x 9.8"

94 pages


Designs on the Land

Alex MacLean

Publisher's Description

For more than three decades, aerial photographer Alex MacLean has visually documented the history and evolution of the American land. From Massachusetts tobacco farms to a decimated Queens neighborhood, and from the fog-shrouded Berkshires to a field of abandoned B-52 bombers in Arizona, many of these 400 color photographs of deserts, forests, junkyards, and housing developments display an abstract beauty and cultural relevance. A trained architect who is closely involved in landscape protection issues, MacLean fashions aesthetically pleasing images which can nonetheless serve as a caution against the effects of pollution and urban sprawl.

Publisher: Thames & Hudson

Size: 9.75 x 7.5"

368 pages


At Water’s Edge

Paul Blackmore

Publisher's Description

At Water’s Edge, the long-awaited publication from photographer Paul Blackmore, explores the relationship between humanity and its most vital natural resource. This extraordinary body of work – spanning 11 years and 14 countries – provides a global look at how water flows through the spiritual and physical daily lives of people around the world. The photographs poignantly illustrate the unfolding drama of the global water crisis and how it is affecting those caught up in it: a billion people without access to clean water, another four billion without an adequate supply. Against this dire backdrop, the work also celebrates the quiet, yet essential connection with nature that water offers us.

Publisher: T & G Publishing

Size: 306 x 260 mm 

132 pages with over 59 duotoned B/W Photographs


Hold Still

Sally Mann

Publisher's Description

A revealing and beautifully written memoir and family history from acclaimed photographer Sally Mann.

In this groundbreaking book, a unique interplay of narrative and image, Mann's preoccupation with family, race, mortality, and the storied landscape of the American South are revealed as almost genetically predetermined, written into her DNA by the family history that precedes her.

Sorting through boxes of family papers and yellowed photographs she finds more than she bargained for: "deceit and scandal, alcohol, domestic abuse, car crashes, bogeymen, clandestine affairs, dearly loved and disputed family land . . . racial complications, vast sums of money made and lost, the return of the prodigal son, and maybe even bloody murder."

In lyrical prose and startlingly revealing photographs, she crafts a totally original form of personal history that has the page-turning drama of a great novel but is firmly rooted in the fertile soil of her own life.

Publisher: Little, Brown and Company

Size: 6" x 9 1/4"

496 pages



Masahisa Fukase

One day in the summer of 1963, Masahisa Fukase, thirty years old at the time, visited a slaughterhouse in Shibaura, near Tokyo Port, accompanied by a woman. Her name was Yoko, whom Fukase met through an acquaintance who introduced her to him, saying, “Here is an interesting girl.” Having just moved to Tokyo from Kanazawa, Yoko, wearing a cloak, posed for Fukase in various ways as directed by the photographer, sitting beside strangely shaped metal tools that gleamed darkly with the blood and grease from killed animals. Since this occasion, Fukase became involved with photographing Yoko, which led to the publication of the book, Yoko (Asahi Sonorama: 1978). Still today, Yoko is regarded as an acclaimed work of Fukase who continued to focus through his lens on Yoko, as his model, as a woman, and as his wife.

These photographs shot in the slaughterhouse have been largely unknown since they have been published only partially. A dozen or so were published in the form of a chapter titled “To” [Slaughter] in his book, Yugi [Homo Ludence] (Chuo-Koronsha: 1971), and only several in Yoko. This book, Slaughter, thus represents a precious collection of photographs that enables us to see the entire series taken there in that particular session for the first time after half a century has passed. Slaughter exquisitely reproduces Fukase’s vintage prints following the advice of Yoko, who shared with us, on behalf of her deceased ex-husband Masahisa Fukase, her memories of the time the photographs were taken.

w21.6 x h28 cm
32 Pages
19 Images(b/w)
Doubletone Offset / Fullcolor Offset(cover)
Limited edition of 750
Published in 2015

