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Latest newsletter- 16 May 2017

Our latest newsletter, just issued, has new and forthcoming titles by Ron Jude, Marten Lange, Jacob Aue Sobol (all signed); Viviane Sassen, Daido Moriyama, Nobuyoshi Araki plus a new publication on 'The Photobook Phenomenon' and more.


A Perfect Chemistry

Hill and Adamson

Publisher's Description

Pioneering Edinburgh photographers David Octavius Hill (1802–1870) and Robert Adamson (1821–1848) together formed one of the most famous partnerships in the history of photography.

Producing highly skilled photographs just four years after the new medium was announced to the world in 1839, their images of people, buildings and scenes in and around Edinburgh offer a fascinating glimpse into 1840s Scotland. Their much-loved prints of the Newhaven fisherfolk are among the first images of social documentary photography.

The author, Anne M. Lyden, International Photography Curator at the National Galleries of Scotland, discusses the dynamic dispute that brought these two men together and reveals their perfect chemistry as the first professional partnership in Scottish photography.

Publisher: National Galleries of Scotland

Size: 205 x 250 mm

120 pages, 110 illustrations


Girl on Girl: Art and Photography in the Age of the Female Gaze

Charlotte Jansen

Publisher's Description

A new generation of female artists is emerging who have grown up in a culture saturated with social media and selfies.

This book looks at how young women are using photography and the internet to explore issues of self-image and female identity, and the impact this is having on contemporary art.

Forty artists are featured, all of whose principal subject matter is either themselves or other women. Each is accompanied by a short profile based on personal interviews with the author, giving a fascinating insight into this exciting shift in female creativity.

Publisher: Lawrence King

Size: 244 x 199 mm

192 pages, 300 illustrations


The Travellers

Birte Kaufmann

Publisher's Description

In Ireland, around 25,000 people still live in temporary settlements in the style of itinerant workers far removed from the amenities of Western civilisation. Moving from place to place in mobile homes without electricity and running water, the largest Catholic minority of the country is almost considered illegal, often maligned and faced with prejudices. Strangely out of step with 21st century lifestyle, they stick to their seemingly outdated traditions while also trying to find a new identity that fits in with modern society. Even in the present day, this ambiguity continues to define life for traveller community, whose livelihood depends on horse breeding and hunting and who keep their own language alive as part of their culture.

In 2011, the photographer Birte Kaufmann cautiously began to make contact with the travelling community, earning their trust and on some occasions living with them. For her portrayal of this unknown world, she needed to be in close contact with the families in order to capture their particular character and to avoid the usual stereotypes. Without a doubt, Birte Kaufmann’s combination of reportage and documentary photography hits the right note and offers impressive insights into an extraordinary world.

Publisher: Verlag Kettler

Size: 205 × 250 mm

144 pages


Under Vancouver 1972–1982

Greg Girard

Publisher's Description

"When I started making these photographs, especially the pictures of people in the mid-1970s, I felt like I was photographing a world nobody knew anything about, apart from the people living it, of course. I was something of an interloper, but my youth protected me. It’s curious to consider these pictures now, practically unseen since they were made, in terms of a Vancouver they might have some potential to invent." - Greg Girard

Greg Girard’s photographs of Vancouver from the 1970s and early 1980s show us the city’s final days as a port town at the end of the railway line. Soon after Vancouver began to be noticed by the wider world (Expo 86 is generally agreed on as the pivotal moment), the city began refashioning itself as an urban resort on nature’s doorstep and attracting attention as a destination for real estate investment. At that time, long before post-9/11 security concerns sealed off the working waterfront from the city, many of Vancouver’s downtown and east side streets ended at the waterfront, an area filled with commercial fishing docks, cargo terminals, and bars and cafés for waterfront workers and sailors. Pawn-shop windows downtown displayed outboard motors, chainsaws and fishing gear. Wandering these streets, living in cheap hotels, Girard photographed the workaday (and night) world of the city where he grew up.

The photographs in Under Vancouver 1972–1982 were made before Girard began earning a living as a magazine photographer, later establishing a formal practice as an artist. They reveal an early interest in the hidden and the overlooked, the use of colour film at night, and the extended photographic inquiry of a specific place, all of which became signature features of later books such as City of Darkness and City of Darkness Revisited (about the infamous Kowloon Walled City), Phantom Shanghai and Hanoi Calling.

