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Latest Newsletter and Eamonn Doyle- 26 July 2016

Our latest newsletter has new and forthcoming titles from William Eggleston, Robin Gillanders and Ed van der Elsken, and reduced price titles by Marco Paoluzzo, and a lot more

Dublin street photographer and creator of stunning photobooks, Eamonn Doyle, has been making waves at the Arles Festival, as evidenced in this Guardian article. We still have a small number of copies of his ON and End.


Bill Henson Limited Edition + Signed C Print

Bill Henson

Publisher's Description

Limited edition of 750 copies with a signed 6.5 by 4.5 inch C-Print inside the book.  Lenticular cover

Bill Henson is a visionary explorer of twilight zones, between nature and civilization, youth and adulthood, male and female. His photographs are painterly tableaux that continue the traditions of romantic literature and painting.

Hensons elegant, formal photographs – of battered landscapes and fragile, wispy youths – resemble nothing so much as Flemish still-lifes; rarely has colour photography captured so profoundly the furry texture of night time.
The New Yorker

Publisher: Editions Bessard

340mm x 250mm.


Le College

Florian van Roekel

Shortlisted for the prix du livre d'auteur des Rencontres d'Arles 2016

This photographic work emerged from a residence put in place by Diaphane in Jean Fernel College in Clermont-de-l'Oise. Allowed regular access throughout the academic year, van Roekel captures the 'suspended moments' of adolescence.

Publisher: Coédition Diaphane éditions et Florian van Roekel

Size: 200 x 280 mm

108 pages, 60 photographs in colour

Hand Numbered

Sample images


Seeing Things

Joel Meyerowitz

Publisher's Description

Aimed at children between the ages of nine and twelve, Seeing Things is a wonderful introduction to photography that asks how photographers transform ordinary things into meaningful moments. In this book, acclaimed and beloved photographer Joel Meyerowitz takes readers on a journey through the power and magic of photography: its abilities to freeze time, tell a story, combine several layers into one frame, and record life’s fleeting and beautiful moments. The book features the work of masters such as William Eggleston, Mary Ellen Mark, Helen Levitt, and Walker Evans, among many others. Each picture is accompanied by a short commentary, encouraging readers to look closely and use their imagination to understand key ideas in photography such as light, gesture, composition—and, ultimately, how there is wonder all around us when viewed through the lens.

Publisher: Aperture

Size: 8 1/4 x 11 1/8"

80 pages, 30 black-and-white and four-color images



Aaron Schuman

Publisher's Description

In FOLK, Aaron Schuman’s first monograph, he explores the Ethnographic Museum in Krakow—its collections and exhibits, as well as its own distinct customs and culture—via his own personal history. In one sense, the book focuses specifically on the regional and cultural heritage of Schuman’s forefathers, but equally considers the ways in which this heritage has been collected, preserved, archived, documented and represented via the field of ethnography, and within the Ethnographic Museum in Krakow itself. Bringing together Schuman’s own photographs of the museum’s collection and images from its vast archive, FOLK is an examination of the Ethnographic Museum’s own traditions, history, archives, artifacts and practices over the course of the last century; it represents a story of curiosity, self-discovery and the forging of both history and memory. Personal narrative is interwoven with preservation and documentation, as Schuman wholeheartedly embraces the museum’s stated mission of being a “centre of reflection and understanding, of both ourselves and others.”

Aaron Schuman is an American artist, writer and curator, currently based in the United Kingdom. His photographic work is exhibited and published internationally, and held in a number of public and private collections.

Publisher: N B

28 x 23 cm

80 Pages

Edition of 800


Record No.29

Daido Moriyama

Publisher's Description

Published by Akio Nagasawa Publishing, Daido Moriyama's Record No.29 marks a special dedication towards the life of his fellow photographer and friend Takuma Nakahira. Having passed away in September 2015, Daido Moriyama's 29th issue within his Record series commemorates the work and friendship shared between Moriyama and Nakahira.