Limited edition of 750

Publisher: Superlabo

Size: 216 x 280mm

32 Pages, 19 Images(black & white)


Fire and Ice: Timescapes

Joan Myers

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Publisher's Description

Joan Myers has long been fascinated with landscapes crafted from fire and ice.  Gathered here are her photographs of iconic sites from all over the world, including Volcano National Park on the island of Hawai'i, Lanzarote, in the Canary Islands, Cotopaxi and Picincha in Ecuador, Laki in Iceland, Mt. Erebus in Antarctica, Krakatoa in Indonesia, and of course, Mt. Etna and Pompeii, among others. The work is breathtakingly beautiful, compelling, and provocative by turns. Her essay reads like an adventure story, exploring the connection between fire and ice while describing her thrilling treks to the ends of the Earth.

Publisher: Damiani

160 pages, 140 illustrations


Surf Site Tin Type

Joni Sternbach

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Publisher's Description

Surf Site Tin Type is an homage to a sport, a way of life and to the people who practice it.  Over the last decade, Joni Sternbach has created portraits in tintype of contemporary surfers that put the world of surfing in a completely new light. Stunning in their detail, these unique images evoke the romance of surfing and the strong individualism of the men and women who live to ride the waves. Working with a large format camera and using hand-poured tintype plates, Sternbach has profiled a fascinating range of people on beaches around the world, from Malibu to Montauk to Byron Bay, Australia. While most photographers deal with the action of surfing, Surf Site Tin Type captures the surfers and the settings that are the true essence of the sport. Surf Site Tin Type features texts by noted photo critic and historian Lyle Rexer, April M. Watson, Curator of photography at the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art, champion surfer, writer, and filmmaker Chris Malloy and Johnny Abegg.

Publisher: Damiani

192 pages, 123 illustrations



Roger Ballen

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Publisher's Description

The seminal work from photographer and artist Roger Ballen, Outland is now available again in an expanded edition with more than 50 never-before-seen images and new commentary from the artist himself. The culmination of nearly 20 years of work, Outland marked Ballen's move from documentary photography into the realms of fiction and propelled him into the international spotlight. His black-and-white photographs of South Africans on the fringes of society are powerful psychological studies: disturbing, exciting and impossible to forget.

Publisher: Phaidon

Size: 300 x 280 mm

156 pages, 80 black and white illustrations 


I went to the worst of bars hoping to get killed but all I could do was to get drunk again (Signed)

Ciarán Óg Arnold

Publisher's Description

I went to the worst of bars hoping to get killed but all I could do was to get drunk again is a diary of sorts, following invisible men, down piss alleyways and into empty bars. The photographer accompanies the seekers of oblivion, their lopsided faces caught between ecstasy and apathy, their mouths chasing the numbness of inebriation.

This is Ballinasloe, a sandstone town on the River Suck in the easternmost corner of Galway in Ireland, seen through the eyes of a native, Ciarán Óg Arnold. Within the rabble, Arnold trails after the cast-offs, invisible men who spend their time in murky corners, choosing to do nothing but drift and drink. Ballinasloe is a mouth; in Irish, mouth of the ford, mouth of the crowds. “We claim to hate it here”, writes Arnold, “but the truth is that we choose to stay, hiding from reality, drowning in drink and wanting to be left alone as we await whatever fate is in store.”

Over the years, Ballinasloe has become a ghost town, its immobile economy holding back only the indifferent. Its empty clubs are the ordinary voids of an orthodox escapism, the unvarying nightly vocation that is also creeping annihilation. The town is haunted by the absence of those unseeable others, who have also departed – the suicide kids of Charles Bukowski’s poem, from which the book’s title is taken.