Under Vancouver 1972–1982 is the first comprehensive collection of Girard’s early photographs of Vancouver. Made in and of the moment, a young photographer’s earliest engagements (often featuring the underside of the city), the pictures now form an unintended photographic record of a Vancouver that has all but disappeared.

Publisher: Magenta

Size: 7" × 9.75"

184 pages, 90 colour and black & white photographs


Alex and Me

James Pfaff

Publisher's Description

James Pfaff’s work deals with the documentation and reconstruction of his own life and universe. Drawing on his photographic archive and personal journals, his expression is primarily through the medium of photography. He often later combines his images with the abstract form, paint, collage, and the written word in contemporary response. The series ‘Alex & Me’ (1998) – in which the narrative of an American road trip undertaken by Pfaff together with a woman poetically plays out – can be considered as a point of departure. He writes: “The summer of ’98 was slipping away as we made our way south. Asphalt and neon. Black coffee, cigarettes. Night-scented Louisiana.”

Publisher: Danilo Montanari

Size: 170 x 220 mm

98 pages, 63 illustrations, 24 in colour 


American Photography 32

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Publisher's Description

With a determined eagerness, the photographers in American Photography 32 found and covered stories that made headlines, dominated news cycles and uncovered stories often overlooked in 2016. Stirring photos of Syria refugees prevailed, shot by Paula Bronstein, Yuri Kozyrev, Paolo Pellegrin and Sergey Ponomarev. The immigrant’s plight was also captured and brought to the streets of New York by artist JR for a New York Times Magazine cover feature. The run-up to the presidential primaries brought new and familiar faces from both parties in revealing portraits by Nate Gowdy, Aristide Economopolous and Mark Peterson. The continuing trouble America faces with countless black men being shot by police was addressed by Andrew Burton in Baltimore, along with an uplifting look at New Orleans ten years after Hurricane Katrina, in series by Daymond Gardner and Alec Soth.

Size: 240 x 310 mm

400 pages, 319 colour illustrations


Two Blue Buckets

Peter Fraser

Publisher's Description

This book means a lot to me – because of the pictures, because of the special personality that Peter Fraser is for me and because of the circumstances that led to this publication.

In the 1970s, Peter Fraser studied photography at the Manchester Polytechnic in England, and began to work in colour early. The first exhibition with his colour photographs dates back to the year 1982. At the same time, other British photographers began photographing in colour, including Martin Parr, Paul Graham, and Peter Mitchell, who, although they were pushing the boundaries of the medium, always followed a documentary approach. Not Peter Fraser’s cup of tea. But it took a two-month visit to William Eggleston in Memphis to give him certainty and the confidence to be a colour photographer and cut his own path.

That’s what he did. From 1983 to 1987 he photographed the series ›Twelve Day Journey‹, ›The Valleys Project‹, ›Everyday Icons‹ and ›Towards an Absolute Zero‹. They were exhibited and led to the publication of the original version of the book ›Two Blue Buckets‹ in 1988.

Freed from the feeling of having to make a defined statement with pictures, convinced by the idea that there is no hierarchical order between great and small things and inspired by the thought that our unconscious mind can apprehend much more than our everyday consciousness, he could photograph everything – and did it. A pile of stones, a cut flower in a bottle, a red suitcase in the luggage rack, cows on the meadow, a biscuit box, a light bulb, or just two blue buckets. Certainly the pictures are also very, very good in formal and technical respects, especially with regard to the handling of colour. But that is not the point. The intensity of the dialogue is decisive. Here are the things that are simply there, on the other hand the photographer, who asks beyond the practical use and value of things: Why?. Why are you here right now, why do you look like you look, and what does that have to do with me and the rest of the universe?

In ›The Valleys Project‹ we also see how much his personal history was informing his perception and this dialogue. The motifs are also everyday here: a staircase, balloons, a car, and they glow with pain, distress and also excitement.

To deal with this work again after 30 years was a great and highly emotional experience for everybody involved. Alan Ward, the designer of the first edition 30 years ago, also took care for the ›Director´s Cut‹ of ›Two Blue Buckets‹ in a very thoughtful way. Gerry Badger, who has written frequently about Peter Fraser’s work before, has contributed a new essay and David Campany sat down with Peter Fraser for a conversation that is also included in this magnificent new book.

