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Latest Newsletter & new Nazraeli series- 15 January 2018

Our first newsletter of 2018 has new and forthcoming titles from Jungjin Lee, Tish Murtha, Gunnar Smoliansky, Gerry Johansson, Ekaterina Vasilyeva, Rineke Dijkstra, Julia de Cooker on Svalbard and more.

Nazraeli's One Picture Book Series Two. The first four titles will be released in March 2018 by Michael Kenna, Tony Mendoza, Betty Hahn and Carrie Mae Weems. Email if you wish to subscribe or get more info.


After the Firebird

Ekaterina Vasilyeva

Publisher's Description

2010 - 2016

2016 Finalist Indian Photography Festival HYDERABAD 
2016 Finalist Slideluck Naples and Trieste   

My story begins a long time ago when my grandparents, both from the Pskov region (Russia), met in Leningrad (now St. Petersburg),
got married and stayed there for the rest of their lives. Yet it could have turned out very differently, had I, now a modern city dweller, been born among those flowering fields and hard-working people.

In his village, my grandfather used to be called a gypsy because he could predict the approaching of someone's death. As for his own life, he always knew that he would survive two wars without injury. And so it happened. My grandmother, he said, would outlive him by exactly ten years. This prediction also came true.
Over the last six years that I have been documenting people from the small village of Andrushino in the Pskov region, I have been subconsciously looking for covert and overt manifestations of magic, for occurrences that unsettle the rational picture of the world most of us take for granted today. 

Immersed in the fabulous world of folklore, I realised that local people’s beliefs and superstitions, charms and rituals,
and fables are not just a warehouse of archetypes of the collective unconscious, but an immediate response of the collective
soul to the mysterious currents of the natural elements.

Desiginer Ekaterina Vasilyeva

Limited edition of 85 copies (numbered and signed)   

Handmade binding
Sise: 24 cm x 32 cm
48 pages + 1
37 color illustrations
Inside paper: Materica Gesso 120 gr
Cover paper: Materica Gesso 250 gr
Languages: English, Russian
Self published and printed in St. Petersburg (Print Gallery) in 2017


Supplement: Deutschland (Signed)

Gerry Johansson

Publisher's Description

“Why Supplement: Deutschland ? Shouldn’t the 169 pictures in Deutschland (MACK, 2012) be enough? Frankly not. Some pictures I liked were left out for various reasons. And some went into the book even though they shouldn’t be there. I’m simply not very good at judging my books until they are printed and bound and I hold them my hands. I guess I will have the same problem with Supplement: Deutschland, but that’s the way it is. So this is probably not the last Supplement

 But there is also another, and stronger, reason. I just can’t leave my subjects. I keep working on them year after year if it is possible. And as time goes by it gets more and more interesting and new images creates a dialog with older work.

 Roughly two thirds of the pictures in the new book are made after 2012. Most of them in the countryside between Berlin and the North Sea.” (Gerry Johansson, January 2018)

Edited by Gerry Johansson and Greger Ulf Nilsson

Designed by Greger Ulf Nilsson and Henrik Nygren

96 pages 24 x 17 cm 

Cloth bound with 2 tipped in images

59 images


Youth Unemployment

Tish Murtha

All available copies sold. Please do not order.  We will post information about a paperback edition soon.

Publisher's Description

Tish Murtha’s important and stunning photographic essay on the hardships of youth unemployment in Newcastle during the Thatcher years. Tish believed that photography could change lives for the better but sadly died of a brain aneurysm in 2013 before her dream of a book could be realised. Tish was born in South Shields, near Newcastle, in 1956, the 3rd of 10 children. She left school at 16 and had a variety of different jobs from selling hot dogs to working in a petrol station. After enrolling on a night photography course, Tish decided she wanted to become a photographer and was offered a place at the prestigious School of Documentary Photography at the University of Wales under the guidance of Magnum photographer David Hurn. The photographs were shot over a few years starting in 1979 and exhibited at Newcastle’s Side Gallery in 1981. They captured the hardship that the North East of England suffered during the Thatcher era. It really was a desperate time – a period of bitter conflict as young people grew more and more frustrated with an economic system that deprived them of a productive and meaningful future.