Winner of the First Book Award 2015

Publisher: Mack

Size: 160 x 220 mm

76 pages, 43 colour plates



Emile Hyperion Dubuisson

Publisher's Description

This previously unpublished series of photographs was made in Siberia in the early 1990s while Dubuisson was working as assistant director in a film crew shooting a documentary about the former Soviet Union. Challenged by the extreme conditions, filming was difficult and Dubuisson began taking pictures with a small all-weather camera around the villages in the Yamal Peninsula where gas workers, scientists and local reindeer herders lived and worked. On his return to Moscow, Dubuisson struggled to process his film and believed his negatives to have been damaged beyond repair. It is only recently that he returned to this material and has finally been able to produce photographic prints. The resulting images offer a strange, poetic vision of the bleakness of Siberia evoking its remoteness in both time and space through a combination of Dubuisson’s singular scenes of sub-zero life and the unintentional effects of the passage of time and the photographic process. As Boris Mikhailov writes in his foreword to the book:

Everything here reminds me of the cold, of life without a fridge; and the terrible smoke, which covers the sky...I also see traces of dust and fingerprints, which tell a story of their own.

Publisher: ADAD Books

Size: 210 x 260 mm

96 pages



Songbook (Signed)

Alec Soth

Signed copies, 2nd printing, available June 2015

Publisher's Description

Known for his haunting portraits of solitary Americans in Sleeping by the Mississippi and Broken Manual, Alec Soth has recently turned his lens toward community life in the country. To aid in his search, Soth assumed the increasingly obsolescent role of community newspaper reporter. From 2012-2014, Soth traveled state by state while working on his self-published newspaper, The LBM Dispatch, as well as on assignment for the New York Times and others. From upstate New York to Silicon Valley, Soth attended hundreds of meetings, dances, festivals and communal gatherings in search of human interaction in an era of virtual social networks.

With Songbook, Soth has stripped these pictures of their news context in order to highlight the longing for connection at their root. Fragmentary, funny and sad, Songbook is a lyrical depiction of the tension between American individualism and the desire to be united.


Sample images

Publisher: Mack Books

Size: 285 cm x 273 mm

144 pages, 75 tritone plates

France (standard edition)

Michael Kenna

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SHIPPING OCTOBER 2014. Nazraeli Press is thrilled to announce Michael Kenna’s long-anticipated monograph on France. Kenna first visited France in 1973 and has been photographing there since the early 1980s. He has produced thousands of photographs on subjects such as Mont St Michel, Le Notre’s Gardens, the Calais Lace Factories and Chateau Lafite Rothschild. France encompasses work from these projects and many others. Comprising 275 duotone plates, this gorgeous new book was edited by the artist himself, who selected both well-known and previously unpublished material from his own archive. It coincides with an exhibition of his Paris studies at Le Musée Carnavalet opening October 2014. 

Casebound in burgundy-dyed silk cloth and housed in an elegant gold-stamped black slipcase, France is printed in duotone on matt art paper. The book opens with an introduction in French and English by renowned historian and curator Jean-Claude Lemagny.

Michael Kenna is widely considered to be the most influential landscape photographer of his generation. The subject of some 50 monographs, Kenna’s work is included in the permanent collections of over 100 museums and institutions worldwide, and has been widely exhibited and written about internationally since the mid-1970s. Michael Kenna was presented with the prestigious Chevalier of the Order of Arts and Letters by the French Ministry of Culture in 2000.

A selection of Kenna’s images of France

312 pages, 275 images, 12 by 13 inches

Nazraeli Press

River Winter, The SIGNED

Jem Southam


Publisher's Description

“Winters, like ice ages, are Janus faced, for after the freeze comes thaw and flood, as water is returned to life and movement. Freeze, thaw, flood: the great climatic cycles that created the topography of the northern hemisphere, and which continue to shape the idea of winter that lies deep in our cultural imagination.”
Richard Hamblyn

In November 2010, after a photographic lull of half a year, Jem Southam took a photograph which became the first in this series, The River  Winter and which spurred him to make one of the most concentrated bodies of work in his career. From late autumn through to the earliest signs of spring, along the banks of the river Exe in Devon, Southam chose locations and took photographs, returning at regular intervals. This pattern continued for the next five months with Southam documenting the subtle agencies of change transforming the landscape. By the end of January 2011 he realized this had become a new work, one that caught the effects of the Earth’s turn on film, one which followed the passage of a single winter.