Text by Gerry Badger

Conversation with David Campany

Publisher: Peperoni Books

Size: 285 x 285 mm

88 pages, 47 colour images


Nothing's in Vain (Signed)

Emmanuelle Andrianjafy

Publisher's Description

In 2011 Emmanuelle Andrianjafy arrived in the port city of Dakar, situated on the westernmost African coast, overlooking the Atlantic Ocean. Nothing’s in Vain is Adrianjafy’s response to the experience of uprooting to the Senegalese capital, a city as vibrant as it is disorientating. Embracing the chaos of an unfamiliar world, the artist takes us on an exploratory journey through a metropolis in constant flux between construction and deconstruction. The sequence of images careens between street scenes, portraits, landscapes, and close-up details, recreating her fluctuating experience of the multiple faces of the city.

Nothing’s in Vain is the winner of the MACK First Book Award 2017. The First Book Award 2017 is published with support from Wilson Centre for Photography, Kraszna-Krausz Foundation and optimal media.

British Journal of Photography Awards - Winner of the First Book Award 2017

Publisher: Mack

Size: 212 x 280 mm

112 pages, 54 colour plates, 20 duotone plates


Photobook Phenonemon

Publisher's Description

Photobooks have become increasingly popular in recent years and occupy a central place in contemporary photography. Nowadays, more photobooks are produced, bought and sold, swapped and collected than ever before. Independent publishing

and the self-publishing of books and fanzines have become a phenomenon that has had a considerable impact on both the publishing industry and the art world, and there is an evident return to the printed object, even though we are at the height of the digital era. Many artists have found this format to be not only a good tool for showing their work, but also the perfect place for experimentation and creativity. In addition, there is a growing interest in reinterpreting the history of photography through the role of the photobook and printed photographs.

1. Photobook Phenomenon - Moritz Neumuller and Lesley A.Martin

2. Reading New York. A PhotoBookStudy on William Klein's “Life is Good & Good for You in New York” - Marcus Schaden and Frederic Lezmi

3. The Collector’s Vision - Martin Parr’s Best Photobooks

4. The Library Is The Museum - Horacio Fernandez

5. Five Aspects of Japanese Photobooks - Ryuichi Kaneko

6. Propaganda books versus protest books - Gerry Badger

7. Fascinations and Failures - Erik Kessels

8. Contemporary Practices - Irene de Mendoza and  Moritz Neumuller

Publication date: 2017
Pages: 112
Dimensions: 24 × 30 cm.
Edition: CCCB, Fundació Foto Colectania, RM Editores



The Mechanism

Mårten Lange

Publisher's Description

The Mechanism is a melancholic series of black-and-white photographs that form a sci-fi story about contemporary life. Bringing together images made in multiple cities, the work deals with themes of technology, surveillance and urban society. Lange attempts to trace the effects of technological developments on human experiences, using architectural tropes to build a narrative loaded with the threats and promises of the future. Cutting back and forth between close-up views and cityscapes, The Mechanism offers a filmic sequence of photographs that is at once affective and estranging.

Mårten Lange (b. 1984, Gothenburg, Sweden) studied photography at the University of Gothenburg in Sweden and the University for the Creative Arts in Farnham, United Kingdom. His books include Citizen (Études Books, 2015) and Another Language (MACK, 2012), as well as a number of self-published books including Chicxulub (2016) and Machina (2014; 2007), among others.

Publisher: Mack

Size: 220 x 280 mm

96 pages, 56 tritone plates



Ron Jude

Publisher's Description

Nausea—taken from the title of Sartre’s 1938 existential novel—is a body of photographs that registers the interiors of public schools in Baton Rouge, Louisiana and Atlanta, Georgia from 1990-92 by American photographer Ron Jude. Departing from mere documentation, however, Jude lures us into peering through windows, doorways and crevices of walls into empty classrooms and corridors, as we become increasingly conscious of the perils of our own gaze. Rousing, rather than abating, the uncertainty of looking, Nausea established the building blocks for the next twenty-five years of Jude’s photographic output, including Other Nature, Alpine Star, Lick Creek Line and Lago.

At the heart of Nausea lies the premise that philosophical inquiry might be filtered and consumed through photographs, just as it is filtered through Sartre’s work of literary fiction. Taking as his subject the banality of institutional learning, the monotonous spaces and objects captured in Nausea serve as a platform for exploring the nexus between the narrative limitations of photography and consciousness. Employing a distinctive visual language, marked by an acute sense of colour, radical framing and shallow focus, Jude created a world both familiar and uncanny, imbued with a pervasive sense of unease.

To mark the 25th anniversary of the inaugural exhibition of Nausea in 1992 at The Photographers’ Gallery in London, Jude has made an entirely new edit of this work. Many of the photographs in this volume have never before been published or exhibited.