"On September 7th I attended the memorial service for Takuma Nakahira that was held at 10:30 at a funeral hall in Hiyoshi. I had been acquainted with Nakahira for more than 50 years since back when we were both around 25. From the days he was an editor for the new-left magazine Gendai no me, and through the years after he started working as a photographer - including the time we put out the 'Provoke' photography fanzine - we were connected through both photography and the face that we both lived in Zushi. now that I reflect on our compnaionship, it is quite a passionate affair between the two young blokes that we were. Throughout my life, Nakahira was a 'one and only' sort of friend, and a rival at the same time. Even though we couldn't have been more different in terms of both charachter and constitution, there was one thing that we both shared, and that one thing obviously tied us soundly together. Nakahira was an exceptionally brilliant minded person whose body of work encompasses large amounts of remarkable photographs and a number of vivid written statements. It appears to me that my awareness of his presence helped me self-reflect on my own work in a rather relative way. Takuma Nakahira was in all cases an amiable man and friend with a naturally unaffected sense of humor, who every no and then displayed a peculiar kind of lightness. Now that he is gone, I do miss him alot."

Publisher: Akio Nagasawa Publishing

Size: 278 x 220 mm

120 pages


African Catwalk

Per-Anders Pettersson

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Publisher's Description

Award winning Swedish photographer Per-Anders Pettersson shows a new and unexpected side of the African continent as he examines the fast growing fashion industry in Africa. This book is the first time the emerging African fashion industry has been documented in exclusive behind the scenes photographs. The series was taken in 15 countries around Africa from 2010 – 2015 and celebrates a new, vibrant, colorful, and unexpected view of the African continent. Pettersson’s images are not only set to challenge stereotypes in African fashion which include animal prints and ethnic designs, but are also meant to confront the »Western gaze,« a media misperception in which Africa is but a war-torn continent rampant with poverty, diseases and ethnic conflicts.

Per-Anders Pettersson (b. 1967) is a Swedish photographer based in 
Cape Town, South Africa. He has covered a wide range of international news events: hunger in Ethiopia, civil wars in the Democratic Republic of Congo, and the HIV / AIDS epidemic in Botswana and South Africa. His pictures won praise and awards: World Press Photo, PDN, POY, NPPA, CARE, CHIPP, Unicef Photo of the Year, American Photography, Commarts. He has exhibited internationally and 2013 published Rainbow Transit, a book about South Africa in democracy.

Authors: Alessia Glaviano, Allana Finley, Simone Cipriani, Stella Jean
Artists: Per-Anders Pettersson

Publisher: Kehrer Verlag

240 x 310 mm

168 pages, 
80 colour illustration


Magic Party Place

CJ Clarke

Publisher's Description

A pale yellow glow in the late night gloom illuminating the near deserted street below, the neon sign of a first floor restaurant: Magic Party Place. This is an apt title for CJ Clarke’s series of intimate encounters documenting contemporary England through the lives and habits of the post industrial town of Basildon, located 25 miles east of London. A new- town, it was built as part of a massive urban renewal program following the devastation of London in the Second World War. As a constructed community, the town is statistically close to the national average, which makes it the perfect paradigm through which to explore the state of the contemporary English nation. This is Middle England territory, the hearts and minds fought over by political parties for electoral success. Ruggedly individualist in spirit, 73 percent of the town’s population label themselves as working class and, in many ways, it epitomizes Thatcher’s England, the legacy she left behind and the continuation of such conservative policies which seek to make us consumers first and citizens second.

CJ Clarke is a filmmaker and photographer who undertakes long term projects about contemporary Britain. His film Mother & Daughter won the inaugural BJP/Canon Open Shutter Award.

Publisher: Kehrer Verlag

Size: 170 x 226 mm

192 pages 
105 duotone illustration


On the Set of James Bond's Spectre

Anderson & Low

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Publisher's Description

The Bristish artist duo Anderson & Low has created a highly original art project based on the brilliant artifice of the spectacular sets from the latest James Bond movie, Spectre. Shooting entirely at Pinewood Studios, UK, the artist duo highlights a head-on collision of fantasy and reality by photographing the sets’ massive scale and extraordinary detail. Allowing the bare soundstage to intrude on the images would normally shatter the illusion of the sets. In this case, however, it has the reverse effect and enhances the sense of illusion, artifice and wonder. Through a poetic and painterly eye, the beautifully designed and magnificently photographed images bring to life these detailed and massive tableaux, creating a poetry and narrative fantasy that mirrors the movie. This book represents a unique study in movie-making and constructed narratives in photography.
Anderson & Low
On the Set of James Bond's Spectre.