168 pages


Of Mud and Lotus

Viviane Sassen

Publisher's Description

artbeat publishers is proud to release Viviane Sassen’ new book “Of Mud and Lotus” this autumn. This new work is focusing on artist’s attention for female power and with collages and unique hand- coloured pieces, Sassen creates images in which abstraction and performance intertwine. In this evocative and imaginary realm of intense colour and textures, the imagery is rich with associative references that allow for layered readings and responses. Her new works also include seemingly abstract compositions: mundane objects and apparently incidental motifs are transformed with collage, filters and streaks of pigment to the point of where their original forms lie unrecognizable below Sassen’s interventions.

After the success of the former publication “Lexicon” in collaboration with artbeat publishers, this is the second “Japanese photo book” the artist has published. With the delicate embroidery on the cover, the book design represents Sassen’s aesthetic eye on the world.

Publisher: artbeat publishers
Size: 23.2 × 28.7cm

108 pages

First edition, October 2017

1,000 copies

Printed in Japan


Frühwerk (Early Works) / Night and Day

Axel Hütte

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Publisher's Description

Axel Hütte (b. 1951 Essen, Germany) is a key figure in the iconic Dusseldorf School of Photography. He studied photography in Dusseldorf Art Academy from 1973 to 1981, attending Bernd Becher’s class.

Early Works is devoted to the years 1978 to 1995. Alongside portraits of colleagues and friends, which are presented here on a large scale for the first time, Hütte was particularly interested at the time in architectonic formations, such as stairwells and corridors in apartment buildings from the post-war era; underground stations in Berlin; buildings and squares in London, Venice and Paris; and ultimately landscapes in Italy, which are inscribed a special regulatory dimension by fragments of architecture. As different as the places in these photographs are, there is a common interest in their representation.

Night and Day presents around 80 large-format nocturnal and daytime pictures from the years 1995 to 2017, including thus far unpublished works from Canada and the USA. Hütte began his nocturnal cycle with dimly-lit landscapes, before focusing his gaze on illuminated cities in Europe, America and Asia in later years.

This two-volume catalogue is published on the occasion of an exhibition at Museum Kunstpalast, Dusseldorf (24 September 2017 – 7 January 2018) and a simultaneous exhibition at the Josef Albers Museum Quadrat, Bottrop.

Publisher: Walther Koenig

Size: 310 x 380mm

356 pages, 207 colour illustrations


Keeping an Eye on the World

Catherine Opie

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Publisher's Description

Catherine Opieʼs photographs include portraits and American urban landscapes, ranging from large-scale colour works to small black-and-white prints. A conceptual framework of cultural portraitism links her various photographic series.

Opie has been presenting images of people, subcultures, landscapes and environments ever since the early 1990s. She is passionate about the rights of minorities, democracy and equality – and how people live their lives.

Drawing inspiration from transgressive photography of Robert Mapplethorpe, Nan Goldin, and sex radicals, who provided a space for liberals and feminists, Opie has also done work ranging from the studies of master-plan communities to S&M erotica for lesbian owned sex magazines. Her portraits often document the queer community.

Publisher: Walther Koenig

Size: 300 x 250mm

196pages, 96 colour illustrations, 62 black & white


The Touch That Made You

Torbjorn Rodland

Publisher's Description

With a highly constructed and at times fetishistic approach to subjects, objects and materials, Torbjorn Rodland makes photographs that are formally acute, conceptually playful and psychologically evocative.

Characterised by their double-edged allegories and underlying lyricism, Rodlandʼs staged scenarios ʻkeep you in the process of lookingʼ, simultaneously revealing layers of discomfort and pleasure. This accompanying publication offers new and fresh lenses through which to view the artistʼs work.

Walead Beshty’s text, Skin Flicks focuses on Rodlandʼs unique approach to surfaces, Julie Boukobza considers a number of works in the exhibition by building fictive narratives around them, whilst Diane Nguyen stages a surreal and winding narrative performance through Rodland’s image repertoire.

Bob Nickas’ essay, Fifteen Years Later draws upon the experience of looking at Rodlandʼs photographs and provides a visual map of their complex system of symbols, signs and gestures.

