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Latest newsletter- 29 June 2015

Our latest newsletter, out today, has new and forthcoming titles by Alejandro Cartagena, Paul Graham (signed), Matjaz Tancic, Saul Leiter, Hans Eijkelboom and many more.


Timekeepers SIGNED

Matjaz Tancic

Publisher's Description

Matjaž Tančič (1982) is a Slovenian photographer of the younger generation, who lives and creates between Beijing and Ljubljana. He began his path as a photojournalist for Mladina magazine. He has 60 group and 24 solo exhibitions behind him. He won a Sony World Photography Organisation 2013 contest in 3D category, and won a Slovenia Press Photo award 2012. He was among the 6 finalists in the 2009 "Google Photography Prize" contest.

Matjaž Tančič went to Yi County, Anhui Province in 2012 for the first time. He took portraits for over 20 peasants in their living rooms by 3D photo technology. This is way Tančič took two pictures in each villager’s home. One is the clock on the table, and another is the people sitting in the hall. Because there was a clock in almost every family, he called the series “Timekeeper”.

As a refraction of the tearing, the chime clock in Huizhou house was a symbol of modernization, and now is placed in the center of traditional living space. The decoration of the hall is strictly restricted by Confucianism, ethic and social institutions. The wall in the center is used for hanging ancestors’ pictures. When the offspring prays before the pictures they will fell the strong and solemn sense of purpose. Regardless of the time, generations can coexist in the space created by etiquette, forming a life chain in which time goes endlessly. The modern linear time represented by the chime clock has come to nothing. Televisions, DVDs appear as new symbols of modern life. However, the clock still exists in people’s superstition in the good meaning of “All life is smooth and quiet”.

Tančič went to Yi County again in 2014; he walked into around 50 families in Yi County’s villages. In the residents’ private living spaces, he shot their furnishings, and let them face to the lens in their own halls. These faces ravaged by farm work or changed by outward travels, together with their houses and used goods, help Tančič to change the abstract time into a visible pictures, sniffable breath, and tangible hand feeling. They are bodies rolled by modernized car wheels. Though living in remote villages, they also have connections with the crowded cities. The cereals they grow, the labor force they provide, and their homes which may be demolished one day, accomplish the country’s progress. These neglected subjects are revealed in Tančič’s photographs.

Signed copies

Size: 160 x 240 x 30mm
72 pages, Hardcover
First Edition: 400, Published in May 2015 by Jiazazhi Press


Before the War SIGNED

Alejandro Cartagena

Publisher's Description

Selected as one of the best books of 2015 Kassel Photobook Festival

Shortlisted for Photobook Award at Arles Photography Festival

In 2008 the war against the drug cartels erupted in Mexico. The state of nuevo leon in northeastern Mexico became an increasingly violent place. This book is a compilation of images and texts that obsessively revisit places where the war was eventually fought and look for signs of an evil that lay underneath but was invisible to everyone´s eyes at the moment these images were shot.

Edition of 190 signed and numbered softcover risograph booklets + 1 offset poster + 1 risograph postcard. $55 plus $25 for donkey shipping in the USA and Mexico. ** 10 of these books were stolen during shipping. I will include 10 more numbers to the edition: 191 to 200

Publication date, 2015 / 30 x 23.5cm / 200g
5 booklets, 102 pages, 1 poster, 1 postcard
Risograph, Offset and Laser printing
Edition of 190, signed and numbered, no ISBN
Texts by César Valdez
Edited by Fernando Gallegos
Design concept by Alejandro Cartagena and Fernando Gallegos
Editorial Design by Roberto Salazar
Printed by Crater Invertido and Oscar Carnevali
Published by Alejandro Cartagena

Quiet Town of Tipton, The

Mahtab Hussain

Publisher's Description

On 12th July 2013, a bomb exploded close to the Kanzul Iman mosque in Tipton, West Midlands. The bomb had been packed with nails. The police reported that it was only because the bomber had incorrect information about when Friday prayers would take place that the blast did not result in mass injuries.

A week later, Pavlo Lapshyn, a Ukrainian student on a temporary work placement in Birmingham, was arrested and charged with the murder of 82 year old Mohammed Saleem who, in April 2013, had been stabbed to death on his way home after evening prayers at his local mosque. Lapshyn was also charged for the Tipton bombing and for earlier attacks near mosques in Walsall and Wolverhampton. He was sentenced at the Old Bailey to a minimum of 40 years imprisonment.