Foreword by Sam Mendes, Texts by Scott Bukatman, graphic design by Chee ho Wan.


Publisher: Hatje Cantz

Size: 257 x 326 mm

64 pages, 37 illustrations


Grey Matter(s)

Tom Jacobi

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Publisher's Description

In 2014 the English newspaper The Guardian declared grey as the “colour of the decade”. In his latest publication Tom Jacobi, photographer of our best-seller “Wo Gott wohnt” (2000), reduces “our world to the essential; our blue planet is in reality a grey one. No colour pyrotechnics, no distraction, pure introspection and meditation. It is a miracle,” observes Bryan Adams. From Europe to Africa, from Australia to the Antarctic and from the USA to Patagonia we follow the long-standing Art Director of Stern on his journey to the timeless beauty of nature. Monumental, moving and penetrating into the very heart of things, we encounter landscapes which teach us to gaze in wonder and awe.

Foreword by Bryan Adams

Publisher: Hirmer

Size: 340 x 280 mm

144 pages, 73 illustrations

English-German edition


Western Colors

Bernard Plossu

Publisher's Description

The definitive collection of Bernard Plossu’s iconic colour photographs of the American Southwest.

Bernard Plossu has been called ‘the most American of French photographers’ by his friend and colleague Lewis Baltz. Although he is best known for his work in black and white, often capturing a bohemian world of free-spirited adventure, Plossu has also shot in colour throughout his career.
This book showcases 88 bold and cinematic colour photographs, many of which are previously unpublished, dating from the 1970s and early 80s, when Plossu was resident in the US. Strikingly rendered using the Fresson carbon printing process, these images depict an unmistakably American landscape of motels and rodeos, deserts and highways; a realm that is both rugged and dreamlike, haunted by the mythic imagery of the Old West. They combine to form a memorable and atmospheric collection of work by a supremely talented photographer.

Photographs by Bernard Plossu Essays by Francis Hodgson

Publisher: Thames & Hudson

Size: 220 x 270 mm

With 88 photographs in colour


Sentimental Journey

Nobuyoshi ARAKI

Publisher's Description

45 years after his honeymoon holiday with wife Yoko, the limited reprint of a legendary photo book.

Self-published in 1971, the rare original edition saw a print run of only a thousand copies. Now, the reprint the world has been waiting for has arrived.
Edition includes typographic error on cover, spine and in the introduction text.

Sample images


Size: 245 x 250 mm

108 pages, 108 images
English, Japanese


Struggling for a Humane World

Ed Kashi & Human Rights Watch

Publisher's Description

Human Rights Watch (HRW) has been advocating for human rights for decades. Privately financed and completely independent, several hundred employees are fighting worldwide for the rights of the persecuted, of children, of women and ethnic minorities; for the rights to asylum and freedom of speech. What chances does the struggle against persecution, torture and expulsion have today? How can it be financed? What can governments as well as the individual be doing? What is the future of human rights?

In this timely book HRW Executive Director Kenneth Roth, Zama Coursen-Neff, Executive Director of the children’s division at HRW, and philanthropist and financier George Soros, discuss the work of one of the most important human rights organizations of our time. In an accompanying photo-essay photojournalist Ed Kashi shows the people for whom HRW and others across the world are fighting for.
Co-published with the Institute for Foreign Cultural Relations (ifa), Stuttgart

Photographs by Ed Kashi 
Edited by Ronald Grätz and Hans-Joachim Neubauer

Publisher: Steidl

Size: 154 x 235 mm

192 pages, 80 images

ISBN 978-3-95829-167-6


Hand Jobs: Life as a Hand Model (Collector's Edition)

Oli Kellett and Alex Holder

Publisher's Description

Collector's Edition of Hand Jobs: Life as a Hand Model. Limited to 150 copies. Includes a signed and numbered limited edition print.  

They moisturise 30 times a day. They know 200 different ways to pick up a Lego brick. They can method act with a Ferrero Rocher. They’re the only people who get paid as much for cleaning a toilet as they do for modelling a diamond. These hand models are the stars of the biggest advertising campaigns around but you’ve never seen their faces…until now. Hand Jobs: Life as a Hand Model offers 24 revealing portraits, 24 hilarious quotes and 24 ways to peel a banana.