Highlighting the poetics of image-making that is intrinsic to Rodland’s approach, the publication also includes newly-commissioned works by poets Stuart Krimko and Alice Notley.

Publisher: Koenig Books

Size: 205 x 170 mm

168 pages, 68 colour llustrations, 13 black & white



Carla van de Puttelaar

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Publisher's Description

Adornments gives an extensive overview of the works of Carla van de Puttelaar from the past 6 years. The book explores her work by a strong an associative edit, and by using special printing techniques and experimental paper it reflects on one of the key elements of the work of Van de Puttelaar: the skin. The work allows the eye to touch the skin on many levels. It makes the viewer aware of the sensitivity and the sensuality of skin, which she examines in detail, without ever forgetting to be aware of the importance of the shapes of the structure that the skin envelopes. The female body has long been her main subject, but in recent years she has also successfully begun to examine the skin and texture of flowers, particularly those on the brink of fading. The book shows over 200 works, and also some process images, which give an insight in selection process and the making of the final works.

Publisher: Fw books

Size: 235 × 330 mm

270 pages, 200+ photographs


Svalbard – An Arcticficial Life

Julia de Cooker

Publisher's Description

Svalbard – An Arcticficial Life presents an uncommon society that emerged in the very North of our planet, in the Svalbard archipelago. Julia de Cooker created this photo project based on a feeling of »strange normality«. Where the polar landscapes give an impressive sense of power, life seems unreal and familiar at the same time. A surprising place where one cannot find a single tree to build a house. In contrast to its hostile environment the modernity of the city surprises. Svalbard never knew an indigenous population; it is one of the rare places on earth without traditions. So close to the North Pole, a small atypical community lives out of step with the rest of the world, a bubble of 2,300 inhabitants from more than 40 different countries. This population, of which about a quarter changes every year, is almost science fiction. Svalbard is a temporary place for temporary life, a passage: except accidentally, no one is born and no one dies there.

Publisher: Kehrer Verlag

Size: 240 x 300 mm

112 pages 61 color illustrations


The Restoration Will

Mayumi Suzuki

Publisher's Description

"This outstanding dummy tells, visually, the story of the loss of the photographer’s parents in the 2011 tsunami that occurred in Japan.
The jury found the visual story and the narrative very powerful, and also perceived the struggle in finding an adequate way of telling the story of a personal loss of such magnitude.

With the decision of awarding Mayumi Suzuki, the jury is offering their support for the completion of this very personal project by turning this already strong dummy into a book. We realise how something that might have started as a way to deal with a personal loss, can turn into a project to share with a larger audience. Reflected in this dummy, we see the struggle of the author and the challenges she had to face, and therefore we believe it has a huge potential. She was able to show her vulnerability on the pages, but not always she seems capable of finding a reaction to it on her own." PhotoBoox Award jury statement

Publisher: Ceiba

Size: 272 x 190 mm

104 pages with folds, 16 pages handbound insert


The City in Itself

Rohan Hutchinson

Publisher's Description

The City in Itself is a body of work that explores the variety of architectural elements that make up a city; in this case Tokyo. Hutchinson sees this project as a departure point allowing him to explore a new personal perspective, one that closely examines the social and economic framework of the city.

The City in Itself shows Tokyo from a new perspective, one that breaks away from the stigma often depicted with a major metropolis, revealing that even in one of the densest populated cities in the world, there is still space for contemplation.

Rohan Hutchinson is an Australian born Photographer whose primary research has been on the built landscape. Through Photography he questions the transformation of Architectural space and our relationship with the environment.

Hutchinson has participated in Artist in residency programs in Japan and Canada; research trips have also included China, Alaska and the Arctic. He is currently based in Melbourne Australia where he exhibits frequently both nationally and internationally.

Publisher: Velvet Cell

Size: 152 x 193 mm

32 pages

Limited Edition of 300


WO MEN (Hasselblad Award 2017)

Rineke Dijkstra

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Publisher's Description

Dutch photographer, Rineke Dijkstra (b. 1959, Sittard, Netherlands) is one of the most significant contemporary artists working in photographic portraiture.