Tipton, in the Sandwell borough of the West Midlands, was once one of the most heavily industrialised towns in the Black Country. It became a natural destination for many young men from Pakistan who came looking for work, mostly in factories where they helped to rebuild Britain after the Second World War. They lived together, sharing houses and food. Over the years their dreams of returning to Pakistan faded as loved ones joined them in England and they established their homes, their families and their mosques in a new country.

Mahtab Hussain uses photography to explore the important relationship between identity, heritage and displacement. His work has been described as articulating a visual language that challenges prevailing concepts of multiculturalism. Mahtab has been the recipient of numerous awards and commissions from, amongst others, Arts Council England, Arts Humanities Research Council (AHRC), Mulitstory, Autograph ABP, New Art Exchange, Nottingham and Format Festival, Derby. His work has featured in The Guardian, Asian Voice, BBC Asian Network, Aesthetica Magazine and Source.

The Quiet Town of Tipton was commissioned by Multistory as part of an ongoing body of photographic work and archive that documents life in Sandwell and the Black Country. Photographers, writers and filmmakers are commissioned to work with local people to tell their stories of everyday life and recent commissions have included projects by Martin Parr, Mark Power & Bruce Gilden.

Publisher: Dewi Lewis

Size: 170 x 245 mm

96 pages, 56 colour plates



Phillip Toledano

Publisher's Description

"Most of my life has been lived in a golden shimmer of love and privilege. I’ve been lucky in more ways than most. And intertwined through that daydream was the illusion of control. The reassuring sense of my firm hand on the tiller, irrevocably guiding me upwards, towards a bright, certain future.

When my mother died suddenly in September of 2006, everything changed. I thought that parents were forever, but when mine vanished, I realized that nothing really was. Obvious to most perhaps, but not me. I became apprehensive about my future. What other dark and sudden turns lay ahead? It became a frightening shadowed landscape, filled with false paths and ruinous storms.

Rather than wait helplessly, I decided to confront my fears. I would try and anticipate my fate.I took a DNAtest, that told me what illnesses I was likely to get. I consulted with fortune tellers, tarot card readers, and psychics. I took acting lessons. Then, working with a special effects makeup expert, I became different versions of my future self."

Designed by the leading Italian book designer Ramon Pez, Maybe, explores the twists and turns that can face an individual on their course through life. Toledano takes on a variety of characters and situations through which to confront his own vulnerabilities and the frailty of human existence. It is Phillip Toledano’s seventh photography book and the fourth to be published by Dewi Lewis.

Publisher: Dewi Lewis

Size: 170 x 240 mm

76 pages, 37 colour plates & illustrations



Matt Lankes

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Publisher's Description

In 2002, director Richard Linklater and a crew began filming the “Untitled 12-Year Project.” He cast four actors (Patricia Arquette, Ethan Hawke, Ellar Coltrane, and Lorelei Linklater) in the role of a family and filmed them each year over the next dozen years. Supported by IFC Productions, Linklater, cast, and crew began the commitment of a lifetime that became the film, Boyhood. Seen through the eyes of a young boy in Texas, Boyhood unfolds as the characters—and actors—age and evolve, the boy growing from a soft-faced child into a young man on the brink of his adult life, finding himself as an artist.

Photographer Matt Lankes captured the progression of the film and the actors through the lens of a 4x5 camera, creating a series of arresting portraits and behind-the-scenes photographs. His work documents Linklater’s unprecedented narrative that used the real-life passage of years as a key element to the storytelling.

Just as Boyhood the film calls forth memories of childhood and lures one into a place of self-reflection, Boyhood: Twelve Years on Film presents an honest collection of faces, placed side-by-side, that chronicles the passage of time as the camera connects with the cast and crew on an intimate level. Revealing, personal recollections by the actors and filmmakers accompany the photographs.

Publisher: University of Texas Press

Size: 9.25 x 12"

200 pages


The Whiteness of the Whale SIGNED

Paul Graham

Available from August 2015

Publisher's Description

The Whiteness of the Whale brings together Paul Graham’s three bodies of American photographs: American Night, a shimmer of possibility and The Present, made from 1998 to 2011. These 3 remarkable photographic series sought out new answers to the difficulty of photographing the world-as-it-is, to both speak of the social fabric of contemporary USA, and find something closer to the experience of being and seeing in the world today.