Publisher: Mack

Size: 220 x 260 mm

92 pages


World Press Photo 2017

Publisher's Description

Publishing the results of the most recent annual World Press Photo Contest, this exceptional book contains the very best press photographs from the year 2016 – pictures submitted by photojournalists, picture agencies, newspapers and magazines throughout the world. Selected from thousands of images, these prizewinning photos capture the most powerful, moving and sometimes disturbing images of the year.

Publisher: Thames and Hudson

Size: 150 x 210 mm

240 pages



Fortællinger / Stories (Signed)

Jacob Aue Sobol

Publisher's Description

Featuring 22 photographs from the series: Sabine (2000-2002), I, Tokyo (2006-2008), Bangkok Encounter (2007-2008) and Home (2009-2001) by Jacob Aue Sobol

All catalogues are signed by Jacob Aue Sobol

The catalogue is published in conjunction with the exhibition Fortællinger / Stories

Publisher: Kolofon / Colophone

Size: 180 x 120 mm

48 pages

Signed copy


Magnum Manifesto

Edited by Clément Chéroux in collaboration with Clara Bouveresse

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Publisher's Description

In this landmark photography publication and accompanying exhibition, Clément Chéroux demonstrates how Magnum Photos owes its pre-eminence to the ability of its photographers to encompass and navigate the points between photography as art object and photography as documentary evidence. A Magnum photograph can be expressive and bear witness at the same time.

Magnum Manifesto is organized into three main parts:

  • Part 1 (1947–1968) views the Magnum archive through a humanist lens, focusing on post-war ideals of commonality and utopianism. 
  • Part 2 (1969–1989) shows a world fragmenting, with a focus on subcultures, minorities and outsiders. 
  • Part 3 (1990–present day) charts the ways in which Magnum photographers have captured – and continue to capture – a world in flux and under threat.

Featuring both group and individual projects, the book includes contact sheets, notebooks, magazine spreads and other previously unseen material to accompany the photographs. Complete with extensive texts by Clément Chéroux and photographic historian Clara Bouveresse, 'Magnum Manifesto' is an essential purchase for anyone seeking to understand the very best in photography.

Publisher: Thames & Hudson

Size: 295 x 245 mm

416 pages, 400 illustrations


This Land: An American Portrait

Jack Spencer

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Publisher's Description

Created across thirteen years, forty-eight states, and eighty thousand miles, this startlingly fresh photographic portrait of the American landscape shares artistic affinities with the works of such American masters as Edward Hopper, Grant Wood, Mark Rothko, and Albert Bierstadt.

Publisher: University of Texas Press

Size: 13 x 11"

284 pages, 142 color photos


Slant Rhymes

Alex Webb and Rebecca Norris Webb

Publisher's Description

Slant Rhymes is a conversation between two world renowned photographers, Magnum photographer Alex Webb and poet and photographer Rebecca Norris Webb. Selected from photographs taken during the Webbs’ nearly 30-year friendship and later marriage and creative partnership, this group of 80 photographs are paired—one of Alex’s, one of Rebecca’s—to create a series of visual rhymes that talk to one another—often at a “slant” and in intriguing and revealing ways.

“Sometimes we find our photographic slant rhymes share a similar palette or tone or geometry. Other times, our paired photographs strike a similar note—often a penchant for surreal or surprising or enigmatic moments—although often in two different keys.” Alex Webb

Made in some fifteen countries, these photographs—many of which have never before been published—are interwoven with short text pieces written by the Webbs while they were working together and apart. Taken together, the work forms a kind of unfinished love poem, told at a slant.

Publisher: La Fabrica

104 pages


A Wild Life: A Visual Biography of Photographer Michael Nichols

Melissa Harris (Photographs by Michael Nichols)

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Publisher's Description

“Menaced by lizards in Indonesia, cuffed by a gorilla in Africa, stung by poisonous caterpillars in the world’s deepest cave”—so ran the lead to a 1985 article describing Michael “Nick” Nichols.

A Wild Life is Michael “Nick” Nichols’s story, told with passion and insight by author and photo-editor Melissa Harris. Nichols’ story combines a life of adventure, with a conviction about how we can redeem the human race by protecting our wildlife. The book’s two central characters are the photographer—who journeys from the American South, via the photographers’ co-operative Magnum, to becoming lead wildlife photographer of National Geographic magazine—and the author, who travels with the photographer on assignment in Africa, to gain intimate and deep insight into her subject. Harris’s story also draws on meetings with some of the world’s leading eco-scientists—including legendary primatologist, Jane Goodall.