Her large-scale photographs focus on the thematics of identity, typically capturing her subjects at moments of transition or vulnerability.

Working in series, her images recall the visual acuity of seventeenth-century Dutch portraiture, offering intimate portrayals of her sitters whilst also suggesting the situated aspects of their being.

Dijkstraʼs investigations in portraiture also include video. Her fixed-camera video studies yield images that appear to be moving photographs, revolutionizing our understanding of the fluid boundary between the still and moving image.

This beautiful, large-format catalogue is published on the occasion of Dijkstra’s exhibition at the Hasselblad Centre, Gothenburg, Sweden, 11 October 2017 – 4 February 2018.

Rineke Dijkstra is recipient of the 2017 Hasselblad Foundation International Award in Photography.

Publisher: Walther Koenig

Size: 360 x 256 mm

216 pages, 145 colour illustrations


Beirut Diary

Peter Bialobrzeski

Publisher's Description

Beirut Diary is the 6th book in the City Diary Series by Peter Bialobrzeski.

Extract from 23rd Oct 2013:

“I cross a road I am not supposed to cross. […] As I walk towards the building, I am spotted by a man who runs a coffee stall in the basement. His initial communication over 50 yards is the international sign for ‘come here and we’ll cut your throat’. The New York Times nominated Beirut as #1 in its list of The 44 places to Go in 2009.”

Peter Bialobrzeski is a world-renowned photographer and the recipient of several awards including the prestigious “World Press Photo Award” in 2003 and 2010. He is also the author of over ten photobooks, including “Neon Tigers”, “Heimat”, “Lost in Transition” and “Paradise Now”.

Publisher: Velvet Cell

Size: 140 x 210 mm

112 pages


Gunnar Smoliansky Diary

Gunnar Smoliansky

Publisher's Description

Gunnar Smoliansky is a major Swedish photographer. He has devoted himself to photography since the early 1950s. Smoliansky has been an independent artist since the 1970s. Gunnar Smoliansky works exclusively in black and white and throughout his career, he has transformed his photographed motifs into completed photos in the darkroom. Stockholm is the main focus of Smoliansky’s photographic world, particularly the areas of Södermalm and Saltsjö-Boo. From a geographic point of view, the photographs of Gunnar Smoliansky are quite restricted in range. This has not, however, kept him from being regarded as one of the great world photographers.

The images in Gunnar Smoliansky Diary are a selection of the material Gunnar began to work with and to print methodically during the 1980s. Some of the material was also exhibited at the time – at Moderna, Lunds Konsthall, and galleries including Babar and Lido. These prints that consolidated his position as a major photographer.

The book consists of 172 images and an essay by Johanna Ekström. A major part of the images has not been published before.
Gunnar Smoliansky Diary is edited by Gerry Johansson and Jäger Arén.

The book is printed in an edition of 1350.

Publisher: Johansson & Jansson

Size:186 x 245 mm

204 pages Binding Hardcover


Contemporary Suburbium

Ed & Deanna Templeton

Publisher's Description

‘We were born into this situation, and made the best of what we were dealt, thriving on the sidewalks and front yards and hidden from the influence of the city until the city poured over the castle walls out into the surrounding suburbium that grew like barnacles along the edges... (Ed Templeton)

"We found ourselves in a tract of homes that felt familiar and safe. We wandered among the quiet dark tract housing, devoid of people, finally lying down together on a rectangle of grass wedged between the sidewalk and the street. We stared up at the stars talking until the sun came up." (Deanna Templeton)

Contemporary Suburbium is a photographic meditation on living in the suburbs of Orange County, California — specifically, Huntington Beach, a seaside town on the outer extremities of the population surrounding Los Angeles. Once dotted with orange trees, oil drilling and summer cottages for the rich, Huntington Beach is now a popular beach destination for vacationers, and the old cottages are being replaced with tall modern three-story houses. The photographs in this book are a look at the people of this traditionally conservative stronghold, the disaffected youth, the fortunate (and less fortunate), as they venture out from behind fences, walls, and endless blocks of tract housing.

Reading like two opposing coming-of-age novellas about the same place, Contemporary Suburbium offers a gritty and sunbaked, yet romantic view of Southern California, and of the twenty-first century in its own adolescence.