American Night (2003) reflects upon the social fracture of America – the great divide between have and have-not rendered through the dichotomy of light and darkness, presence and absence. The images oscillate between high-key near invisible photographs blinded in bright sunlight, and the antithesis – deeply saturated Technicolor images of freshly minted homes that glow in the Californian sunshine.

a shimmer of possibility (2007), is an American epic of the small and incidental, offering twelve photographic visions of everyday life. The stuttering sequences form a kind of 'filmic haiku', revealing the flow of life found in quotidian America - as we share time with people waiting for a bus, cutting the grass, or smoking a cigarette. A shimmer of possibility was winner of the 2011 Paris Photo Book Prize for the most significant Photobook of the past 15 years.

The Present (2011) taken in the streets of New York, unfolds two images of the same scene separated only by the briefest fraction of time, in which ‘the present’ is a fleeting and provisional alignment, glimpsed as part of an ever flowing continuum of life: before/after, coming/going, either/or.

Texts by David Chandler, Herman Melville and Stanley Wolukau-Wanambwa

Signed copies

Published in collaboration with Pier 24, San Francisco

Publisher: Mack Books

Size: 240 x 305 mm

240 pages


Painted Nudes

Saul Leiter

Publisher's Description

In the early 2000s, Saul Leiter came to the fore as one of the most accomplished and surprising colour photographers of the 20th century. Books were published, films made and exhibitions launched. While it was never a secret, few of those who are familiar with Leiter’s photography are aware that over the years he created, in his own unhurried way, a yet-to-be appreciated and equally formidable body of paintings and painted photographs. As the first ever publication dedicated to this largely unknown part of Leiter’s oeuvre, Painted Nudes offers a selection of more than 70 painted photographs – intimate, brilliantly coloured pieces that marry Leiter’s two artistic passions. Produced over the course of four decades, these fiercely expressive nudes are a testament to Leiter’s intuitive sense of colour and composition, and showcase a great 20th century artist at his resplendent best.
Painted Nudes seeks not only to celebrate, but to illuminate this unique body of work by juxtaposing the painted nudes with a selection of quotes from works of literature. Taking its cue from Leiter’s own work, the book straddles the boundaries between genres, inviting readers to discover their connections and resonances. Lush, evocative and associative, Painted Nudes is as stimulating to the eye as it is for the mind. 

Publisher: Sylph Editions

Size: 218 x 256

160 pages, more than 70 colour images


Find a Fallen Star

Regine Petersen

Publisher's Description

In Find a Fallen Star, Regine Petersen uses the stories of meteorite falls as a background for her multifaceted narratives; a rock crashing through the roof of an Alabama home in the 1950's and hitting a woman, a group of children recovering a meteorite in their village in post-war Germany, and a more recent event in India involving two Rajasthani nomads. Petersen visited the places and the eyewitnesses and delved into their stories, expanding her photographic observations with found documents and interviews. Just as meteorites could be considered time capsules, each chapter encapsulates a specific place in a certain time, questioning the notions of memory and history and the relationship between the ordinary and the sublime.
Find a Fallen Star has gained numerous awards such as the National Media Museum Bursary UK and the Alfried Krupp von Bohlen und Halbach Prize for Contemporary German Photography. 

Designed by Henning Rogge, Regine Petersen

Publisher: Kehrer Verlag

Size: 192 x 240 Mm

144 pages, 78 b/w and colour illustrations


Aperture Magazine #219: Tokyo

Picture Tokyo
By Noi Sawaragi and Hideo Furukaw

Magazine Work
By Ivan Vartanian

Camera Play
By Yasufumi Nakamori

Takuma Nakahira: At the Limits of the Gaze
By Franz Prichard

Nakahira's Circulation
By Matthew S. Witkovsky

Nobuyoshi Araki: Kekkai
Takashi Homma: Tokyo Obscura
Cozue Takagi: Biwajima

Daisuke Yokota
Introduction by Dan Abbe

Issei Suda
Introduction by Niwa Harumi

Mayumi Hosokura: Transparency Is the New Mystery
Rinko Kawauchi
Introduction by Lesley A. Martin

Naoya Hatakeyama: Yamate-Dori
Introduction by Andrew Maerkle

Kikuji Kawada
In conversation with Ryuichi Kaneko

Sample page spreads


Retrospective Two (Signed)