Publisher: Aperture

Size: 7 1/2 x 10"

350 pages, 150 four-color and black-and-white image



Elger Esser

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Publisher's Description

Reaching a new pinnacle of his signature composition and coloring in his most recent Orient series, Elger Esser presents landscapes—beaches, wetlands, riverbeds, and valleys—in Lebanon, Egypt, and Israel.

Publisher: Schirmer/Mosel

Size: 320 x 280 mm

180 pages, 100 colour and duotone plates

English/German edition


Roxane II

Viviane Sassen

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Publisher's Description

In Roxane II, Viviane Sassen and her muse Roxane continue writing their shared visual journal. The dynamic gallery of poses and moods touches notes at times sensual, at times tender. Images are equally about the performances in front of and behind the camera: Sassen’s presence is perceived through her shadow and made tangible by scraps of paper that bear the imprint of her breasts. This is a mutual portrait, an exchange in which the artist’s and model’s individualities blur, leaving traces on each other.

As Maria Barnas writes in the poem introducing the images: “When I take a glance at our selves I hold my breath and see us expand in colours and clouds bursting from a mouth. Are they yours or mine?”

Edition of 1000

Publisher: Oodee

Size: 330 x 245 mm

152 pages, 114 photographs

Photographs by Viviane Sassen
Poem by Maria Barnas


The Gold Projections

Joe Ramirez

Publisher's Description

Joe Ramirez is a visual poet, synthetizing painting and film in a new language: The Gold Projections. Using a technique, which he has since patented, Ramirez projects films onto a circular, slightly convex, wooden panel, which he has gilded by hand in an elaborate process, leaf by leaf and layer by layer. This creates a unique projection surface, which determines the form of the projected images. In this debut artist book, an entire lifetime of dreaming in light is condensed to display a process unique to the California-born artist, whom Wim Wenders considers "a 21st century Renaissance artist". From furniture designer, to monastic fresco painter and inventor-filmmaker, Joe Ramirez unites worlds that are only apparently disjointed. Personally building exquisite, water-guilded surfaces receiving Goyaesque moving images from state-of-the-art projectors, Ramirez is a master in creating a suspension of time evocative of Andrei Tarkovsky.

The book includes pictures of paintings, round silverpoints, water-guilded panels and stills from The Gold Projections, which speak the timeless language of dreams and memories. At the heart of the book is Joe Ramirez’s latest film painting Somnium (Latin: "dream"), based on Johannes Kepler’s 1608 novella of the same name, which describes the author’s dream journey to the moon.

Publisher: Kehrer

Size: 200 x 240 mm

200 pages, 110 color illustrations




Masahisa Fukase

In stock - new edition from Mack of this photobook classic (publication May 2017).

Masahisa Fukase’s Ravens (sometimes The Solitude of Ravens) was voted the best book of the last 25 years by the BJP’s panel of experts in 2010. As the last edition was published in 2008 and went quickly out of print, many photobook enthusiasts will not have seen a copy. Mack are publishing a bilingual facsimile of the first hardback edition, accompanied by a booklet positioning it in the history of Japanese photography and Fukase’s work. The coastal landscapes of Hokkaido serve as the backdrop for his profoundly dark and impressionistic photographs of flocks of crows. The work has been interpreted as an ominous allegory for postwar Japan. As they were made in the immediate aftermath of Fukase’s separation from his wife, who had been a central subject of his earlier photography, they can also be seen as foreshadowing his subsequent emotional and metal decline.

Sample images

Publisher's Description

Consistently proclaimed as one of the most important photobooks in the history of the medium, Solitude of Ravens by Japanese photographer Masahisa Fukase was first published in 1984 and the two subsequent editions have both been short runs and have sold out immediately. This bilingual facsimile of the first hardback edition is accompanied by a booklet positioning the body of work in the history of Japanese photography and Fukase’s oeuvre. 

Fukase’s haunting series of work was made between 1975 and 1982 in the aftermath of a divorce and was apparently triggered by a mournful train journey to his hometown. The coastal landscapes of Hokkaido serve as the backdrop for his profoundly dark and impressionistic photographs of ominous flocks of crows. The work has been interpreted as an ominous allegory for postwar Japan. 