Making full use of the book’s accordion-bound format, husband and wife Ed and Deanna Templeton present their own photographs and words in turn, printed back-to-back on the same sheets of paper, folded together between blue cloth covers in a die cut plastic slipcase.

Ed and Deanna Templeton’s photographs have been widely exhibited and published throughout the United States, Europe and Asia. This is Ed’s second, and Deanna’s first, book published by Nazraeli Press.

Publisher: Nazraeli Press

Size: Nazraeli Press

Size: 210 x 160mm

86 duotone plates


Opening (Special Edition)

Jungin Lee

Publisher's Description

A special edition of 25 copies featuring an exhibition quality original print handmade, numbered and signed by the artist, and presented with a copy of the book in a custom clamshell box.

Following up on her widely-acclaimed book Everglades, published by Nazraeli Press in 2016, Jungjin Lee has created a true artist’s book with this series of desert and mountain landscapes entitled Opening. Made in some of her favorite places in Arizona, New Mexico and Canada, these images inspire a sense of the deep and quiet interaction between the beholder and the landscape, and the physical presence of earth, stone, tree and sky.

Limited to 2,000 slipcased copies, Opening features an accordion binding which creates two back-to-back panoramas each measuring some 11 feet long when fully spread out.

Publisher: Nazraeli Press

Size: 400 x 200 mm

56 pages, 28 duotone plates



Jungjin Lee

Publisher's Description

Following up on her widely-acclaimed book Everglades, published by Nazraeli Press in 2016, Jungjin Lee has created a true artist’s book with this series of desert and mountain landscapes entitled Opening. Made in some of her favorite places in Arizona, New Mexico and Canada, these images inspire a sense of the deep and quiet interaction between the beholder and the landscape, and the physical presence of earth, stone, tree and sky.

Limited to 2,000 slipcased copies, Opening features an accordion binding which creates two back-to-back panoramas each measuring some 11 feet long when fully spread out.

Publisher: Nazraeli Press

Size: 400 x 200 mm

56 pages, 28 duotone plates


Wise Trees

Diane Cook & Len Jenshel

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Publisher's Description

Wise Trees is a photography book about trees that have a remarkable story to tell us. To create it, photographers Diane Cook and Len Jenshel spent two years travelling to five continents to photograph fifty-seven extraordinary trees that were carefully selected for their historic and cultural significance. From Luna, the coastal redwood in California that became an international symbol for conservation, to the Bodhi Tree, the sacred fig in India that is a direct descendent of the tree under which the Buddha attained enlightenment, Cook and Jenshel reveal trees that have shaped our lives and our feelings about nature. The project both reflects and inspires awareness of the enduring role trees have played in nurturing and sheltering humanity.

Diane Cook and Len Jenshel are two of America foremost landscape photographers. Their previous books include Aquarium (2003), Hot Spots: America Volcanic Landscape (1996), and Travels in the American West (1992). Their work is represented in more than one hundred major collections worldwide and they have been contributing photographers to National Geographic for twenty years. They live in New York City. Verlyn Klinkenborg is the author of The Rural Life. His articles and essays have appeared nearly everywhere. He was a member of the editorial board of the New York Times from 1997 to 2013.


October 2017
192 pages

279mm x 305mm

93 colour photographs


The Spirit of the Mountains

International Mountain Summit

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Publisher's Description

A breathtaking collection from the International Mountain Summit's annual photography contest 2011 to 2016.

The Spirit of the Mountains presents the best photographs submitted to the International Mountain Summit (IMS) photography contest from 2011 to 2016. More than 160 stunning images display mountains around the world in their many manifestations from the violent spectacle of a volcanic eruption to a flower-painted valley. Above them all lies the eternal universe, now clouds, now stars, in darkness and light, embellished with northern lights, rainbows, or slashes of lightning. But more than all of that, The Spirit of the Mountains is a heart-stopping reminder that humans are absurdly insignificant in nature's design.