The shift in seasons is presented through a sequence of ten by eight colour contact prints, with which an essay by Richard Hamblyn explores how, since the last ice-age, winter has embedded itself into our cultural psyche.

Jem Southam (b. 1950) is a key figure in British landscape photography, working across twenty-five years. His work is included in many important collections including Rijksmuseum, Museum Folkwang, and the Yale Centre for British Art. He has been the subject of numerous solo shows including Tate St. Ives in 2004 and The Victoria & Albert Museum in 2006.

Publisher: MACK Books

Size: 330 x 277 mm

96 pages, 40 colour plates

Black Rose, The

Trent Parke

Temporarily out of stock but more stock should arrive early June.

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Publisher's Description

The Black Rose represents the culmination of seven years of work for internationally renowned Adelaide photographer Trent Parke. In his quest to uncover his memories of his mother and childhood, Parke photographs details of the natural world and incidents from everyday life. These take on greater significance and symbolic meaning, which he builds to create a complex narrative. The Black Rose, produces a meditation on life¹s journeys and explores the way the past infiltrates the present, and in turn can influence the future.

Sample images

Size: 240 x 320 mm

168 pages, over 200 illustrations

2014 Michael Kenna Wall Calendar

Michael Kenna

Publisher's Description

Michael Kenna’s intimate, exquisitely crafted black-and-white photographs reflect a sense of refinement, respect for history, and thorough originality. We are pleased to present our eighteenth calendar featuring his work. The 2014 Michael Kenna Wall Calendar is printed on an exclusive, uncoated, natural Japanese paper using “Daido black” ink. It features thirteen photographs: Two Leaning Trees, Kussharo Lake, Hokkaido, Japan. 2013; Yuanyang, Study 1, Yunnan, China. 2013; Alley of Trees, Damyang, Jeollanamdo, South Korea. 2012; Skyline, Shanghai, Study 5, China. 2011; Bamboo and Tree, Qingkou Village, Yunnan, China. 2013; Three Posts and Island, Jangsan-do, Shinan, South Korea. 2013; Chateau Lafite, Study 5, Bordeaux, France. 2012; Sand Dune, Wooi-do, Shinan, South Korea. 2012; Baby Elephant, Phuket, Thailand. 2011; Moai, Study 50, Ahu Tongariki, Easter Island. 2001; Pont Neuf, Study 3, Paris, France. 2011; Sadakichi‘s Docks, Otaru, Hokkaido, Japan. 2012; and Snow Clad Trees, Heilongjiang, China. 2012.

Publisher: Nazraeli Press

Size: 14 x 18"

13 duotone plates

Michael Kenna Calendar 2015

Michael Kenna

Publisher's Description

Wire-O, 14 x 17 inches, 13 duotone plates.   

Michael Kenna's intimate, exquisitely crafted black-and-white photographs reflect a sense of refinement, respect for history, and thorough originality. We are pleased to present our nineteenth calendar featuring his work. The 2015 Michael Kenna Wall Calendar is printed on an exclusive, uncoated, natural Japanese paper using Daido black ink. It features thirteen photographs: Wanaka Lake Tree, Study 1, Otago, New Zealand. 2013;  Tree in Snowdrift, Wuchang, Heilongjiang, China. 2011; Milford Sound, Study 2, New Zealand. 2013; Yuanyang, Study 3, Yunnan, China. 2013; Thirty Six Birds, Isle of Skye, Scotland. 2005; Late Afternoon Rainbow, Tasmania, Australia. 2013; Seaweed Farms, Study 7, Xiapu, China. 2010; Sandjeika Beach, Odessa, Ukraine. 2013; Night Pagoda, Nindge, Fujian, China. 2010; Harvest Moon, Seattle, Washington, USA. 2013; Maple in Autumn, Kyoto, Honshu, Japan. 2001; Pont des Arts, Study 3, Paris, France. 1987; Snow on Pebbles, Toya Lake, Hokkaido, Japan. 2009.