Michael Kenna

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Publisher's Description
Published as a companion book to the artist’s Twenty Year Retrospective, Michael Kenna: Retrospective Two presents an overview of Kenna’s landscape photographs made between 1994 and 2004. Michael Kenna is arguably the most influential landscape photographer of his generation. The subject of over 20 books and hundreds of solo exhibitions throughout Asia, Australia, Europe and the United States, Michael Kenna often works at dawn or during the night. He concentrates primarily on the interaction between the ephemeral atmospheric conditions of the natural landscape, and human-made structures and sculptural mass. Kenna’s exquisitely crafted prints are included in such permanent museum collections as The National Gallery, Washington, D.C.; The Museum of Decorative Arts, Prague; and The Victoria and Albert Museum, London. In 2001, Michael Kenna was made a Chevalier in the Order of Arts and Letters by the Ministry of Culture in France. Born in Widnes, England in 1953, he currently lives in Portland, Oregon, USA. The introduction “Inventing Peace” by Anne W. Tucker, Gus and Lyndall Wortham Curator, Museum of Fine Arts, Houston, explores Kenna’s relationship to contemporary photographic ideas.

Publisher: Nazraeli Press

Size: 12 x 13'

172 pages, 130 duotone plates.

Customers who bought books by Michael Kenna also showed an interest in books by Josef Hoflehner.

Publisher's Price: £50.00


Rob Ball

Publisher's Description

Dreamland amusement park in Margate, Kent opened to the public in 1920 though its site has an even longer historical link with fairgrounds, having been first used for amusement rides as early as 1880. During the height of its popularity it was one of the UK’s best-loved amusement parks and a top tourist attraction. Years of steady decline and a slow dismantling of iconic rides led to the park’s eventual closure in 2003. Yet it retained a place in the hearts of many local people and when plans were announced to develop housing on the site a decade long public campaign was triggered with the aim of restoring it as a fully operational amusement park. The campaign succeeded and the park will reopen to the public in Summer 2015.

Rob Ball remembers the park with great fondness from his own childhood visits. In ‘Dreamlands’ he incorporates colour photographs of found objects and of the park as it fell into disrepair, as well as black and white archive photographs and tintypes. The tintypes use a process created in the 1860s, around the same time that the Dreamland site began being used as an entertainment venue. For Ball, tintypes emphasise the physicality of the landscape and its imperfections and he used the process to document the initial stages of reconstruction at the park. On each visit he had to construct a temporary darkroom in which to coat, sensitise, expose, develop and fix the tintypes. Dust, debris, fingerprints and even the quality of daylight are all recorded on its surface, so that each plate carries evidence of the environment it was made in and even of the photographer himself. The process itself also has strong historical links to the seaside where itinerant photographers would set-up temporary studios offering family portraits to weekend and holiday visitors.

Rob Ball is an artist and Deputy Director of SEAS Photography, Director of Obsolete Studios / The Old Lookout and Senior Lecturer in Photography at Canterbury Christ Church University, UK. He has exhibited at The Photographers’ Gallery, London; Format Festival, Derby; Illinois State University, USA; and the Sidney Cooper Gallery, Canterbury. His work is in the permanent collections of University of the Arts and The National Portrait Gallery.

Publisher: Dewi Lewis

Size: 240 x 170mm,

96 pages, 25 duotone plates & 26 colour plates


Front Lawn Funerals and Cemeteries

Cameron Jamie

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Publisher's Description

America’s decoration frenzy: graveyard cemeteries, ghosts, guillotines, skeletons in coffins, dismembered body parts, giant spiders and creatures turn up on the front lawns and exteriors of suburban homes in America every year. Families across the country decorate and stage their porches and gardens with horrorthemed scenes to celebrate Halloween on October 31st. In 1984, American artist Cameron Jamie started photographing these front exteriors in his old neighborhood in a suburban area of Los Angeles. Even while living full-time in France for the past fifteen years, Jamie continued to travel back to Los Angeles each year, just to continue this photographic ritual. One aspect of what makes these photographs extraordinary is the fact that they were all  shot during the day rather than at night, which changes the meaning and whole context of how we normally perceive the horror and death culture surrounding Halloween. Thus, Front Lawn Funerals and Cemeteries is not a book about Halloween, but rather about the opposing tensions of themes and imagery of death staged in these daylight domestic environments, between feelings of something at once very calm, humorous, violent, and uncanny. For the artist, the practice of transforming the suburban home into a cemetery or chamber of horror is a metaphor and form of vernacular art, which he calls “The American Grand Guignol.” The exteriors of these Los Angeles suburban front lawns become theatrical stages which show how death is expressed and perceived in America by the people and, in effect, for the amusement of the people. When real social themes and villains are mixed, merging with the fictionalized worlds of Hollywood horror monsters and real life, the world becomes an even stranger place in which to live. The West Coast sun will never shine the same again.
The artist book Front Lawn Funerals and Cemeteries is numbered. 