The photographs are organized into four chapters:

(1) Europe (Italy, Germany, France, Scotland, Norway, Canary Islands, Iceland, Austria and more)
(2) Asia (Armenia, Iran, Caucasus, Russia, United Arab Emirates, Nepal-India, Philippines, Indonesia and more)
(3) Africa/Oceania/Antarctic (includes Ethiopia and New Zealand and more)
(4) Americas (Greenland, Canada, United States, Guyana, Peru, Bolivia, Argentina, Venezuela, Chile and more)

The use of drones in the contest photographs was permitted in 2016. The 160 photographs include the known and unknown: Half Dome, Yosemite; K2, second only to Everest; Kangchendzönga, Kirkjufell, Mitre Peak, Koryaksky, Sassolungo, Mount Slamet, Tepuy Roraima -- and many more.

Firefly Books

160 full color photographs, photographer directory, index
Pages: 296


Yoga: the secret of Life

Francesco Mastalia

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Publisher's Description

In silence, ask the questions. Who am I? Why am I here?

Yoga: The Secret of Life is a photo-documentary about the spiritual and physical journey of yoga. Through photographs and text this fine art book explores the personal experiences of 108 of today’s leading practitioners and how this ancient practice has transformed their mind, body, and spirit.

The photographs are taken on glass plates using the wet collodion process, a photographic technique dating back to the 1850s. With the use of a large format wooden camera and antique brass lens, glass plates are hand coated to produce one of a kind ambrotype images. The collodion process transcends us to another place, another time. When light and chemistry collide we enter a mysterious world where art and science meet and the alchemy reveals itself.

The photographs take on another dimension with the spoken words that accompany them. The text provides an intimate and enlightening account of each person’s personal journey.

Beyond the physical postures Yoga: The Secret of Life delves deep into the purpose of our existence and how to live a happy and fulfilled life. It explores understanding who we truly are, why we are here, and what our ultimate purpose is on this planet.

Included are world renowned yogis Radhanath Swami, Sharon Gannon, David Life, Gurmukh Kaur Khasla, Sri Dharma Mittra, Krishna Das, Tao-Porchon Lynch, Shiva Rea, Rod Stryker, Seane Corn and Rodney Yee.

Francesco Mastalia has traveled the world photographing tribal, religious, spiritual, and indigenous people. His first book Dreads, published by Workman Artisan, is a photo documentary on the history of dreadlocks. The book is now in its eighth printing, and includes an introduction by Pulitzer Prize-winning author Alice Walker. His recent book Organic: Farmers & Chefs of the Hudson Valley published by powerHouse Books is a photo documentary of the Hudson Valley’s organic sustainable food movement. The portraits of the farmers and chefs were photographed using the wet plate collodion process, a photographic technique developed in the mid-19th century. Works from Organic are included in the Permanent Collection of the Library of Congress.


9-3/4 x 12-1/2 in

224 pages


Michael Kenna Calendar 2018

Michael Kenna

Publisher's Description

This is the twenty-second consecutive Michael Kenna wall calendar published by Nazraeli Press.

Michael Kenna is arguably the most influential landscape photographer of his generation. Often working at dawn or during the night, he has concentrated primarily on the interaction between the ephemeral atmospheric conditions of the natural landscape, and human-made structures and sculptural mass. Over sixty books and catalogs have been published on his work,

His exquisite, hand crafted, silver gelatin prints have been exhibited throughout the world and are included in such permanent museum collections as The National Gallery, Washington, D.C.; The Shanghai Art Museum, Shanghai; and The Victoria and Albert Museum, London.

Mr. Kenna was made a Chevalier in the Order of Arts and Letters by the French Ministry of Culture. Born in Widnes, England, he currently lives in Seattle, Washington, USA.

Publisher: Nazraeli Press

William Neill Photographer - A Retrospective

William Neill

Customer review: "Top in his field - If you had all the talent in the world and 40 years to make astounding photos, this book would be the result."

Overseas deliveries.  Please note that, as this is a heavy item, overseas postage will be charged at twice our standard rates.