Silent Landscape SIGNED

Jan Tove

We have signed copies of the first printing only.  A decision has yet to be made on a second printing. Remaining copies have slight imperfections on the cover or in the printing.  We will send you the best copy we have.

Jan Tove's first published work for several years, Silent Landscape represents a significant maturation in his vision.  If, in Riverside, the relatively traditional nature photography of Beyond Order coexisted with work influenced by contemporary American landscape photographers, here they are successfully integrated.  Photographs mostly from Sweden but also from Norway, Denmark and Scotland.  See here for all the spreads from the book.

Michael Kenna 2013 calendar

Michael Kenna

Please note this is the 2013 calendar.

Michael Kenna’s intimate, exquisitely crafted black-and-white photographs reflect a sense of refinement, respect for history, and thorough originality. We are pleased to present our seventeenth calendar featuring his work. The 2013 Michael Kenna Wall Calendar is printed on an exclusive, uncoated, natural Japanese paper using “Daido black” ink. The subject of this year's calendar is France: Homage to Atget, Parc de Sceaux, France. 1988; Intra Muros, St. Malo, France. 1993; Dawn Mist, Mont St. Michel, France. 1994; Fontaine du Palmiere, Study 2, Paris, France. 2007; Sunrise, St. Valery sur Somme, France. 2009; Printemps, Bargeme, France. 2011; Pebbles and Beach House, Cayeaux sur Mer, France. 2009; Tidal Pool and Posts, Berck Plage, France. 2003; La Trappa, Vielle Ville, Nice, France. 1996; Abbey Façade and Star Trails, Hautvillers, France. 2001; Night Shadows, Saint Malo, France. 2000; Ciel d’Orage, Bargème, France. 1996; In-Between, Courances, France. 1997.


Michael Kenna

Available now

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Shinan, an archipelago of 1,004 exquisite and unspoiled islands situated in the South West of Korea, is also known as “The Island of Angels”. Michael Kenna photographed there over a period of two years. The resulting monograph, “Shinan”, is comprised of sixty-two black and white images in which the artist emphasizes suggestion rather than description; sparce and graphic elements evoke a whole world. Elegantly printed with our special Daido black ink and tinted spot varnish on Japanese matte art paper, this first printing of Shinan is limited to 3,000 slipcased copies. A special edition of 250 signed and numbered copies, presented in a custom clamshell box, is also available. “Breathtakingly beautiful” – it sounds like a cliché, but the phrase encapsulates the feeling that echoed in my mind the moment I saw Michael Kenna’s work... It is as if Mother Nature is trying to show off her creation through the medium of these images. – Lee Chuyoung, Curator of National Museum of Contemporary Art, Korea.

Watch a video of Kenna working in Shinan.

Browse Kenna Shinan image archive.  The images are not guaranteed to be the same as the contents of the book.

All copies of the limited edition have been sold.

Period of Juvenile Prosperity, A

Mike Brodie

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Publisher's Description

But I needed to find out for myself. Two weeks later I was gone, witnessing my new world wizz by, especially at dusk, then darkness as I watched the sum of all the city lights cast my silhouette across the pine trees of the Florida panhandle. This was it, I was riding my very first freight train. And soon, what would begin as mere natural curiosity and self-discovery would evolve into a casting call of sorts, taking photographs of my newfound friends.
Mike Brodie

For sample images, see Mike Brodie's website

Publisher: Twin Palms

2nd printing

Size: 11 x 13 Inches

104 Pages, 60 Four-colour Plates

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