Publisher: Edition Patrick Frey

Size: 235 x 350 mm

144 pages


Street and Modern Life, The

Hans Eijkelboom:

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Publisher's Description

The work of Hans Eijkelboom is always about the relationship between the individual and the mass – ‘mass’ both in the sense of ‘a lot of people’, and of everything we encounter on a daily basis, and which we are part of. A world to which we must relate if we are to live in it. The way we do this and the way it appears is the essence of his work.

For Eijkelboom, photography is the collection of moments to be arranged in order at a later date. He sees the photograph as leaving the chaos and absurdity of the world intact, a frozen moment that can also become part of an ordered arrangement or collection. Eijkelboom works in the street, the constantly changing territory which connects us, and which is part of the process that forms our culture. The city fulfils an increasingly important role in this, and it seems almost impossible to escape from trends, social pressures and zeitgeist. Eijkelboom’s work is about us all: people struggling with a deep longing for individual identity, in a society that strives for conformism. It would seem to be a losing battle.

Publisher: Dewi Lewis

Size: 190 x 345mm

120 pages, over 1,000 colour photographs


People of the Twenty-First Century

Hans Eijkelboom:

Overseas orders will be charged postage at twice the standard rate as this is a heavy item.

Publisher's Description

From Amsterdam to New York and Paris to Shanghai, these photographs, taken over a period of more than twenty years, provide a cumulative portrait of the people of the twenty-first century. A magnetic panoply of images, this cult object has a place in the library of every photography book collector as well as anyone interested in contemporary culture. Democratic, apolitical and unique, the archive of thousands of images offers an engrossing and engaging cross-section of society.

Over the course of the last two decades, the Dutch photographer worked methodically on his monumental Photo Notes project: first he would select a busy pedestrian area – his favourite spots were often near shopping centres – where he would stay for 30 minutes up to a few hours. He then spent time observing passers-by before recognizing a common type, normally based on a garment, sometimes a behaviour: people in band T-shirts, fur caps or beige trench coats; young couples walking arm-in-arm; women in suit dresses; men with gelled hair or pushing shopping trolleys… He snapped them with a camera hung around his neck, attached to a trigger in his pocket. Back in the studio, the images were laid into grids called Photo Notes. Their simplicity of form and presentation belies their complex anthropological, social and artistic commentary.

Publisher: Phaidon

Size: 220 x 175 mm

512 pages, 6000 illustrations


A fascinating anthropological study of taste, individuality and consumerism. Who knew there were so many Lovejoy leather jackets in the world?
- Esquire

Simultaneously mundane and compelling. Laid out in a grid, the shots of women wearing pink T shirts or businessmen carrying briefcases have a hypnotic, repetitious quality, but the longer you look at them, the more nuances become apparent.
- The Guardian


Audience, The (One Picture Book #85)

Roger Ballen

Publisher"s Description

The photograph Audience from Roger Ballen’s book “Asylum of the Birds” has been deconstructed to afford viewers a more intimate look at the pictorial elements contained within it. In Ballen’s contribution to our One Picture Book series, “The Audience”, the individual drawings from the photographs are extruded singularly, presenting the reader with a close-up look at Roger Ballen’s drawings. “The Audience” is limited to 500 numbered copies, and includes an original signed photograph by Roger Ballen.

Publisher: Nazraeli Press

Size: 185 x 145 mm

16 pages, 11 duotone plates, 1 original signed photograph


All Eyes on Me (One Picture Book #86)

Doug Rickard

Publisher's Description

“Life deals you a hand. A Royal Flush... a pair of Twos.

Our American legacy, the horrors behind us, the gaps between us, the permeating malice. It's palpable.

These pictures speak. I don't need to say much. Our past, our present... whispers of the future.

Actions and reactions, losing hands and stacked decks. Suspicious looks, sideways glances, expectations, but not of success.

Lots of Twos.”

— Doug Rickard

“All Eyes on Me” is limited to 500 numbered copies, and includes an original signed photograph by Doug Rickard.