Publisher's Description

This retrospective book covering William Neill’s extensive career will feature images, many never published before, from his very early years with a camera in the 1970s through four decades including very recent work created in the past year. Photographs included are from his Antarctica series; an in-depth look at the “landscapes of the spirit” work; a Black and White portfolio; a series of patterns in nature imagery; and a portfolio of impressionistic, camera motion work; and last but not least, an extensive collection of Yosemite photographs. A true collector’s piece from this master of American Landscape Photography


A resident of the Yosemite National Park area since 1977, William is a landscape photographer concerned with conveying the deep, spiritual beauty he sees and feels in Nature. Neill’s award-winning photography has been widely published in books, magazines, calendars, posters, and his limited-edition prints have been collected and exhibited in museums and galleries nationally, including the Museum of Fine Art Boston, Santa Barbara Museum of Art, The Vernon Collection, and The Polaroid Collection. Neill received a BA degree in Environmental Conservation at the University of Colorado. In 1995, Neill received the Sierra Club’s Ansel Adams Award for conservation photography.

Triplekite Publishing

Publication Date 15th October 2017

Format Hardback (295mm x 295mm)

Page extent 224

Illustrations 151

Remote Scottish Postboxes Postcards

Martin Parr

Publisher's Description

Remote Scottish Postboxes is Martin Parr’s first major contribution to landscape photography. Between 2004 - 2010, Parr and his wife holidayed on the Scottish mainland and outlying islands of Orkney, Shetland, Barra, Lewis and Islay, stopping frequently to capture the local Postboxes. Through Parr’s photographs, these isolated, red outposts of civilisation each take on a character and personality of their own, against the lonely yet beautiful Scottish backdrop.

“When you are in the middle of nowhere, in a bleak landscape and in wild weather, these little post boxes are strangely comforting, a sign that other people are around, that life is going on, and that you are connected to the world” - Susie Parr

Remote Scottish Postboxes is presented in two ways; as a hand- stitched, 88 page book, in which the postboxes are accompanied by maps and co-ordinates of their locations and featuring a short text by Susie Parr, and as a Postcards book, comprised of 12 unbound postcards. Both books are designed by Victoria Forrest and are presented in a specially produced box.

Publisher: RRB Photobook 

Size: 197 x 121 mm

Edition of 2000

Iceland, Above & Below

Hans Strand

This slipcased edition is the cheapest remaining option.

Publisher's Description

Hans Strand’s stunning images of Iceland with a collection of images combining aerial views and studies from the ground and below.

See Hans Strand's website for sample images

Publisher: Triplekite

Size: 270 x 305 mm

120 pages


Michael Kenna

Publisher's Description

Michael Kenna is internationally renowned for producing evocative black-and-white images of nature and the urban environment. Often photographing at night or in the early morning hours, the majority of his photographs involve long time exposures with the camera on a tripod. However, some of Kenna’s more quirky, whimsical, and unpredictable images have been photographed with inexpensive, hand-held, plastic Holga cameras. These cameras generally produce relatively lowfidelity images, with marked vignetting. Precisely because of these attributes and its portability, Kenna often carries a Holga camera, even when he is not specifically photographing. For this beautifully produced book, Kenna has chosen his favorite Holga images, many never seen before, from his vast archive of negatives. Despite their low-tech origin, these refined and artful photographs bear the hallmarks of Kenna's brilliant work.

Sample images

Publishing House: Prestel

Size: 240 x 280 mm

144 pages, 60 black and white illustrations


Michael Kenna

One of our first customers to receive their copy, Douglas Thompson, wrote: "The exquisite 'Abruzzo' arrived today, it is a delight."

Publisher's Description

In Abruzzo, Michael Kenna found a cultural identity that elsewhere, for the most part, has been lost to globalization and instant communication. Kenna photographed medieval ruins, ancient villages and a countryside rich in traditional cultivation. As curator Vincenzo de Pompeis writes in the book’s introduction, “Abruzzo’s heritage, together with its impressive natural scenery, brings to mind romantic connotations that have historically attracted many international landscape artists, particularly in the 19th century. Michael Kenna fits perfectly into this rich historical vein of celebrated landscape artists who have worked in Abruzzo. Kenna’s work often evokes the influences of Romanticism. In his photographs of historic rural landscapes, for example, there is an air of melancholy, which accompanies memories from the past. His images of ruins stir up feelings of passing time, of the constantly evolving  ties between history and nature.”