This is Book 3 in a series that celebrates the best in colourful, modern photography.
Edition numbers allocated from lowest to highest as orders are processed.

Publisher: Hoxton Mini Press,

Size: 179 x 141mm

88 pages


Badly Repaired Cars (Collector's Edition)

Ronni Campana

Publisher's Description

Collector's Edition of Badly Repaired Cars by Ronni Campana, limited to 150 copies. Includes a signed and numbered limited edition print.  
Badly Repaired Cars is a bright, bold and humorous documentation of some of the best (or worst) examples of DIY car repairs. Close up photographs of cars held together by tape, plastic and glue fill each frame and begin to take on the qualities of abstract art. A strip of duct tape across a broken headlight becomes powerfully graphic in form; green plastic hanging from a door divides the frame like a Rothko colour wash.
This is Book 2 in a series that celebrates the best in colourful, modern photography.
Edition numbers allocated from lowest to highest as orders are processed.

Publisher: Hoxton Mini Press


Bubblegum (Collector's Edition)

Emily Stein

Publisher's Description

Collector's Edition of Bubblegum by Emily Stein, limited to 150 copies. Includes a signed and numbered limited edition print.  

Emily Stein's photographs of children blowing bubblegum on beaches around the world are a portrait of the freedom, innocence and joy of youth. The range of facial expressions as the children blow the gum  frustration, excitement, surprise, concentration – tell a story in themselves. 

This is Book 1 in a series that celebrates the best in colourful, modern photography.

Edition numbers allocated from lowest to highest as orders are processed.

Publisher: Hoxton Mini Press


Out of Tibet

Albertina D’Urso

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Publisher's Description

For more than 10 years Albertina D’Urso has followed in the footsteps of Tibetans forced to escape from their homeland, many of whom crossed the Himalayan range by foot, to defend their cultural and religious identity, their traditions and their language from Chinese repression. In Out Of Tibet she has documented their new lives throughout the world – including several areas of India, as well as in Nepal, Taiwan, New York, London, Paris, Zurich, Rome, Brussels, Amsterdam and Toronto.

It is a moving exploration of their culture and traditions in the country where they now live. Portrayed in their homes, during their private moments or at celebrations of Tibetan culture, D’Urso focuses on their emotions and their continued attachment to their homeland. It is as if she is bringing together, visually, the many Tibetans in exile who are displaced all around the world – a unique de facto state with no land. His Holiness the Dalai Lama and Lobsang Sangay (Prime Minister of the Central Tibetan Administration) have contributed forewords to the book and many of the Tibetan exiles contribute their own thoughts and experiences.

Publisher: Dewi Lewis

Size:310 x 245 mm

208 pages, 100 colour photographs


France Atlantique

Marco Paoluzzo

Publisher's Description

The wild beauty of the French Atlantic coast captured in atmospheric images.

With its spectacular forms and lines, France’s Atlantic coast holds a unique, understated beauty. The photographer Marco Paoluzzo has captured austere, almost bleak scenes of sand, cliff and sky. Silhouettes that imply the presence of humans. The sea stretches desert-like from Dunkirk in the far north of France to Biarritz in the south. A lighthouse, a tree, a ship, the spray of the Atlantic – the photographs read like an ancient saga and seem to harbor endless secrets.

Publisher: Benteli Verlag

Size: 250 x 270 mm

158 pages, 112 illustrations

English | German | French



Marco Paoluzzo

Publisher's Description

The photographer Marco Paoluzzo has travelled through Ethiopia six times and on his forays discovered a country full of light and humanity whose beauty is unforgettable. A country in which so many different cultures coexist, that one must really speak of several Ethiopias — a journey through the heart of a country, that although unrecognized and unnoticed, gleams like a black diamond. Title selected by the “German Photo Book Award 2007”.

Publisher: Benteli Verlag

Size: 280 x 240 mm

128 pages, 95 illustrations

German | English | French


America Blues

Marco Paoluzzo

Publisher's Description

The photographer set out four times with a rental car on endless journeys back and forth through the states in order to discover the real America, the country behind the glittering advertisement shots. America Blues presents the photographic distillation of these journeys: Pictures with a strange melancholic atmosphere, a mixture of dream and disappointment, loneliness and cliché.