Publisher: Nazraeli Press

Size: 185 x 145 mm

16 pages, 11 four-colour plates, 1 original signed photograph.


Ten Years Too Late (One Picture Book #87)

Aaron Ruell

Publisher's Description

On the tenth anniversary of its release, director, actor and photographer Aaron Ruell looks back on the production of cult classic “Napoleon Dynamite”. In addition to famously performing as older brother Kip in the movie, Ruell also photographed stills during the making of it. In “Ten Years Too Late”, he presents us with a selection of 12 photographs; some of famous scenes, and others made behind the scenes. Nazraeli Press published Ruell’s monograph “Some Photos” in 2007. We are delighted to follow it up with this timely One Picture Book, which is limited to 500 numbered copies, and includes an original signed photograph by Aaron Ruell.

Publisher: Nazraeli Press

Size: 185 x 145 mm

16 pages, 12 four-colour plates, 1 original signed photograph


Bogotá Funsaver (One Picture Book #88)

Alec Soth and Brad Zellar

Publisher's Description

Alec Soth’s second contribution to our One Picture Book series, as with his first, opens with a note: “In 2003, my wife Rachel and I traveled to Bogotá, Colombia to adopt our baby girl Carmen. During our two months in the city, I made the photographs that would become my book Dog Days Bogotá. Ten years later, Rachel, Carmen and our seven-year old son Gus traveled back to Bogotá for the first time. We all used disposable cameras to photograph the trip.” Limited to 500 numbered copies, “Bogotá Funsaver” comprises 13 reproductions, and one original signed photograph by Alec Soth.

Publisher: Nazraeli Press

Size: 185 x 145 mm

16 pages, 12 four-colour plates, 1 original signed photograph


New Shinjuku

Daido Moriyama

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Publisher's description

Published in 2014 by Getsuyosha with a limited edition print run of 1200 copies, Daido Moriyama’s New Shinjuku is a re-edited publication of his highly sought after and acclaimed photobook Shinjuku. Found within the 752 bound pages are 641 full bleed images printed on black and white plates. This publication includes more than 100 unpublished images and would appeal to those both familiar and unfamiliar with Moriyama’s works.

Published by Getsuyosha

752 pages
BW Offset
Edition of 1200



Greg Whitton

Publisher's Description

The mountains of the UK are diminutive in scale when compared to the great ranges of each continent, the Himalaya, the Rockies, the Alps, but what they lack in scale, they make up for in raw wildness. The UK, and its people are famous the world over for weather.

Folks seem to think it rains here all the time…it does. The UK population likes nothing better than to complain about the weather, it changes constantly. There is no place where this is more true than on and around the mountains and hills of England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. One minute is can be hot and blazing with sunshine, the next it can be freezing and snowing, yes sir, it certainly changes.

Sample images

Publisher: Triplekite

Size: 240 x 240 mm

48 pages, 25 images



Songbook (Signed)

Alec Soth

Signed copies, 2nd printing, available June 2015

Publisher's Description

Known for his haunting portraits of solitary Americans in Sleeping by the Mississippi and Broken Manual, Alec Soth has recently turned his lens toward community life in the country. To aid in his search, Soth assumed the increasingly obsolescent role of community newspaper reporter. From 2012-2014, Soth traveled state by state while working on his self-published newspaper, The LBM Dispatch, as well as on assignment for the New York Times and others. From upstate New York to Silicon Valley, Soth attended hundreds of meetings, dances, festivals and communal gatherings in search of human interaction in an era of virtual social networks.

With Songbook, Soth has stripped these pictures of their news context in order to highlight the longing for connection at their root. Fragmentary, funny and sad, Songbook is a lyrical depiction of the tension between American individualism and the desire to be united.


Sample images

Publisher: Mack Books

Size: 285 cm x 273 mm

144 pages, 75 tritone plates

Black Rose, The

Trent Parke

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Publisher's Description

The Black Rose represents the culmination of seven years of work for internationally renowned Adelaide photographer Trent Parke. In his quest to uncover his memories of his mother and childhood, Parke photographs details of the natural world and incidents from everyday life. These take on greater significance and symbolic meaning, which he builds to create a complex narrative. The Black Rose, produces a meditation on life¹s journeys and explores the way the past infiltrates the present, and in turn can influence the future.