Masahisa Fukase (b. 1934, Hokkaido; d. 2012) graduated from the Nihon University College of Art’s Photography Department in 1956. Fukase became a freelance photographer in 1968 after working at the Nippon Design Center and Kawade Shobo Shinsha Publishers. His major books include Yugi [Homo Ludence] (Chuokoronsha, 1971); Yoko (Asahi Sonorama, 1978), and Karasu [Ravens] (Sokyusha, 1986). Countless solo exhibitions have been dedicated to Fukase’s work, and his photographs have been included in group exhibitions at the MoMA, NY; Oxford Museum of Art; Fondation Cartier pour l’Art Contemporain, Paris; V&A, London. Fukase also won numerous prizes, including the 2nd Ina Nobuo Award in 1976 for his exhibition “Karasu” and the Special Award at the 8th Higashikawa Photography Awards in 1992. Fukase tragically fell down a set of stairs in 1992 and suffered a traumatic brain injury from which he never recovered. He passed away in 2012.

Sample images

136 pages
80 black & white plates
26.3 cm x 26.3 cm

Publication date: May 2017

Pictures From Home

Larry Sultan

Larry Sultan was responsible for two very influential photographic books. The first, Evidence, was created in collaboration with Mike Mandel. The second, Pictures from Home, was published in 1992 and there have been no more editions since then. Mack’s new edition offers a new edit and includes previously unpublished images. It is built around images created in a series of visits to his parents’ home in the 1980s but these are combined with film stills from home movies, fragments of conversation, Sultan’s own writings and other memorabilia. It has been especially influential in its melding of documentary and staged elements.

Sample image

Publisher's Description

First published in 1992 to wide critical acclaim, Pictures From Home is Larry Sultan’s pendant to his parents. Sultan returned home to Southern California periodically in the 1980s and the decade-long sequence he presents moves between registers, combining contemporary photographs with film stills from home movies, fragments of conversation, Sultan’s own writings and other memorabilia. The result is a narrative collage in which the boundary between the documentary and the staged becomes increasingly porous.

“What drives me to continue this work is difficult to name,” wrote Sultan. “It has more to do with love than with sociology. With being a subject in the drama rather than a witness. And in the odd and jumbled process of working, everything shifts: the boundaries blur, my distance slips, the arrogance and illusion of immunity falters. I wake up in the middle of the night, stunned and anguished. These are my parents. From that simple fact, everything follows.”

This new edition – the first released since 1992 – offers a new edit of Sultan’s work and includes previously unpublished images.

Publisher: Mack Books

Size: 230 x 270 mm

196 pages, 140 colour plates

The Yellow River

Zhang Kechun

Publisher's Description

"Carrying out this photograph project is because of the inspiration after reading the novel River of the North written by Zhang Chengzhi. Attracted by the powerful words in this novel, I decided to take a walk along the Yellow River to experience and feel the father-like broad and wide brought from this river, so that I could find the root of my soul .while along the way, the river from my mind was inundated by the stream of reality. The river, which once was full of legends, had gone and disappeared. That is kind of my profound pessimism. Nevertheless, as a vast country with a long history, its future is always bright. There is a descent in the matrix; there is her own nutrition to feed her babies; there is the power of creation to cultivate them strongly. The weak moaning finally will be drowned by the shout for joy. From this point of view, it seems, all shall be optimistic."

 - STATEMENT by Zhang Kechun

Published by Jiazahi Press

Size: 250 x 250 mm

120 pages, 55 color pictures

Second printing 2017

Think of Scotland (Signed)

Martin Parr

Publishing Sept 2017 - taking advance orders

Publisher's Description

For over 25 years Martin Parr has been taking photographs in Scotland. From the streets of Glasgow, to an island agricultural show in Orkney, Parr has built a huge archive of photographs. Now for the first time these images are to be published in this upcoming book to co-incide with his Think of Scotland exhibition at the newly opened Aberdeen Art Gallery. This body of work is Parr’s largest archive that has remained unpublished and weaves together some of the expected visual iconography of Scotland such as highland games and stunning landscapes, but all given the Parr twist that makes the expected look so unfamiliar.