Publisher: BENTELI Publishers

Size: 220 x 275 mm

96 pages, 81 illustrations

German | English | French


INVERSION(Arles Edition)

Daisuke Yokota

Sorry, out of print.  Please do not place order.



Strangely Familiar

Peter Mitchell

Publisher's Description

Out of print - final copy

The seventh title in our popular “Parr/Nazraeli Series of Ten” is Peter Mitchell’s long-overdue monograph, “Strangely Familiar”. In the 1970s, Mitchell was working as a truck driver in the English city of Leeds, and he photographed the city during his rounds. This work depicts the factories and small shop owners of Leeds, all photographed in a very formal manner with the aid of a stepladder. In 1979, the photographs were shown at Mitchell’s one-person exhibition at Impressions Gallery in York; this was the first landmark color photography exhibition in the UK. The work was later included in the seminal exhibition “How We Are: Photographing Britain” at Tate Britain in 2007. Despite being widely exhibited, collected and written since the 1970s, Peter Mitchell’s photographs of Leeds - where he continues to live and work - have never before been published as a monograph. Our collaboration with Martin Parr changes that, and we are pleased to announce the first edition of this important body of work in book form. “Strangely Familiar” presents 47 color plates, beautifully printed on matt paper and playing off of the artist’s accompanying texts. The book opens with an introduction by Martin Parr.

Mitchell's photos have attracted a lot of media attention in summer 2013: see Independent on Sunday feature and Daily Mail feature.

We are taking orders for unsigned copies only as all signed copies have now been sold.

Publisher: Nazraeli Press

Size: 12 x 13"

68 pages, 47 four-color plates.

Songbook (Signed)

Alec Soth

Signed copies, 2nd printing

Publisher's Description

Known for his haunting portraits of solitary Americans in Sleeping by the Mississippi and Broken Manual, Alec Soth has recently turned his lens toward community life in the country. To aid in his search, Soth assumed the increasingly obsolescent role of community newspaper reporter. From 2012-2014, Soth traveled state by state while working on his self-published newspaper, The LBM Dispatch, as well as on assignment for the New York Times and others. From upstate New York to Silicon Valley, Soth attended hundreds of meetings, dances, festivals and communal gatherings in search of human interaction in an era of virtual social networks.

With Songbook, Soth has stripped these pictures of their news context in order to highlight the longing for connection at their root. Fragmentary, funny and sad, Songbook is a lyrical depiction of the tension between American individualism and the desire to be united.


Sample images

Publisher: Mack Books

Size: 285 cm x 273 mm

144 pages, 75 tritone plates

France (standard edition)

Michael Kenna

Overseas deliveries  Please note that, as this is an extremely heavy item, overseas postage will be charged at three times our standard rates.

SHIPPING OCTOBER 2014. Nazraeli Press is thrilled to announce Michael Kenna’s long-anticipated monograph on France. Kenna first visited France in 1973 and has been photographing there since the early 1980s. He has produced thousands of photographs on subjects such as Mont St Michel, Le Notre’s Gardens, the Calais Lace Factories and Chateau Lafite Rothschild. France encompasses work from these projects and many others. Comprising 275 duotone plates, this gorgeous new book was edited by the artist himself, who selected both well-known and previously unpublished material from his own archive. It coincides with an exhibition of his Paris studies at Le Musée Carnavalet opening October 2014. 

Casebound in burgundy-dyed silk cloth and housed in an elegant gold-stamped black slipcase, France is printed in duotone on matt art paper. The book opens with an introduction in French and English by renowned historian and curator Jean-Claude Lemagny.

Michael Kenna is widely considered to be the most influential landscape photographer of his generation. The subject of some 50 monographs, Kenna’s work is included in the permanent collections of over 100 museums and institutions worldwide, and has been widely exhibited and written about internationally since the mid-1970s. Michael Kenna was presented with the prestigious Chevalier of the Order of Arts and Letters by the French Ministry of Culture in 2000.