Sample images

Size: 240 x 320 mm

168 pages, over 200 illustrations

France (standard edition)

Michael Kenna

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SHIPPING OCTOBER 2014. Nazraeli Press is thrilled to announce Michael Kenna’s long-anticipated monograph on France. Kenna first visited France in 1973 and has been photographing there since the early 1980s. He has produced thousands of photographs on subjects such as Mont St Michel, Le Notre’s Gardens, the Calais Lace Factories and Chateau Lafite Rothschild. France encompasses work from these projects and many others. Comprising 275 duotone plates, this gorgeous new book was edited by the artist himself, who selected both well-known and previously unpublished material from his own archive. It coincides with an exhibition of his Paris studies at Le Musée Carnavalet opening October 2014. 

Casebound in burgundy-dyed silk cloth and housed in an elegant gold-stamped black slipcase, France is printed in duotone on matt art paper. The book opens with an introduction in French and English by renowned historian and curator Jean-Claude Lemagny.

Michael Kenna is widely considered to be the most influential landscape photographer of his generation. The subject of some 50 monographs, Kenna’s work is included in the permanent collections of over 100 museums and institutions worldwide, and has been widely exhibited and written about internationally since the mid-1970s. Michael Kenna was presented with the prestigious Chevalier of the Order of Arts and Letters by the French Ministry of Culture in 2000.

A selection of Kenna’s images of France

312 pages, 275 images, 12 by 13 inches

Nazraeli Press

River Winter, The SIGNED

Jem Southam


Publisher's Description

“Winters, like ice ages, are Janus faced, for after the freeze comes thaw and flood, as water is returned to life and movement. Freeze, thaw, flood: the great climatic cycles that created the topography of the northern hemisphere, and which continue to shape the idea of winter that lies deep in our cultural imagination.”
Richard Hamblyn

In November 2010, after a photographic lull of half a year, Jem Southam took a photograph which became the first in this series, The River  Winter and which spurred him to make one of the most concentrated bodies of work in his career. From late autumn through to the earliest signs of spring, along the banks of the river Exe in Devon, Southam chose locations and took photographs, returning at regular intervals. This pattern continued for the next five months with Southam documenting the subtle agencies of change transforming the landscape. By the end of January 2011 he realized this had become a new work, one that caught the effects of the Earth’s turn on film, one which followed the passage of a single winter.

The shift in seasons is presented through a sequence of ten by eight colour contact prints, with which an essay by Richard Hamblyn explores how, since the last ice-age, winter has embedded itself into our cultural psyche.

Jem Southam (b. 1950) is a key figure in British landscape photography, working across twenty-five years. His work is included in many important collections including Rijksmuseum, Museum Folkwang, and the Yale Centre for British Art. He has been the subject of numerous solo shows including Tate St. Ives in 2004 and The Victoria & Albert Museum in 2006.

Publisher: MACK Books

Size: 330 x 277 mm

96 pages, 40 colour plates

2014 Michael Kenna Wall Calendar

Michael Kenna

Publisher's Description

Michael Kenna’s intimate, exquisitely crafted black-and-white photographs reflect a sense of refinement, respect for history, and thorough originality. We are pleased to present our eighteenth calendar featuring his work. The 2014 Michael Kenna Wall Calendar is printed on an exclusive, uncoated, natural Japanese paper using “Daido black” ink. It features thirteen photographs: Two Leaning Trees, Kussharo Lake, Hokkaido, Japan. 2013; Yuanyang, Study 1, Yunnan, China. 2013; Alley of Trees, Damyang, Jeollanamdo, South Korea. 2012; Skyline, Shanghai, Study 5, China. 2011; Bamboo and Tree, Qingkou Village, Yunnan, China. 2013; Three Posts and Island, Jangsan-do, Shinan, South Korea. 2013; Chateau Lafite, Study 5, Bordeaux, France. 2012; Sand Dune, Wooi-do, Shinan, South Korea. 2012; Baby Elephant, Phuket, Thailand. 2011; Moai, Study 50, Ahu Tongariki, Easter Island. 2001; Pont Neuf, Study 3, Paris, France. 2011; Sadakichi‘s Docks, Otaru, Hokkaido, Japan. 2012; and Snow Clad Trees, Heilongjiang, China. 2012.

Publisher: Nazraeli Press

Size: 14 x 18"

13 duotone plates

Michael Kenna Calendar 2015

Michael Kenna

Publisher's Description

Wire-O, 14 x 17 inches, 13 duotone plates.   