Publisher: Damiani

Tokyo (Signed)

Gerry Johansson

Publisher's Description

“In the stately ways of our shining capital the dwellings of high and low raise their roofs in rivalry as in the beginning… how often does the mansion of one age turn into the cottages of the next.” 
Kamo no Chomei

Tokyo is a visual journey through a city at once futuristic and obsolete, its visionary design worn out – like that of a past era. Johanasson uses photography to index the city, finding form and pragmatic order through accumulation and sequence, revealing the city's hidden, modular logic: lego-like segments, a basic square unit repeated indefinitely and in various sizes. These images are unpeopled, showing only the architecture of the city, a container of 13 million people, organised around mass movement and the funnelling of human traffic. Between the concrete, glass and steel, the occasional green life sprouts – miniature gardens in the narrow alleyways, or a cluster of flower pots lining the sidewalk. The architecture creates its own topography, and the city is glimpsed as the last outpost of a fading, mechanised world

Sample images

Publisher: only photography

240 x 300 mm

160 pages, 
101 black & white plates


Richard Mosse

Sold out of signed copies, sorry!

In Infra and The Enclave, Irish photographer Richard Mosse used innovative techniques to depict the ongoing conflict in the Democratic Republic of Congo. This resulted in his being awarded the Deutsche Borse Photography Prize at the age of only 34. Now he has created a major video work on the subject of migration.

Publisher's Description

The major humanitarian and political issue of our time is migration and with his latest video work, Irish artist Richard Mosse has created a searing, haunting and unique artwork. Projected across three 8 meter wide screens, the film is accompanied by a loud dissonant soundtrack to create an overwhelming, immersive experience. Moving from footage of a live battle inside Syria, in which a US aircraft strafes Daesh positions on the ground, to a scene showing pathologists extracting DNA from the bones of unidentified corpses of refugees drowned off the Aegean island of Leros, the film opens a testimonial space of historical document – bearing witness to significant chapters in recent events – mediated through an advanced weapons-grade camera technology. Narratives of the journeys made by refugees and migrants across the Middle East, North Africa, and Europe, are captured using an extremely powerful thermal camera not generally available to the public. This super-telephoto military camera can perceive the human body beyond 50km day or night, reading the biological trace of human life. The camera translates the world into a heat signature of apparent temperature difference, producing a dazzling monochrome halo-image which alludes literally and metaphorically to hypothermia, climate change, weapons targeting, border surveillance, xenophobia, and the ‘bare life’ of stateless people.

The book version recreates the immersive nature of the film, combining still images from the entire sequence over nearly 600 pages to represent the harsh and compelling narrative in a full bleed layout.

Incoming was made in collaboration with cinematographer Trevor Tweeten and composer Ben Frost and was co-commissioned by Barbican Gallery and National Gallery of Victoria, Melbourne. The book is published alongside an installation of Mosse’s 3-screen video work in the Curve Gallery of the Barbican Art Gallery. 

Richard Mosse was born in 1980 in Ireland. He earned an MFA in Photography from Yale University, a PG Dip in Fine Art from Goldsmiths, London, an MRes in Cultural Studies from the London Consortium, and a first class BA in English Literature from King’s College London. Mosse represented Ireland at the 55th Venice Biennale with The Enclave, for which he was awarded the Deutsche Borse Photography Prize (2014). He is also a recipient of a Guggenheim Fellowship, a Leonore Annenberg Fellowship, the B3 Award from the Frankfurt Biennale, Yale’s Poynter Fellowship in Journalism, an ECAS Commission, a Pulitzer Center on Crisis Reporting publication grant, the Perspective Award, a Visual Arts Bursary from the Irish Arts Council, a Culture Ireland facilitation grant, the Künstlerhaus Bethanien Residency, and a residency at the International Artists Workshop in Ramallah. A body of works related to the video piece and titled Heat Maps has been shortlisted for the 2017 Prix Pictet. Mosse has exhibited widely. The list of museums that have shown his work include Louisiana Museum of Contemporary Art, the Nasher Museum, MIT, MCA, MoCP, Montreal Museum of Fine arts, Irish Museum of Modern Art, Portland Art Museum, Kunsthalle Munich, Nelson Atkins Museum of Art, Palazzo Strozzi, Reykjavik Art Museum, Bass Museum, the Kemper, FOAM, the Photographers Gallery, Akademie der Künst Berlin, National Gallery of Victoria, and the University of New South Wales. He lives in New York City.

OTA-bound paperback with metallic silkscreen cover image and black painted edges.

Metallic tritone printing throughout.

Texts by Giorgio Agamben and Richard Mosse.