This gorgeous new monograph by renowned landscape photographer Michael Kenna is published to coincide with a major museum exhibition opening in July, 2017 in Loreto Aprutino, Italy. Richly printed in duotone on matt art paper, and presented in an olive-green cloth slipcase, “Abruzzo” presents 65 images from the series, published here for the first time. “Abruzzo” opens with a bilingual essay by curator Vincenzo de Pompeis. This first printing is limited to 2,500 copies.

Sample images

Publisher: Nazraeli Press

Size: 320 x 300mm

80 pages, 65 duotone plates

Sea Fever

David Baker

Final few copies.

Publisher's Description

What is it about the way the sea moves, reflects, and glows that mesmerises and transfixes us? People are drawn to the sea, perhaps by the chaotic criss-cross of the waves, or the sense of power and force accompanied by the infinitely variable soundtrack. After all, an ocean wave is energy passing through water. Elemental and always in a state of flux, the sea changes colour depending on the weather or the light.

At heart I’m a coastal photographer drawn to the flow of the sea and the ever changing possibilities of shore, sea and sky. Coastal landscapes may often offer a simple geography of a beach, the sea and a cloudscape and as such there is a challenge to construct new and inventive interpretations.

Sea Fever is my interpretation of those seascapes and of the close affinity between sea and sky.

This A3+ soft back book is the first in the Triplekite Discover Series, featuring projects from today’s leading landscape photographers.


Melanie Collie

Publisher's Description

Elemental tells a pictorial story of the sea, and its power. In its first part how it effects the man made objects placed within it, and secondly how it shapes our very planet at a natural erosion and shaping perspective. The images within this book are an effort to capture the essence of change, of making and remaking, of time and tide and the stories they leave behind. Each year the harbour residents watch the boats being winched out of the harbour to sit by the edge of the ocean during the wild winter months. I see the stories of time spent in the water. Each boat, so different in colour and size, left with a different pattern, telling a different tale of the ocean. The landscape changes with each tide of the ocean. North Cornwall’s coastline can be harsh and rugged, with ever changing patterns, colours, shapes and pathways. Each walk uncovers new treasure created by Mother Nature. Erosion peels back layers of Mother Natures story. The rocks, as they move with the ocean, share the ancient stories of their landscape, created over time

Publisher: Triplekite

Size: 240mm x 240mm

64 pages, 52 illustrations

A Pink Flamingo

Jack Latham

Edition of 750. Signed copies.

Travelling is the broadening of horizons in hope of betterment. In the story of American settlement this process is both physical and metaphorical. Settlers struck out in search of new horizons; visions of a landscape from which they hoped to enclose a new life. The Oregon Trail was one such journey.

Now the landscape is fenced, with the people in it, the terrain has been charted and limitless opportunity capped, but yearning remains. In a sense America has never stopped travelling west; whilst the pursuit of happiness leads toward an ever-receding goal, people wait for greener grass.

with essay by Dai George

104 pages
49 Colour Plates
22.86 cm x 27.94 cm
Embossed Hardcover
Designed by Stanley James Press

Seaworks 1998 - 2013

Paul Kenny

Final few copies. All have minor scuffs or scratches on cover. We will send you our best copy.

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Publisher's Description

Paul has for many years made studio works using material gathered from the landscape, stones, shells, and driftwood. In common with many people, always taking home treasures from the sea. For him, they act as an aide – memoir, bringing the landscape into the studio, a mere glimpse or touch recalling the feelings of being alone, being remote. Over many years Paul has been developing this project, this body of work, for the first time a full account of this ever developing art is being published in book form, Paul calls them Seaworks’

‘The work, building on themes developed over thirty-five years, tries to find the awe-inspiring in that which is easily passed by. It contains issues of fragility, beauty and transience in the landscape: marks and scars left by man and the potential threat to the few remaining areas of wilderness. Looking at the micro and thinking about the macro, I aim for each print to be a beautiful, irresistible, thought provoking object.’
– Paul Kenny

See Paul Kenny's site for sample images.  Be sure to look through Seaworks 1-4 to see the full range of his work.

Publisher: Triplekite

Size: 345mm x 270mm

160 with 3 fold out pages, 81 plates

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