A selection of Kenna’s images of France

312 pages, 275 images, 12 by 13 inches

Nazraeli Press

River Winter, The SIGNED

Jem Southam


Publisher's Description

“Winters, like ice ages, are Janus faced, for after the freeze comes thaw and flood, as water is returned to life and movement. Freeze, thaw, flood: the great climatic cycles that created the topography of the northern hemisphere, and which continue to shape the idea of winter that lies deep in our cultural imagination.”
Richard Hamblyn

In November 2010, after a photographic lull of half a year, Jem Southam took a photograph which became the first in this series, The River  Winter and which spurred him to make one of the most concentrated bodies of work in his career. From late autumn through to the earliest signs of spring, along the banks of the river Exe in Devon, Southam chose locations and took photographs, returning at regular intervals. This pattern continued for the next five months with Southam documenting the subtle agencies of change transforming the landscape. By the end of January 2011 he realized this had become a new work, one that caught the effects of the Earth’s turn on film, one which followed the passage of a single winter.

The shift in seasons is presented through a sequence of ten by eight colour contact prints, with which an essay by Richard Hamblyn explores how, since the last ice-age, winter has embedded itself into our cultural psyche.

Jem Southam (b. 1950) is a key figure in British landscape photography, working across twenty-five years. His work is included in many important collections including Rijksmuseum, Museum Folkwang, and the Yale Centre for British Art. He has been the subject of numerous solo shows including Tate St. Ives in 2004 and The Victoria & Albert Museum in 2006.

Publisher: MACK Books

Size: 330 x 277 mm

96 pages, 40 colour plates

Michael Kenna Calendar 2016

Michael Kenna

Publisher's Description

Michael Kenna's intimate, exquisitely crafted black-and-white photographs reflect a sense of refinement, respect for history, and thorough originality. We are pleased to present our twentieth calendar featuring his work. The 2016 Michael Kenna Wall Calendar is printed on an exclusive, uncoated, natural Japanese paper using Daido black ink. It features thirteen photographs: Eloquent Trees, Kussharo Lake, Hokkaido, Japan. 2013; Mountain Snow Storm, Okushunbetsu, Japan. 2013; Two Hundred and Seven Sheep, New Zealand. 2013; The Matterhorn, Pennine Alps, Switzerland. 1994; Eleven Hours, Te Kaha, Eastlands, New Zealand. 2014; Solar Eclipse, Tokyo, Honshu, Japan. 2012; Eighteen Hedges, Versailles, France. 1998; Crumbling Boardwalk, Shiga, Honshu, Japan. 2003; Ten Balloons, Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA. 1993; Early Morning Storm, Calais, France. 1998; Clouds, Fence and Snow, Nakafurano, Japan. 2013; Chateau Lafite Rothschild, Study 27, France. 2012; Snow Covered Forest, Heilongjiang, China. 2012. 

Sample images

Publisher: Nazraeli Press

Size; 430 x 350 mm

13 duotone plates

2014 Michael Kenna Wall Calendar

Michael Kenna

Publisher's Description

Michael Kenna’s intimate, exquisitely crafted black-and-white photographs reflect a sense of refinement, respect for history, and thorough originality. We are pleased to present our eighteenth calendar featuring his work. The 2014 Michael Kenna Wall Calendar is printed on an exclusive, uncoated, natural Japanese paper using “Daido black” ink. It features thirteen photographs: Two Leaning Trees, Kussharo Lake, Hokkaido, Japan. 2013; Yuanyang, Study 1, Yunnan, China. 2013; Alley of Trees, Damyang, Jeollanamdo, South Korea. 2012; Skyline, Shanghai, Study 5, China. 2011; Bamboo and Tree, Qingkou Village, Yunnan, China. 2013; Three Posts and Island, Jangsan-do, Shinan, South Korea. 2013; Chateau Lafite, Study 5, Bordeaux, France. 2012; Sand Dune, Wooi-do, Shinan, South Korea. 2012; Baby Elephant, Phuket, Thailand. 2011; Moai, Study 50, Ahu Tongariki, Easter Island. 2001; Pont Neuf, Study 3, Paris, France. 2011; Sadakichi‘s Docks, Otaru, Hokkaido, Japan. 2012; and Snow Clad Trees, Heilongjiang, China. 2012.

Publisher: Nazraeli Press

Size: 14 x 18"

13 duotone plates

Silent Landscape SIGNED

Jan Tove

We have signed copies of the first printing only.  A decision has yet to be made on a second printing. Remaining copies have slight imperfections on the cover or in the printing.  We will send you the best copy we have.