576 pages, 280 tritone plates

17.5 cm x 19.7 cm             


Jungjin Lee

Publisher's Description

The photographs in this book were made by Jungjin Lee in the Everglades for the Norton Museum of Art’s exhibition “Imaging Eden”. Bringing her unique meditative approach to this subject, Lee captured a sense of stillness in the constantly moving landscape – one inhabited by endangered species like the manatee, the American crocodile, and the elusive Florida panther. Her photography is imbued with elemental vastness and wonder. Using a multilayered process that integrates elements of painting, Lee’s photographs exude a materiality not often found in photography.

The Florida Everglades is one of the most extensive and complex wetlands on our planet. It has been declared an International Biosphere Reserve, a World Heritage Site, and a Wetland of International Importance. It is the third-largest national park in the lower 48 states

Beautifully printed on lush uncoated Japanese paper, Everglades is limited to 2,000 copies presented in a green cloth slipcase; both book and slipcase were designed by the artist herself. Jungjin Lee’s photography is imbued with elemental vastness and wonder. A former assistant of Robert Frank, she creates large scale landscapes employing a unique interplay between image and material. Jungjin Lee was born in South Korea in 1961. Her photographs have been widely published and exhibited internationally, and are housed in many important collections, including those of the Metropolitan Museum of Art; Whitney Museum of American Art; FNAC, Paris; the LA Museum of Art; and Houston Museum of Fine Art.

Sample images

Publisher: Nazraeli Press

Size: 7.5 x 15"

52 pages, 25 duotone plates

Sverige signed

Gerry Johansson

Photographs from Sweden between 1988 and 2005

Publisher: Johansson & Jansson

Size: 240 x 170 mm

320 pages, 176 photographs

Scattered Waters

Thomas Joshua Cooper

Thomas Joshua Cooper is one of the most celebrated and distinctive landscape photographers working anywhere in the world today. The capturing of any one image can involve months of preparation and arduous travel as each location is tracked down and then photographed with a weighty wooden field camera from 1898.

Cooper’s travels have taken him from pole to pole, old world to new, but always between journeys he returns to his studio and dark room in Glasgow. Scotland is his home and, for the last 32 years, he has worked on a parallel project to his wider travels, chronicling his adopted land through the rivers that help to define its identity. Scattered Waters: Sources Streams Rivers is Cooper’s love letter to Scotland and presents some of the most beautiful and unexpected photographs that he has ever made.

This beautiful 96-page hardback book, with 47 illustrations and essay by Bella Bathurst, was published to accompany the major solo exhibition  Scattered Waters: Sources Streams Rivers at Ingleby Gallery which took place from 11 October – 29 November 2014.

Signed copies

Artist's video intro to Scattered Waters

hardback book, published by Ingleby Gallery (2014)
96 pages; 28 x 22 x 1.7 cm

Recommended retail price £30


Nancy Rexroth

Publisher's Description

In the early 1970s, Nancy Rexroth began photographing the rural landscapes, children, white frame houses, and domestic interiors of southeastern Ohio with a plastic toy camera called the Diana. Working with the camera’s properties of soft focus and vignetting, and further manipulating the photographs by deliberately blurring or sometimes overlaying them, Rexroth created dreamlike, poetic images of “my own private landscape, a state of mind.” She called this state IOWA because the photographs seemed to reference her childhood summer visits to relatives in Iowa. Rexroth self-published her evocative images in 1977 in the book IOWA, and the photographic community responded immediately and strongly to the work. Aperture published a portfolio of IOWA images in a special issue, The Snapshot, alongside the work of Robert Frank, Garry Winogrand, Lee Friedlander, and Emmet Gowin. The International Center for Photography, the Corcoran Gallery of Art, and the Smithsonian Institution included IOWA images in group exhibitions.

Forty years after its original publication, IOWA has become a classic of fine art photography, a renowned demonstration of Rexroth’s ability to fashion a world of surprising aesthetic possibilities using a simple, low-tech dollar camera. Long out of print and highly prized by photographers and photobook collectors, IOWA is now available in a hardcover edition that includes twenty-two previously unpublished images. Accompanying the photographs are a new foreword by Magnum photographer and book maker Alec Soth and an essay by internationally acclaimed curator Anne Wilkes Tucker, who affirms the continuing power and importance of IOWA within the photobook genre. New postscripts by Nancy Rexroth and Mark L. Power, who wrote the essay in the first edition, complete the volume.

Sample images

Publisher: Texas University Press

Size: 10 x 10"

168 pages, 77 black & white photographs

Foreword by Alec Soth; essay by Anne Wilkes Tucker,; essay and postscript by Mark L. Power

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