Michael Kenna's intimate, exquisitely crafted black-and-white photographs reflect a sense of refinement, respect for history, and thorough originality. We are pleased to present our nineteenth calendar featuring his work. The 2015 Michael Kenna Wall Calendar is printed on an exclusive, uncoated, natural Japanese paper using Daido black ink. It features thirteen photographs: Wanaka Lake Tree, Study 1, Otago, New Zealand. 2013;  Tree in Snowdrift, Wuchang, Heilongjiang, China. 2011; Milford Sound, Study 2, New Zealand. 2013; Yuanyang, Study 3, Yunnan, China. 2013; Thirty Six Birds, Isle of Skye, Scotland. 2005; Late Afternoon Rainbow, Tasmania, Australia. 2013; Seaweed Farms, Study 7, Xiapu, China. 2010; Sandjeika Beach, Odessa, Ukraine. 2013; Night Pagoda, Nindge, Fujian, China. 2010; Harvest Moon, Seattle, Washington, USA. 2013; Maple in Autumn, Kyoto, Honshu, Japan. 2001; Pont des Arts, Study 3, Paris, France. 1987; Snow on Pebbles, Toya Lake, Hokkaido, Japan. 2009.

Silent Landscape SIGNED

Jan Tove

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Jan Tove's first published work for several years, Silent Landscape represents a significant maturation in his vision.  If, in Riverside, the relatively traditional nature photography of Beyond Order coexisted with work influenced by contemporary American landscape photographers, here they are successfully integrated.  Photographs mostly from Sweden but also from Norway, Denmark and Scotland.  See here for all the spreads from the book.

Michael Kenna 2013 calendar

Michael Kenna

Please note this is the 2013 calendar.

Michael Kenna’s intimate, exquisitely crafted black-and-white photographs reflect a sense of refinement, respect for history, and thorough originality. We are pleased to present our seventeenth calendar featuring his work. The 2013 Michael Kenna Wall Calendar is printed on an exclusive, uncoated, natural Japanese paper using “Daido black” ink. The subject of this year's calendar is France: Homage to Atget, Parc de Sceaux, France. 1988; Intra Muros, St. Malo, France. 1993; Dawn Mist, Mont St. Michel, France. 1994; Fontaine du Palmiere, Study 2, Paris, France. 2007; Sunrise, St. Valery sur Somme, France. 2009; Printemps, Bargeme, France. 2011; Pebbles and Beach House, Cayeaux sur Mer, France. 2009; Tidal Pool and Posts, Berck Plage, France. 2003; La Trappa, Vielle Ville, Nice, France. 1996; Abbey Façade and Star Trails, Hautvillers, France. 2001; Night Shadows, Saint Malo, France. 2000; Ciel d’Orage, Bargème, France. 1996; In-Between, Courances, France. 1997.


Michael Kenna

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Shinan, an archipelago of 1,004 exquisite and unspoiled islands situated in the South West of Korea, is also known as “The Island of Angels”. Michael Kenna photographed there over a period of two years. The resulting monograph, “Shinan”, is comprised of sixty-two black and white images in which the artist emphasizes suggestion rather than description; sparce and graphic elements evoke a whole world. Elegantly printed with our special Daido black ink and tinted spot varnish on Japanese matte art paper, this first printing of Shinan is limited to 3,000 slipcased copies. A special edition of 250 signed and numbered copies, presented in a custom clamshell box, is also available. “Breathtakingly beautiful” – it sounds like a cliché, but the phrase encapsulates the feeling that echoed in my mind the moment I saw Michael Kenna’s work... It is as if Mother Nature is trying to show off her creation through the medium of these images. – Lee Chuyoung, Curator of National Museum of Contemporary Art, Korea.

Watch a video of Kenna working in Shinan.

Browse Kenna Shinan image archive.  The images are not guaranteed to be the same as the contents of the book.

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Period of Juvenile Prosperity, A

Mike Brodie

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Publisher's Description

But I needed to find out for myself. Two weeks later I was gone, witnessing my new world wizz by, especially at dusk, then darkness as I watched the sum of all the city lights cast my silhouette across the pine trees of the Florida panhandle. This was it, I was riding my very first freight train. And soon, what would begin as mere natural curiosity and self-discovery would evolve into a casting call of sorts, taking photographs of my newfound friends.
Mike Brodie

For sample images, see Mike Brodie's website

Publisher: Twin Palms

2nd printing

Size: 11 x 13 Inches

104 Pages, 60 Four-colour Plates

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