Jan Tove's first published work for several years, Silent Landscape represents a significant maturation in his vision.  If, in Riverside, the relatively traditional nature photography of Beyond Order coexisted with work influenced by contemporary American landscape photographers, here they are successfully integrated.  Photographs mostly from Sweden but also from Norway, Denmark and Scotland.  See here for all the spreads from the book.

Michael Kenna 2013 calendar

Michael Kenna

Please note this is the 2013 calendar.

Michael Kenna’s intimate, exquisitely crafted black-and-white photographs reflect a sense of refinement, respect for history, and thorough originality. We are pleased to present our seventeenth calendar featuring his work. The 2013 Michael Kenna Wall Calendar is printed on an exclusive, uncoated, natural Japanese paper using “Daido black” ink. The subject of this year's calendar is France: Homage to Atget, Parc de Sceaux, France. 1988; Intra Muros, St. Malo, France. 1993; Dawn Mist, Mont St. Michel, France. 1994; Fontaine du Palmiere, Study 2, Paris, France. 2007; Sunrise, St. Valery sur Somme, France. 2009; Printemps, Bargeme, France. 2011; Pebbles and Beach House, Cayeaux sur Mer, France. 2009; Tidal Pool and Posts, Berck Plage, France. 2003; La Trappa, Vielle Ville, Nice, France. 1996; Abbey Façade and Star Trails, Hautvillers, France. 2001; Night Shadows, Saint Malo, France. 2000; Ciel d’Orage, Bargème, France. 1996; In-Between, Courances, France. 1997.

Silent Respiration of Forests

Takeshi Shikama

Signed Copies

Publisher's Description
'The depth of the forest was filled with an uncanny air For something seemed to be lurking there.'

This series of photographs is an expression of my search for the soul of the deep forests.

One day in early autumn in 2001, just as twilight was setting in, I had lost track of the mountain paths. I happened to wander into a shady forest, where I found myself suddenly seized with a strong desire to take photographs. The following day, I set out once again, carrying my camera with me this time, and searched for the same forest. This experience made me realize that I was not taking photographs of the forest out of my own will, but that the forest was inducing me to take its photographs.

Looking back in retrospect, I have a feeling that this might have all begun with my decision to build a mountain lodge with my own hands. In order to clear a plot of land for constructing a lodge inside a small forest, I had to fell Japanese red pine trees some eighty years old. Although many years have elapsed since then, I still vividly remember the sensation I had as I sat astride the felled down trees, stripping them of their barks. The trees collapsed onto the ground with a huge thud, making my entire body tremble; I looked up and remained motionless for a while, totally overwhelmed by the vastness of the sky. Almost as if stained by the blood rushing from another person's wound, I was covered with splashes of tree sap spurting from the edge of the blade of my hatchet. This made me acutely aware of the living energy of the trees, and I immediately decided to make the most of this power in the lodge I was about to build.

It took me some ten years to finish constructing the lodge. Thirty-six Japanese red pine trees growing in that forest were used for the ground sills, the central pillar and the beams. This probably explains why it is so very cozy and comfortable inside my mountain lodge. While continuously handling wood for building my lodge, I believe that I have come to feel things I could neither see nor hear before. And it could well be that, lured by this strange power, I started to travel all over Japan visiting the depth of forests.

The Silent Respiration of Forests is a collection of photographs which I was able to take, inspired by this power of the forest.

Takeshi Shikama

Publisher: TOSEI-SHA Publishing Co
Size: 270 x 380 mm
64 pages

Publisher's Price: £ 50.00

Period of Juvenile Prosperity, A

Mike Brodie

Overseas deliveries  Please note that, as this is a heavy item, overseas postage will be charged at twice our standard rates.

Publisher's Description

But I needed to find out for myself. Two weeks later I was gone, witnessing my new world wizz by, especially at dusk, then darkness as I watched the sum of all the city lights cast my silhouette across the pine trees of the Florida panhandle. This was it, I was riding my very first freight train. And soon, what would begin as mere natural curiosity and self-discovery would evolve into a casting call of sorts, taking photographs of my newfound friends.
Mike Brodie

For sample images, see Mike Brodie's website

Publisher: Twin Palms

2nd printing

Size: 11 x 13 Inches

104 Pages, 60 Four-colour Plates

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